Vibram Ninja certified, the 5 toes of Doom and a confused bird!

The title is a bit on the extreme side due to my odd mood I find myself in right now, Im not even sure where to begin, not even sure you would care to hear it for that matter….

My other computer is on its very last legs, bless its heart, I never hit it once, I am on Diana’s computer watching her doing semi naked yoga and listening to that song… You had my heart and soul, we could of had it all….  you know?

This is about my Vibrams, i swear…  Getting there…  Tomorrow we start work on 2 different gardens.  one for a school, the other at the Buddhist Tara shrine.  Hope fully we can get that one adopted by a school as well, start a whole community garden, school adoption program.  Nothing like seeing things GROW to explain the process of life to you.  Have you ever grown something from seed?  If not, you are most definitely missing out on an experience….

I scared two kids today, Diana says they were mostly teen, the one was a little young…

oh, the story, right, we went to TNT Bikes, were some kind of sponsorship thing is going to happen, or something is happening with a bike for her to use while we are here and then we are still working on another bike, or maybe this will be the bike depending on what happens with any other bikes, or maybe her mom is going to get the bike, or…

Yeah, so these kids were kicking a seagull, that for whatever reason couldnt or wouldnt fly away, but instead was just standing there looking confused, which, in all rights, i would look confused as well if some kid was kickin me in the head.  So we started to walk in the bike shop, but then the little voice started talking and next thing i was walking across the street yelling at them to try and kick me, of course, in my yelling I never once thought about the fact that I am in a different country and yelling in English is the stoopidest thing to do if trying to get a violent message across.  Right, all of this from the pedaling for peace guy, what can I say, its why i am on the trip, trying to put all this into perspective, while figuring things out, i cant let stuff get kicked in the head, thats just where I am at, and when i do see things get a boot to the dome, I get angry, and once that happens, if the situation warrants, well, I let the dog off the chain as it were and watch what happens.

I didnt feel that I did a good enough job of scaring them, Diana disagrees, two people rode up on thier bicycles and started talking to the kids, actually explaining why they should not be kicking this bird over and over again, meanwhile i still wanted some attention and furied one more time to a wailing of the real pedaling for peace riders arms and then, content that fear had been handed out in the right dosage, that it was time to go and let wisdom fill in the cracks…  I can only imagine based on his calm demeanor….

You see young man, that gringo is angry cause you are kicking the bird, now he wants to kick you, so, in the future, if you cannot see the wisdom of leaving other living animals alone when they are wounded, much as you would want to be left alone, or even better helped, perhaps just remember, there could be a crazy bird lovin gringo around and they are no good to ruffle or rile…

And I walk away, sure of only one thing, I am an ass that has much to learn…

The shoes, For starters, i feel the shoes are fantastic.  Further, i feel that it is due to the shoes that my most recent major injury to my knee was largely avoided both in initial injury, what was bad, well, i didnt really walk fo two days, for me that is very bad, so what was V bad, could have been f’ed up.  it wasnt, not only that, but my ability to walk came back super quickly, i just ran for the first time on the beach, today, barefoot, only 7 days after the injury!

How did the shoes do this, well, easy and hard to explain, we have been training barefoot on the beach as barefoot training really makes your body strong, att a very deep core level, because it is how you are made to move around the earth in the first place, barefoot, its how you come out!

The shoes allow for the body to continue this training to a degree once we leave the beach, the trail running is completely different, and it does take time to get to the point where you can be in the shoes for long periods of time.  This is the first sign that regular shoes are not good for your feet.

For instance, if regular shoes were good for my feet, why is it that when I come closer to a natural state of being for a long time, my feet ache, they are sore, the muscles are weak.  If regular shoes were good for my feet, then this would not happen.  You dont need arch support, you need to go barefoot.  Arch support is like saying, oh, you are right your right arm is slightly weaker than your left, here, wear this cast and you’ll get stronger.  of course, you believe it so thats why they do it, but you only believe this nonsense because YOU havent been thinking.  So when you think, you realize all of a sudden, that, yes, i should be able to go all day barefoot, yet even if I spent the whole day barefoot on carpet i would be sore at the end of a day, and please, i encourage you to try this out.  In trying it out, I urge you to go barefoot slowly, dont literally jump into it, you could hurt yourself, like my parents, they went barefoot and didnt realize that hundreds if not thousand of connections were going to literally come alive and start working.  So, needless to say, they ended up with light sprains and aches.  Now they know.  So do you, dont make their mistake, start out easy and work your way up to a full workout.  Then go to a full day, then week, then month, then just rock.

I have all these , well, not new muscles, but my legs are as they should be, they are strong as they should be, in their core.  My feet even look different, more autonomous, the toes are not all jammed up against one another, they have greater freedom of individual movement, not to mention everything is just bigger and tougher looking.

I do not get cold as easy, thats a fact, i have spent my life avoiding cold, i absolutely despise it, and do not see any sane reason why a person would want to live in a place that does not support year round food production, food from a garden, fruits and veggies.  Further, i see no reason why man should have to wear much beyond board shorts and a t-shirt, perhaps a hoodie if the occasion is elegant, slightly kidding (very slight indeed!), but you get my point.  No need for people to inhabit the ultra cold if they cannot do it naturally – Eskimos, Mongolians etc.

The shoes are wonderful, I really dont have any complaints and those that i did have seem to be handled in the 2012 Spyron, i believe that is the name.  I am using the Komodo Sport with velcro.  I followed the instructional video and used the sizing chart and came with a mail order DFF (damn fine fit).

My big toe is skin tight but not so that running full tilt boogie causes me a blister, for the record, I get no blisters what so ever even in the toes that dont quite fill out their little pockets.  I have included this in my DFF rating.  in fact the slight play in the smaller toes seems to somehow add to my overall ninjafication through the shoes.  This may simply be my luck with things.  If I got another style, perhaps it would be a totally different story.

Right now though, I ninja.  The footbed is super flexible and thin, 4mm I believe, sounds like it would hurt when it comes to trail running, totally the opposite, my body, Dianas, we get a feeling of exhilaration, we seem to get energy, there are rocks, they go by the way side, it really works out well and the results are amazing.

When I met Diana, she was running regularly with ankle wraps as she had at least one, sometimes both ankles very weak, now, she has them stored and they are collecting dust.


oops, forgot this one, my views on my legs injury and how being a barefoot walker helped!

Huge ups and downs these last few days… Went for wood for a bonfire and ended up clumsily slipping on a muddy hillside and really pushing my knee to the limits. The pain was at the same level as when I had a complete dislocation in high school, and yes, i remember it well. Time may help most memories fade, but the pain from that injury is still as fresh as ever. All of that to say that the damage was pretty intense.
Which brings me to my point. 2 things, the first is barefoot training, the second is natural remedies.
I have been training extensively with the barefoot angle, to the point that I am now a proud member of the Vibram 5 finger shoe club. My legs and feet are getting a kind of denseness that I have experienced one other time in my life and that was in Hawaii about my 3rd year there, when I was barefoot nearly all the time or using my slippahz.
I truly feel that this accident would have been much worse had I not been barefoot ninjaing around. I was unable to walk for 24 hours after the injury and within 72 hours, was back on my feet, and today, day 4, I will attempt a long walk in my ninja shoes….