Aloha, still here, still on the mission=)

I havent written about my ride because they have all been in and around Ventura and Ojai, I just keep bouncing between the two and last night I finally had a really really solid dream, a wild magical dream…..  but first, a word from our sponsors…. HA!

My bike is now running Schwalbe 45 tyres (sexy British style spelling), an Easton E50 front racing rim and thanks to Chris (sponsored rider for American Heart  Association, doing the good work and keeping your kids educated on health in schools) and Eric (Doing the good work and keeping PETA up and running smoothly on the West Coast, someone has to keep you all informed on how people kill your supper and enslave beasts for your entertainment) cleaning out my 140lb, I am now down to a more realistic 60-70lbs.

The ninja as changed and I am loving riding around this area.  I have been to the hotsprings so many times I dare not count any longer, very healing with a river running along side it=)

I have been eating amazing food between these two spots, Ventura and Ojai, lost of locally grown organic goodness and now i am also utilizing this time to rid myself once and for all of this cough/mucus thingy, I put out enough mucus a day to frost 90 to 120 cupcakes heavily, it’s absolutely ridiculous, ABSURD!  At least the frosting is becoming all clear which I am told is a good sign.

I received a healing treatment yesterday, energy work,  I did not know what to expect, I’ve gotten many acupuncture treatments, many massages, lots of work done, nothing like this.  I really didnt feel anything during the session outside of a general sense of well being, at one point my breathing really dropped….  She told me that something may come up for me, maybe a dream, in fact, she had suggested i ask for a sign, or something, I may be mincing words now, I ask for something such as a dream, well, a dream is exactly what I got….

And now, here it is for you all to help me figure out what is meant by it=)

I was in a house and of course, as the distnce between the dream and dreamer widens, so do the details become more blurry, hence pen and paper beside the bed….

I was in a house helping my Chinese Medicine/Kung Fu teacher clean it, apparently it was his house, there was someone else helping clean as well.  i was in a patch of grass pulling weeds and grabbed a couple of mushrooms which dumped out a yellowish fluid I recall being sqeamish about…

I think the house was mine…..

He came out and said there was more to do and handed me a small tin heart box painted black and gold, in the shape of a heart, like the old Pennsylvannia Dutch, the Amish style painting=)

He said it was full of meat and cheese, both had been there for a while, he kept them there as a way to fight off his urge to eat them, but they were surely rotten by now and it was my job to clean it out.

I looked for something to put the mess in and found a plate, I placed the heart shaped box on the plate and begin walking, as I did I noticed a white sac flopped out of the front of the box and rested on the plate, almost like a bulbous white tongue…

Next thing I knew, little baby turtles were coming out of this, when I say little, they were TINY, teeny weeney, no bigger than my pinky finger, no, no bigger than the nail on my pinky finger after I’ve chewed it down a bit, not even now that I am looking at it, maybe no bigger than the part of the pencil point below the yellow and above the lead (which we all know if now graphite due to poisoning concerns=)

They werent the fastest given their diminutive size, BUT, I was in such a state of shock that they were falling off the plate and I had to very carefully get them back on…

I was very suprised and stoked and immediatley begin yelling for my teacher and about this time, the sandman went away and there I was waking up in Bens’ home in Ojai….

Ben from Brittain, ridden the Kiwi coast from top to bottom 3 times, Aloha Ben, thanks for letting me stay and dream about turtles!!!!!!!!!!!

I seem to recall 5 in all, some of them

Killer Amoebas From outer Space…

My gandpa used to say that all the time, got watch out for those killer amoebas…

Yeah, guess so.

Leaving San Fran was tough for me, i really love the city, like a big city made of little towns, people are friendly, people seem largely happy, except when they drive, cars somehow make people mad ultimately, I am still working on this, so we are in theory only.

I made it to the happy town of Half Moon bay with little to no trouble, nice ride, LOTSA hills.

I did some ninja camping on a cliff overlooking the ocean and had quite a night re-adjusting to my mummy sleeping bag/bivvy sac.  I tossed and turned so much I cant remember actually sleeping, and yet, i rode to Santa Cruz the next day, so i must have done something at some point=)

The ride from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz was interesting at best, you know, i need to be more of a man anyway, it was interesting.  It is rare that I have had to pedal DOWNHILL, and yet there I was, of course, the extreme headwind was backed up by the ever popular, steady cold drizzle/blast or hard rain.

Absolutely nothing like it to get me screaming at God the sky, wind, rain, basically showing people how truly inept at being one with the planet I am.

I am staying with some of the raddest people here in Santa Cruz, it’s beautiful, things keep coming together more and more and more.  I’m not sure HOW this is going to come together, but for sure it is, apparently i am mean to…


O.K., I love Santa Cruz, also, i am learning what it is to be en-guarde.  these bike theives are so super smooth and fast, like waaay beyond ninja fast, So far my under saddle bag is gone and all my lights.  Strange in a way, one of the most chill laid back places, and yet the bike crime is ridiculous, not just me and my sob story, I was talking with the Bike co-op, the Bike Church Santa Cruz and they get broken into with a regularity to the point they have some hard core window dressing….

K, time to talk to the guys at Spokesman, i need a tube, it was stolen…..=)

Aha! Now I’ve got it! Celibacy is needed to round out the Ninja….

Celibacy, thats the key that I have been missing, at least, thats what I believe, and I am not coming at this from a positive or negative, I think it may be part of the underlying fabric of things that huge adventures to bring about some change, or exploring love with another, requires an equal amount of energy and, at least for this soul, it is a option “A” or “B”, not, however “A,B”.  I will have to do some research on this to be sure if I am knocking on the right door, it kind of came to me as I was thinking about my trip thus far…

See, I allowed my self the luxury of riding across the states without having to DO anything BUT, make it across to CA from PA. My reasoning behind this was to ensure that I would finish the ride, my only pressure was making it….  You know, I have never done this before.

Well, here I am.  Given what I want to do, now I have to go into the trip I was just on and the overall outcome based on what I was doing and then based on how that would play into things if I would have started my mission already…

Time to look at the tale of the tape starting with the first Celibate hero, that comes to mind…

Jim Jarmusch made a recent film which I dare not launch into conjecture about what the aim was, the very filming was so epic, that, no matter how many times I watch it I end up in the same mind space, the man, Mr. Jarmusch, is truly amazing, then you get into Deadman and  Down By Law, I never even saw Ghost Dog, was told it was rad…  well…… blah blah blah, amazing.

Limits of Control is the movie which defies my ability to explain, not defies, there is just no point, you, must see it.  Focus…..  The main character, or the pivotal role was played by, well, i refer to him as James Bond for the illumined, in one part fo the movie you learn that when it comes to him being confronted by a  knockout lying naked on his bed holding a gun on him, she asks if he wants to… you know….. he states, “never while I’m working”….

Line 6 of the Epic Poem/song, Impossible Dream, “…To love, pure and chaste, from afar,…”

Laundry list of persons real and imagined which could only do their good as long as they were sleeping single….

Batman, Red Sonja(could best nearly any moratl man as long as she did not lay with one), Jughead, Judge Dredd, Wallace from Sin City, Eddie Murphy in “The Golden Child” was told by the Buddhist Master he must stay celibate to complete the task, Sir Gawain, Sherlock Holmes, Tintin, Dumbledor (Harry Potter), Dr. Who (British, Tardis, time travel), Secret Agent – aka – Danger Man, LADY GAGA!!!!!(one of the very few “public” people I would go on a date with=), The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, Jesus, Master Chief in Halo (gotta love the backstories, his celibacy comes from too many operations from all his injuries, one of the side effects), Ghandi, Newton, Nikola Tesla, Joan of Arc, Lawrence of Arabia, Et Cetera.

So, for me to come to this idea, apparently, I am in good company.

I must say, this San Francisco experience is becoming more and more trippy, Thursday I roll….=)

Part of me thought I might find that special someone and would be able to settle down once I got my peace initiative well underway and rolling on its own steam, in the thinking I have been allowed to do, here, in San Fran, thinking about my entire trip, my whole life…

I’m beginning to think I dont want to find”the one”, or anyone, I dont think I ever did, I know that I did not want to be alone, and yet, I no longer feel alone and when I am alone it seems things go my way, as soon as I connect in with another, things go a decidedly different direction….

I don’t want to find the one, I just want to save the world so everyone else can….


Vegan Tikka Masala, Indian Ninja food=)

Vegan Tikka Masala with Potato, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Peas

As with all the recipes you see here, the amounts are relative, so go for it, you are an artist, rock and roll!

roughly serves four

Masala Paste:

* 2 tsp fresh ginger, minced
* 2 tsp garlic, minced
* 1 tsp cumin powder
* 1 tsp coriander powder
* 1/4 tsp turmeric – has anti-inflammatory qualities!
* 1 tsp cayenne pepper powder
* 1 tbsp paprika
* 1 tsp garam masala

Butternut Squash Paneer(non-dairy) Cheese:

* 1 package firm tofu
* 3-6 cloves garlic
* chunk ginger
* 1/2 medium butternut squash (precook in over till soft – 350)
* sea salt (or regular, but remember, sea is better for your body)
* pepper
* 1/3 can coconut milk

Everything Else:

* 4 Tablespoons oil (Olive, grapeseed, coconut, sesame, whatever you like)
* 5 cardamom pods
* 1 cinnamon stick
* 1 and 1/2 sweet onions, finely diced
* 1 large tomato, finely diced
* 1/2 cup water
* salt (again, sea is best)
* 2 medium  potatoes, diced
* 1/2 green cabbage, sliced into thin strips
* 2 cups frozen peas
* 1/2 head califlower
* chick peas
* your butternut paneer

Serve Over:

* rice, go for brown, any will do, also, feel free to add some saffron to your rice, it’s a magical herb, kinda pricey…

Bringing it together:

Blend the Paneer ingredients until smooth, then refrgerate till needed.

I used a crucible to mix the paste, do it your way, whatever brings it together=)

1). Mix all of the ingredients for the Masala Paste together.

2). Start the rice cooking according to the instructions for the variety.

3). Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat.

4). Add the cinnamon stick and cardamom pods for just a few minutes to add fragrance to the oil, then remove them.

5). Add the onions and stir until they are browned.

6). Add the masala paste and stir for a minute, then add the tomato and stir for another minute, then add the water and bring it to a simmer. Salt to taste.

7). Add the chopped potatoes, cabbage, and peas. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook, stirring frequently, until the potatoes, cabbage and cauliflower are tender and a fork can slide easily through the potato pieces.

8). Add paneer to taste–the paneer will mellow the dish.

9). Serve over rice.

My goldfish swims in a big bowl…

That was the quote from the other day, included were such favorites as, “If I wasnt so hung over I would make a good dad”, a favorite of mine, ” its three bi-sexual girls, of course it’s going to be an orgy…”…

I have been seeing and hearing things that I once believed were relegated only to the cinema, not real life, my life has stretched the envelope so far at this point, I have no idea what is or is not normal…

I dont even know where I am going or what I am seeking any longer…  You are reading the words of a fool!

I was at the Grand Canyon yesterday with two gentlemen from France, one was a sublime musician the other, a man who quit his ridiculous amount of money computer job to simply travel, for a long time.  I may never again have the pleasure of hiking into one of the most awe inspiring landscapes whilst being serenaded by Frenchmen singing songs about Owls catching dinner….

I’m having a beer, it’s early, but, well, it was there….

Sometimes I think I get it, that I have it figured out, other times, well, like this morning, it’s not that I am sad, or melancholy, but, I just feel lost…  The great thing is, I have come to that place where i know its all good, the “I’ll be taken care of” type of thinking, “god has my back”, I need a sign.  The Ranger form the Grand Canyon told me she wanted to take me to Arches Nat’l park and some crazy adventure….  Could be cool….  Lets see if she writes.

I’m stoked to be going back to Vegas, so many people I have not seen for some time….  Will they still know me…  do they care=)

Listening to Holosync Meditation and dreaming of Vegan Ninja Curry

Will i be able to type at the same time=)

I used my new sleeping bag/sleep pad last night, keeps me warm enough, and of course, as it is a mummy bag, drives me nuts, being so confined and so uncomfortably hot, I have to keep my African wrap between my legs as they sweat like the dickens, thats the cute way to say whats really going on=)

there is a part of me that, ok, now listening to music, Sally Shapiro – Looking at Stars, FM remix version…

A large part of me is dead, or, thats not really what i am trying to say, I don’t know who I am any more….

There was a time yesterday where i didnt know where i was going to stay and hereI am waking up in a tree house on the banks of the Rio Grande on an organic perma-culture farm with mature orchards….

I am all alone, I have the place to myself today until my host returns home with friends, allof whom i shall cook for, vegan winter squash curry…

It’s easy to make, seriously, you will spend more time chopping and smelling an aroma which can only be considered magical as it is far more than the ingredients would lead you to believe is possible, you want the recipe?

I will use the following vegetables:

brocolli, cauliflower, variety of peppers – hot and mild, crushed garlic, minced ginger, onion, winter squash (take your pick=), potatoes, sweet potatoe, bamboo shoots, I think i remembered carrots, red cabbage…  You can put what vegetables you want.

Slowly add hardest ingredients to softest, getting them all nicely stir fried.

Feel free to add Tofu or Tempeh or, be non-vegan and add your meat of choice, heavy red meats do not mesh well just so you know.  I have been told by many that this is better meat free, so, be bold my carnivorous friends, you needn’t tax your body for a good meal, try it simple..

When stir frying try and use coconut, grape seed or sesame oil, they are high heat and add flavor and many health benefits.

At very end of stir fry, add curry paste and stir fry this with vegetables.

add coconut milk till it reaches, almost, the uppermost veggies.

add some water

Cook some noodles now, or if you are using rice, i would use brown, it should have been cooking.  easy way to make rice, put rice in pot, wash it till the water is clear.  Fill water so it is a half inch from top of rice deep, like if your finger was in the water gently resting on top of rice layer, your first knuckle joint should be wet…  Heat it till it boils heavy, then reduce heat to simmer and cover, should be done in a bit, check every so often as sometimes it does its own thing…  If too hard when almost all water is gone, slowly add little more, little amounts…

Let coconut veggie mix simmer for some time, till everything is soft, feel free to add cardamom, cumin, tumeric and hot peppers, stretch your mind with it, make some alchemy…..  this is good food that will make you strong, its what ninjas eat before missions, make it with pride and feeling…

From Holosync meditatoin to Lady GaGa Alejandro re-mix….  What a life=)

Here are the first couple weeks, seriously, I was on a roll =]

My journal – first entry, day one, August 27 .10
well well well, what a hummDinger of a day it was today, Oh yes sir.  We are off to a great start, already love and donations of coffee and cliff bars are rollin in, I learned to respect fully the fact that I am on a bicycle which has been radically altered, ergo, completely new center of balance, I respect 18 wheelers, I understand why Steven King uses them alot, my pannier was literally exploded infront of my eyes, I remember thinking, that is my head if I am a fool again.
Not exactly sure, but somehow – my fault – it got loose and tangled with the spokes and almost took the bike down infront of the 18 wheeler i was trying to beat across the on ramp to a freeway, already you see the lesson waiting to be taught=)
So, there I was, feeling the bike going down, then a pop and I was on the other side of the on ramp looking back over my shoulder as the truck jams the breaks and stops, my yellow pannier was peaking out from well beneath the cab of the truck, i do not know what the driver was thinking, I was still thinking about my head and where it would have been had the bag not broken free, then the truck fired up and the backs wheels popped my bag.  The guy behind the truck, nice guy, said he was sorry that it didn’t have to happen and he hoped everything was alright, it was and it wasn’t.
This was the only bag that had no electronics or really necessary stuff, I lost a whole tube of toothpaste, what a happy mess that was, trail mix, two cans of coconut milk that were so crushed they looked as if they would go the rest of the way at any minute, a bar of soap and soap holder and my two mangoes, which, one of my first thoughts was, well, they weren’t ripe anyway….
Beautiful ride, hanging out on front porch of guys house from, he apparently is at dinner if the note in the door handle is for me, and I must admit, he lives right across from gettysburg college, very chill spot….
Thats enough for now, wait for him to return, clean off toothpaste from everything, duct tape bag – it popped – and find a place to crash=)

Day 5
Yay!   My new favorite word, yay!  I just cooked dinner, coconut curry and brown rice, good ninja food=)
I am still at my new friends home in the big country of Pittsburg, about an hour away from the town on 25 acres, and resting swell.  My allergies are in overdrive, constant sneezing and runny nose action, soon I shall have the cleanest sinuses out of anyone I know.
I’m going to watch “The Holy Grail” – Monty Python style of course.  I’m going to stay one more night here, my bike is tuned up, cables tightened, new brake pads on front wheel, back brakes tightened, Aero bars slightly repositioned, light mount installed as I will start doing night riding now, repaired the semi accident, looks good, used duct tape and super glue… well, this is some exciting reading, bet your sitting on the edge of your seat, won’t be able to sleep a wink tonight after reading this……  ha ha ha.
I have met a lot of very wonderful people on this journey, I am truly amazed and stoked at the America I am discovering as I journey out.  I am happy to say I am proud to be an American once again.  I am seeing that while there is confusion in regard to whom we want to believe, everyone wants whats best as far as I can tell, not that I’m anybody=)

Day 6 morning,
I may leave today, may stay another day, may leave, i think I may leave today and head to Pittsburg….  Dunno, I’m feelin ready, time for breakfast, Kung Fu and a moment of reflection.

Day 7
O.k, where am I at?  Well, i haven’t written here for a bit, So, I made it through Pittsburg, I stayed with a trippy hippy super cool family about an hour south of the city, I met a guy, Mr. Vechter, he helped me get there through the Pittsburg bike trail system.  Such a nice guy, he chatted me up at borders due to the ninja racer 3000 (my bike) and next thing I knew he was unstrapping his bike from his car and showing me the way!
The family was so chill, such good food, the love was palpable=)  Thankgod, for the ride to get there was some of the hilliest I have ever come across!
I got to hang in nature, stayed for two days, worked on my bike, relaxed.
I then got a ride form them to the city of Pittsburg where I stayed with a PhD. student/teacher who gave me some horse riding lessons and got to hang out with her roommate where we talked about politics, how to tie knots and the Communist Manifesto.  I even got a copy of, we’ll talk more about that later, and a Hammock!  No more sleepin on the ground=)  I cooked a curry, the second time now I have had the pleasure to cook vegan for people on this trip, 2/2 success rate=)
I left the next morning and found my way out of Pittsburg, what a ride that was!  The police were actually very friendly, one of them even gave me a pound (handshake kind style).  The hills were torturous, but, thats what we’re here for.
I got some great views of the city when I took the incline, a sort of trolley that goes up the side of Mt. Washington., and had a great talk with a gentleman who was US Navy retired.  One of the most profound things he said was, “ I’ll never get this war thing, i mean, take the jews for instance, here you have the Jews and the Palestinians, basically the same group of people and they have been fighting since Abraham, now thats a long haul, and for WHAT?”
To right, needless to say he was down for the pedaling for Peace, especially after he knew that I too was in the navy.
I got out of the city eventually by asking every walk of life in the city from Police to the homeless and all were equally friendly and helpful, Pittsburg is a cool spot=)
Once I left I decided that I was on the mission, I had to get to Seville as quick as possible in order to see my grandparents and just to make it interesting.
Begin the ninja ride!  I rode for 36 hours with a 2 hour nap!  It was fun, pushing it, cruising down the road in the middle of the night, flying, with only a small circle of light to show my way as I was on back roads that had no lights…
So, I have been here in Seville for 2 days and am ready once again to cruise.  Tomorrow morning early, hit the road.  Next stop Columbus.
I’m hoping to have my website up and running properly, for whatever reason, the guys who are working on it are unable to figure out how to make it work, so i am hoping and praying that someone will come along and make it all better, you know, this could be a really impactful(word?) tool, yet, if not done right, it will, well, whatever, this ride is mainly to get my head unstuck and figure out where I fit in this society, anything else is gravy.  It’s just that there are so many riders out there pedaling for peace, I have the site name, we could turn it into something good for EVERYONE!  Post your Peace ride here, that sort of thing, oh well, my tea bag had a Ben Franklin saying that he who can learn to be patient can have anything.  O.K.
One of the big things for me has been my diet, VEGAN, that has been interesting, seeing how it plays out with different people, it’s working for me, hopefully I can open other peoples eyes, many believe that you will automatically become sickly with a vegan diet, and yet, here I am right infront of them, then, perhaps they think I am sickly=)
My main staples on this trip are:

mixed nuts with dried fruit – cashews, soaked almonds, pumpkin seeds, dates, pineapple, raisins and coconut flakes, I try for organic stuff.

coconut milk or water

raw bars – i.e. Larabar

water with small amounts of apple cider vinegar or green tea added.

Peanut butter or Almond butter

Whenever I find a place to stay for a day or so I try to eat a lot and build up my healthy fat layer, I also go for greens, lots of them as they are not so plentiful on the road.  Roadside stands are great for fruit, peaches and apples seem to be in season, all in all I seem to have a fairly healthy diet, and yet, nothing seems to compare to what I had going on in Hawaii=)

I guess thats it for now, off to dinner tonight, then rest and an early start tomorrow!


It’s been a few days since I have written anything in my journal.  I have met many people and had some really groovy times.  Last night I stayed at the Saint Meinrad Archabbey, better know to us all as a Monastery.  It has been here for around 150 years.
The trip is becoming something I never would have expected, things are lining up in ways I could not have foreseen, and yet, thats life, right?
It appears as though we truly are a headless state, no one I have spoke to thus far has anything but confusion and distrust when it comes to “the man”.  No one wants what is going on on, and yet, here we are in the thick of it.  I speak to many people, from hand and plastic surgeons to hippies pluckin the banjo just to get along in the hopes that someday they will be able to write a book from their experiences, no one agrees with what is happening, so why is it?  Do we really just believe we have no power any longer?  The state, government, do we even remember why it was started?  How did it come to be what it is?
As best i can tell it was started to , doesn’t matter, all that does is getting it back to it’s appropriate place in the grand scheme of things such as our lives.  Please, do not think I am a luddite who merely wants to throw us back to the time of the stone wheel, believe me, nothing could be further form the truth, my dream is different, it is the Atlantean dream without the dire end.  We are quickly outpacing ourselves with our technological advances, this need not be so.  Why is Star Wars such a fantastic leap for people to encompass?  The essence of the Jedi was to blend technology with nature, the perfect symbiosis, one where neither detracted, both made the other stronger.  Unfortunately we seem to be going the way of the big corporation, “the Darkside”, as it were, even in Star Wars they had a corporate logo, did you know that, the Empire was a giant corporation, do not be deceived into thinking that this anything less than what we are currently on task to producing should we continue down this path we are on.
The tide, slowly seems to be changing, slowly only from my viewpoint, perhaps for others it is fast, who can say, all I know is that there is a change coming and I am an active participant in it.
One person whom I had the pleasure of hanging out with told me, “think of your life and then look at the Galaxy, and then all the millions and billions even trillions of other galaxies, you amount to nothing…”
No truer words spoken, and yet, without me, the entire fabric of time and space would be different, without any one thing, the entire whole would be forever changed into something else, for all of our seeming worthlessness, we are fundamentally responsible for the how the picture is viewed while we exists, simply because we are.
I’m tired, it was a long day yesterday, it will be along day today, perhaps not so bad….  I am going to try and bike less, more 60 mile rides, let my body rest, I have been pushing it very hard, biking long distances and when not biking, when staying with friends and couchsurfing, i have been training – kung fu, capoeira – and still doing bike tours through the cities where i find myself.  More rest, afterall, that which burns twice as bright, sometimes lasts half as long, I am beginning to think I have no clue exactly how bright I am able to burn=)
Brother Raymond has informed me that I am to have a “hot breakfast” in order to make my ride more pleasant, so, without further ado, time to avail myself of the Abbey’s hospitality.  This adventure is truly shaping up as such.  Everyday I make myself magical concoctions with herbs, placed in little hemp tea bags that slowly steep into my water whilst riding to give me energy and clarity of mind, I sleep in strangers homes as if i were a relative and now I am given refuge for a night in a monastery and shown around by a Brother in full robes.  I do believe the magic that I have so desperately sought for my life is finally making itself fully apparent, I am living in a fairy tale.


Conversation I overheard in Hawi, Hawaii, roughly about the time Avatar came out between a group of older Southern ladies…..

“So she tells me all about this movie and it’s spiritual message….  What the hell is a spiritual message anyway!”

Bless her heart…

Then another conversation I overheard a snippet of in the Garden of the Gods, Shawnee State Forest….

“What do you do when your cardiologist tells you to quit? I was gonna quit at 40, then at 45, then when I got cancer, I know I should quit…”

Two books to recommend to you as they are both so very short and yet the impact of both of these books has been felt for globally for a very long time and maybe now we can hit some kinda 100 monkey thing – “The Communist Manifesto” by Marx and Engels and “The Tao Te Ching” by the Old Man/Boy…..

Aloha everyone.  I have had such a spectacular time here in Cape Girardeau.  Great people, really cool events, they even have a hash run which goes through the city and has beer stops, I’m in a non-drinking phase so I opted out, but went for the start, they had like 30 people show up!  Very cool!
I give my first talk today at the South Eastern University of Missouri!  Yay!  I did a trail build yesterday at the Trail of Tears State Park, very cool, I never knew so much went into building a trail, now I know=)

Aloha for now, tomorrow I am getting a ride to St. Louis, then taking the Katy trail from St. Louis to Springfield, good times=)