Random Planting Project

Very simple in design and execution.  We sprout seeds that fit the local water/sun/soil conditions, grow them to a size capable of surviving on thier own and plant them in random places.  From flowers to food, after all, its random=]

One of the newest additions to this project is that of hemp which has been shown to be beneficial in helping to heal and decontaminate the local soil, as well as being a statement from us to the world about the sheer absurdity and waste of precious time money and resources, both in the front and back end of the Worlds Economies by undermining and creating such bureaucracy and drama around – A PLANT.  Especially given the fact that it was here long before us, and, given the scope of destruction we do with trying to re-work the natural order of things, we feel this should simply be left alone and instead used to help bring about the peace we all so desperately talk about.

Below you will see a chart describing the uses of the Hemp/Marijuana plant and why we feel the way we do.  Please keep in mind this chart is based not only on scientific fact, but common knowledge as passed down through time.  Did you know that Henry Ford  used hemp in the production of the Ford Model T?

hemp uses

Note:  We do keep in mind sensitive areas and introducing new species to those areas, we do our best not to be accidental eco-terrorists!