oops, forgot this one, my views on my legs injury and how being a barefoot walker helped!

Huge ups and downs these last few days… Went for wood for a bonfire and ended up clumsily slipping on a muddy hillside and really pushing my knee to the limits. The pain was at the same level as when I had a complete dislocation in high school, and yes, i remember it well. Time may help most memories fade, but the pain from that injury is still as fresh as ever. All of that to say that the damage was pretty intense.
Which brings me to my point. 2 things, the first is barefoot training, the second is natural remedies.
I have been training extensively with the barefoot angle, to the point that I am now a proud member of the Vibram 5 finger shoe club. My legs and feet are getting a kind of denseness that I have experienced one other time in my life and that was in Hawaii about my 3rd year there, when I was barefoot nearly all the time or using my slippahz.
I truly feel that this accident would have been much worse had I not been barefoot ninjaing around. I was unable to walk for 24 hours after the injury and within 72 hours, was back on my feet, and today, day 4, I will attempt a long walk in my ninja shoes….