22. Just you or with company? Beginners Guide to Bicycle Touring

pedaling for peace - Vegan lasagna in ensenada mexico

I dont pretend to have a clue about you or the life you are leading right now, so it would be foolish of me to offer any hard and fast advice on this when I am as clueless as the next person.

That young lady in the picture, well, she was with me for the second year of my bike ride and now she is gone.  I havent even begun to cry yet… O.K., I cried a whole lot and then she decided to continue. So, if you go with a lover, you never know where that particular road will lead you. I for one love being in love as much as being in heartbreak as it makes things real. This is a dangerous feeling to like as one can easily see the set up for failure it may easily bring about, but this is a different story entirely…

I have met many people while riding, some are riding alone, others with one or two people, others come replete with an entire armada and support vehicles.

Whatever route you personally decide to take in your ride, all I can offer you is this:

Make sure that you are having fun and if you are not, then at last make sure you are growing.  if you find that you have to constantly convince the person you are with to stay on the ride, therein lies the answer.

In all honesty and reality, you could be killed at any moment, make sure you are happy to be alone, make sure you are happy with your company, make sure you are happy with the life you are living on the road.