Rays Bike Shop – Ventura, California

Ray’s was more of a spiritual journey for me than a simple and very huge gift of an Easton E50 front racing rim to replace my replacement of which I could find no replacement spokes.  Ray and his helped were super cool, waaaay beyond the norm, to the point that I even got a demonstration of the strength of a rim.  Ray took a slightly damaged rim and whacked against the floor using all his strength in order to show me what it would take from a direct hit to cause damage.  Apparently, most damage to rims comes from side forces and there was more but I have since lost in the sea of grey cells.

Ray, thank you very much and to this day I think about the picture you  showed me in the book.  I still do not fully get it, but, onward to the answer I go=]  Aloha Ray.