Update, such an exciting title….

Ive been told that my writing is decent, my life is varied and interesting, so, I should be writing about it.

Here I go again, I cant fail if I never stop making forays into words right…?

“No such things as failure in he who keeps trying, coasting at bottom is the only disgrace.” Blues Traveler – 4

Where did I leave off, probably in Las Vegas with a health retreat weekend that went to hell and back and may now be an actual Sustainability summit in the City of Sin thanks to a new friend Crystal who is a ninja in her own right.

From there, I went to visit my now ex-girlfreind, bless her heart, she made me a king on my birthday…. I fell in love hard for that young lady…. On we go now to the present day.
She was rad…

I ended up in Chardon, Ohio helping my new bike ride manager by being a vegan manly male role model – those arent my words, they are hers, please note that I do not speak about myself that way, though I find no untruth in the phrase.

In addition to being male vegan god, I was to teach Kung Fu and Tai Chi, practice my cranio sacral therapy and slowly work on formulating my plan for the continuation of my bike ride all the while as she is launching Dr. Hackett and her LivAwareMD holistic center.

Dr. Hackett is rad.

Enter the ex boyfreind. The day I moved into my managers house, which is a very spacious and beautiful home, complete with a sauna, which is why it took a while for the fact the ex had moved back in to begin grating at my nerves.

Separately, these two individuals are rad (descriptor for the rest of the blog), together as with so many of us, the oil separates from the vinegar and next thing you know instead of being happy for salad dressing, we are arguing over who’s fault it is that there is difference. What can be done…. Love, oh cruel bittersweet delicious agony…. Ha!

I decided to leave, which was a bummer in a way as I really started not only enjoying the area, but even acclimatizing to the cold!

I was doing some Epic long distance runs and finding enjoyment with some of the odd jobs that were coming my way until the Center was to open and I would start teaching and practicing.

My favorite job, by far, was the shoveling of shit at Dr. And Mr. Hacketts lake house, which was to be mine if my ex moved out, she didnt, so the house, olympic pool and dreams of a future were dashed, All that remained was for me to shovel shit and dream of what could have been. Which, wasn’t so bad after all=]

When I finally decided to go, we are now really close to now in the time line, I begin spending an inordinate amount of time indoors as A. I was no longer working ina n office as I was leaving, B. The amount of snow fall was formidable enough that I was put off from running and decided instead to work out and meditate ALL DAY LONG. I did this for about 5 days and caused my heartache to reach such epic proportions that I may have gleaned wisdom into myself and at the very least have gained the profound “aha” of meditation, which means I now have a place to go to no matter what is happening and no matter where I am.

That I realized I always have a home in Hawaii, well, that shit is priceless. Most people will dream of going there, and for me it turned out to be my fall back, and now, I have decided to make it my home upon finishing my epic journey!