Saving Seeds…. because someday you may be very happy you did.


So, why do we save seeds?  because that’s where food comes from, why do we care about food?

Because we are what we eat.

Seeds matter more than you currently realize, and someday, if YOU allow all the food to become GMO, then and only then will you truly understand.

In the meantime, for those of you who are into food and into perpetuating your own food supply, here is an extremely simple method for cleaning seed.

Seed needs to be cleaned so that it remains unspoilt and doesn’t rot.

Please enjoy the video below which was filmed with Mr. Gabriel Howearth formerly of Seeds of Change and master botanist and guy who drives me a bit mad =]

Papaya Breakfast Bowl

papaya bowlYou know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?:)
What you consume in the few hours after you wake up regulates a bunch of your bodily functions so you can help boost your metabolism, increase your stamina, promote a good hormonal balance, strengthen your immune system, etc, etc by making the right choices… or complicate stuff by making the not-so-right ones.

Today I’m having a papaya bowl, it reminds me of having breakfast with Tina in Mysore, India, after an intense yoga class. We all end up so tired that passing the jaggery across the table feels like such an effort! All happy to be there, making friends, deepening our practice, but Oh-My-God!! you end up tired!! Much more the reason for breakfast being so important=] in circumstances like that, after a hard workout your body is really depending on some good fuel for replenishing and rebuilding.

2 cups fresh ripe papaya in cubes
1 heaping teaspoon Vitamineral Green
2 teaspoons bee pollen
2 teaspoons hemp seeds
1 handfull Goji berries

It’s that simple!! Fresh fruit is always good. Some people worry about the sugar content in fruits and limit their intake for this reason. If you have any medical condition like diabetes, some hormonal unbalances, etc, you might need to regulate your diet and learn about some fruits being better than others for you to eat and which quantities, but if everything is good, you’re healthy and stuff, then go for it!! Fruits are HEALTHY, filled with tons of nutrients. And for the sugar, just try to eat them whole or in a smoothie so you keep their fiber giving time for your body to digest them and absorb the sugar little by little. Avoid drinking fruit juices, without the fiber the sugar goes straight to your blood stream and that’s when you could be submitting your body to an unnecessary and not so healthy effort.

Plus, if you add some more fiber and some protein like seeds and green powders like on this papaya bowl to your plate you transform healthy fruit into a SUPER healthy food=] Today I used Vitamineral Green from Health Force Nutritionals.. we have written about them in the past, they are THE PEOPLE when it comes to raw, vegan, super nutrition. I love their stuff and as far as I know there’s nothing better out there, but you can use any other green powder in hand or sprinkle some spirulina.

Black Sesame Seeds


Sesame seeds of any color are a super food, but our favorite are black sesame seeds, considered one of the most potent energy and strength increasing foods in chinese medicine. Also used for strengthening the liver and kidneys.

Black sesame seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and calcium, more than cow’s milk and more easily absorbed. They also provide a high amount of copper (needed for calcium absorbency), zinc, phosphorus and iron. They also contain omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, specially B vitamins and dietary fiber.


Some of the benefits of including black sesame seeds in your diet are:

* Helps regulate blood pressure because of the high magnesium and calcium content.

* Strengthens liver and kidneys.

* Natural anti-inflammatory.

* Strengthens the immune system.

* Helps in the development of strong bones and healthy joints.

* Helps to lower cholesterol. Sesame seeds contain sesamin and sesamolin, with high contents of dietary fiber that helps reduce cholesterol in the blood.

* Promote regular bowel movements.

* Have potent anti-cancer properties.

Random Planting Project

Very simple in design and execution.  We sprout seeds that fit the local water/sun/soil conditions, grow them to a size capable of surviving on thier own and plant them in random places.  From flowers to food, after all, its random=]

One of the newest additions to this project is that of hemp which has been shown to be beneficial in helping to heal and decontaminate the local soil, as well as being a statement from us to the world about the sheer absurdity and waste of precious time money and resources, both in the front and back end of the Worlds Economies by undermining and creating such bureaucracy and drama around – A PLANT.  Especially given the fact that it was here long before us, and, given the scope of destruction we do with trying to re-work the natural order of things, we feel this should simply be left alone and instead used to help bring about the peace we all so desperately talk about.

Below you will see a chart describing the uses of the Hemp/Marijuana plant and why we feel the way we do.  Please keep in mind this chart is based not only on scientific fact, but common knowledge as passed down through time.  Did you know that Henry Ford  used hemp in the production of the Ford Model T?

hemp uses

Note:  We do keep in mind sensitive areas and introducing new species to those areas, we do our best not to be accidental eco-terrorists!