Zombie Haiku


Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum, is, for me,One of the most original and intriguing books I have read to date in my life as the very set up of the book is so original, that I have not been blown away by the “re-shaping” of a book since the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books I came to love at the RIF days [Reading is Fundamental – an elementary school childs dream, well, for me=] of my childhood.  This, for me, is utterly ORIGINAL.

You start by reading an “Average Joe” working mans personal journal in which he has decided to begin writing Haiku.  Lots of quotation marks in this write up thus far…

As you read, well, you know what, contrary to what everyone else who has done a review on this has done, and perhaps it will make this review fade into obscurity, I can tell you no more without ruining for me, a part of the magic.  While this may seem like an easy way out, I assure you that I want to share the entire thing with you, to be sure, it was the most amazing book I ever read, so in order to instill a sense of decency to my words, let me fill this space instead with how I came to find out about this book.

As some of you reading may know I am on a bike ride around the world.  If you did not know and came about this post through the magic of the internet, do take a step back and look at the rest of the site!

Now, I ended up in Oklahoma, which for me was a most interesting place and time in my bike ride.  I happened to meet a Mr. Jeff Vetterick, who to this day remains a very good friend of mine.  It was in his bathroom, as I sat waiting for the ills pressed upon my breast by my descent into the debasement of alcohol to pass, that I fond this book as a small bit of “powder room” reading.

Upon opening the cover, I finally snapped to the real purpose of where I was and what I was doing when I realized I could no longer feel my legs, that I was cold, and what the hell was I doing anyway.

I proceeded to read the book twice in the span of as many days.

zombie haiku