Pre and Post Surgery/Injury Healing Dietary Guidelines

pedaling for peace talk at the center for rehabilitation in La Paz BCS Mexico

surgery operating roomSurgeries for many of us will be an unavoidable part of our lives, for whatever reason. Many friends may say it could be avoided through this and by doing that, etc. We are not going to discuss the many different ways a person can be healed, what we will discuss here in a very basic format is the best way to help the body through the process you have chosen to undergo.
Lets review the basics first. Can we agree that you are what you eat? Once we agree on this it makes it much easier to continue. Should you be having trouble at this point, lets digress for a moment and look at the bigger picture of your corpus.
It is made up of what? As you may or may not know, you are constantly gaining and losing cells, all throughout your body. You may have heard that every seven years you are a new person. Daily you change over your blood anew, hair, liver, bone, constantly in flux. Where do the building blocks for this come from? Is it magic dust sprinkled by the Sandman as you slumber? Of course not, Its from the food you eat, you know this! The end result is then based on the “materials” used. For instance, think of a house, no, a temple, yes, think of a temple. Look at the buildings around you today that are built in a cheap quick fashion, how long before they start to decay, concrete cracking, roof in need of replacing etc. Now think back to the pictures you seen depicting the gothic cathedrals, made with bricks of blue stone, timbers of solid Oak, hand made leaden glass…. Still standing! As with buildings, as with anything, the end result is a direct compliment to the materials used.
Once you are able to accept this, even though an apple may fall far below your tolerance of acceptable when it lights upon your taste buds, it is far superior to the Cheetos Extra Flavor Bold Impact 3000 cheesy twisty pops. Thats a very simple fact.
Now, in your daily life, you may feel free to eat these as you will, though a case could be made for many of the surgeries people get resulting from said diet, but, as noted earlier, we will keep to the subject at hand, your surgery, or recovery depending upon when you or a friend found this.
Prior to surgery eat healthy foods to prepare body for surgery. This is basic wisdom for you should you choose to read no farther. Eat foods where you can readily and easily identify the ingredients, better, that you can actually picture what they look like and MORE IMPORTANTLY that you can picture the process it went through to get to your mouth. Salt for instance. very easy to picture salt being mined, its mined, or collected from evaporation pools. Easy to see it being shipped to and fro, being packaged and then being shipped again, this is your food you know, long trip to your tummy! What isnt so easy to imagine is the complex process in which sea salt is turned into conventional table salt. This is a process in which ALL other minerals and errant vitamins are stripped from the salt until it is simply sodium chloride, then, Iodine is added. Many of us do not get the iodine we need and this was a way to supplement that and thereby avoid many nasty problems in both children and adults.
That being said, why do they strip all the minerals from it in the first place?
Of course, this is not the point Im trying to make, my point is this, stick to sea salt which has been shown in many, BUT NOT ALL [we are looking for truth, not propaganda] tests to be far superior for your body.
Now picture sugar. sugar_cane fieldThis will usually start as a “cane” or large bamboo like stick that you can chew on and that my dad who grew up in haiti would tell me stories about the guys who would chew it until their teeth become like a little animals, sharp and small…. creepy mental images aside, it is a natural thing and has vitamins minerals and enzymes. When you close your eyes you can see the slave labor working for hours on end in Florida with little pay and horrific conditions, occasionally lopping off part of the leg as they must work very fast in heat, for hours, so, mistakes happen, as they are illegal immigrants, oft times from Cuba, lose a leg, BUMMER, Again, I digress, you can picture the process. What you cannot picture is the process in which, again as with the salt, everything of value is stripped. Molasses, that thick as Molasses running down a hill in winter, that comes from the byproducts of separating the good stuff from the sugar cane. You get Molasses and white refined sugar.
Refined salt and sugar are two of the worse things you can have in your diet…. just so you know. Thats a brief idea on what I mean by picturing the process as a way to discern what will be of most value for you to put into your body.
Another would be to picture a vegetable grown by an organic farmer and the same veggie grown by a commercial farm which uses petro-chemical fertilizers and insecticides. In the organic instance, it is easy to picture composting, sewing and reaping etc. In the commercial farm, it is very difficult to picture the process that oil, the same stuff that is turned into gas to make your car go, is turned into fertilizer to make your plants grow… Whats funny is how many of the fertilizers and the test seeds [GMO CROPS] we have seen while riding, the logos look like something to do with race cars… HA!
So eat what you know, what seems to be MOST REAL, and without further ado, we will now start to refine that list of foods to give you a more concise map of your diet over the next however long until you are back and fit as a fiddle!
As your food intake will most likely be restricted, this is a common practice prior to surgeries, start now by drinking and getting used to drinking plenty of water leading up to surgery day. While this seems like a no brainer, many people do not actually drink a lot of water. They drink things made with water, but that is not the same. W A T E R. Get used to it, you are made out of it, in fact 80 percent of you is water.
Get a lot of good fats as they will help your body maintain energy during the just prior, during and after phase of your surgery when you aren’t ingesting anything… examples are – avocados, chia, hemp seed, lots of nuts and seeds. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are very important in your daily life and especially during this time, so make sure to get them in proper amounts! Good question, what are the proper amounts…
Optimal is 1 to 1 through 4 to 1 – Omega 6 to Omega 3. Most of you are probably getting 20 to 1. This is not good as it creates a serious imbalance and usually shows up as depression, fatigue, sleeplessness, constipation, joint pain, frequent colds, inability to concentrate, fatigue, dry and itchy skin, lack of endurance and many more I am sure, we simply don’t know because, well, theres so much to know and we spend much of our time fighting, so we never get around to true mastery of the important stuff!
Now, where to get it from – for the Omega Threes, or written in a cool way – Ω3z, HA! – sorry, here they are…

  • ground flaxseed
  • oils (flaxseed oil, linseed oil, canola oil, walnut oil, wheat germ oil and soybean oil)
  • green leafy vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, kale, spinach and purslane)
  • legumes (mung, kidney, navy, pinto, lima beans, peas and split peas)
  • citrus fruits, melons, cherries

As for the Omega 6’s, you probably have enough in your diet and didn’t even know it.  For instance, leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains and vegetable oils (corn, safflower, soybean, cottonseed, sesame, and sunflower) all contain Omega 6.

Your diet should be composed of more vegetables and fruit, than meat and dairy. Once surgery is done, this diet should be maintained for maximum healing.


Dairy taxes your digestive system and immune systems. In fact dairy causes as immuno response, you simply dont need this at this time.  Should you feel the desire for dairy, go with replacements to cow milk.  There are coconut, rice, almond, soy, oat and those are off the top of my head, hemp, all of these are milks that not only taste great, but the health benefits for the human body are light years ahead of the effects of cow milk on a human.  Obviously for a baby cow they are great, but thats the rub isnt it, you arent cows.  The human body simply is not designed for it, which is why it comes from a cow, cows are designed for it, Humans are designed to drink milk from a womans breast for the formative years, as are all other mammals which are designed to drink mothers milk, and then you stop. Once you stop, you begin to get your calcium from fruits and vegetables, as do all other mammals. You are a mammal in case you forgot, you are no more or less than another. The same rules apply to you as to a Gorilla or a Dog. Beware the ego and the Washington Lobbyist that would have you think otherwise!  Yes I know that famous people are in “got milk” ads, but Olympic athletes are in McDonalds ads, so, feel free to stow that argument before you burn my ears with it.  You have a brain, it is your gift from what or whomever to you, it is the one thing which allows you to be at the top or the bottom, use it and listen to your wisdom and you shall be at the top, blindly follow what others tell you, and you are lost.  Even with anything you read on this site, go out and find as many other sources of info and decide for yourself.  we promote the advancement of the human as a way to save our species, that cannot happen unless YOU personally begin thinking for yourself about hat is good for you.

Further, there are creamers, ice creams, anything you can think of is currently made from plants, and that it doesn’t involve blood, lawsuits and the butchering of baby cows, well, thats something isnt it!

Again, do this diet for when your body is at its weakest and then go back to what shakes your shaker, i just find it odd that when a human gets to be at their absolute sickest, usually, western medicine puts them on a diet that restricts meat and dairy…. of course another way to say this would be vegan, but hey, slow and steady…

Why no meat…?

Meat is a heavy burden on your system as it is difficult to digest, it may be a cause of other problems during the course of your treatment as well as much of it is full of antibiotics and hormones.  Our beloved scientific community has shown that this decreases medicines effectiveness as your body may be constantly humming along with low doses of antibiotics at any given time.  One of the side effects of that is a seriously crippled immune system.  If someone is going to be cutting you open, that is not the time for a seriously crippled immune system.  There is also the heavy burden on the liver, kidneys and other waste management systems of the body. As anyone who has been around a trash strike in a city, this is very bad in a human body, especially during surgery.

In addition meat carries a high amount of andrenaline due to the butchering process, obviously right, if someone was gonna butcher you, post psycho killing analysis of your meat would show elevated levels of all kinds of chemicals that are not there in daily life, the same is true for the cow or pig, or chicken or fish or etc.  Your body recognizes this and releases its own adrenaline as a result, not conduscive to healing! Adrenaline has been passed down through the generations as way to get out of very sketchy situations by giving you Ninja Hulk like power OR giving you Flash Gordon speed, it should not be tapped into because you are eating a Double burger with fries and cola.

Whether or not you are vegan is of little consequence to my day. Truly. I do what I do, and am happy to have you do the same. I do know for a fact that the less meat and dairy in your system during this time of healing will be for your benefit. It is now an undisputed fact, yes, of course if you are part of some nomadic tribe on or about the arctic circle, this will not apply, if you are reading this and are a member of such a tribe, you dont have to read this as you are lightyears ahead of me! If you are reading this from a coffee shop in Brookly, dont give me the tribal comeback about meat, it doesnt apply to you! My goal is for you to heal as quickly as possible with the most basic items, most easily and most cost effectively available to you.
In daily life try and keep your calories to a respectable amount based on your activity, no matter what you choose to have your diet consist of, do it responsibly. Apparently the US has an obesity epidemic, strangest thing…  Whole ‘nother story for a whole ‘nother day…

The food you are eating must be processed by the body, if you overeat this is more energy your body must expend simply to get rid of it, makes no sense as this is less energy that can be used for healing. Remember the energy in must be equal too or more than energy expended to process the food, if not it is like a company paying two dollars just to make a dollar, wont last long.

Extra weight will also make it more difficult for you to engage in your rehabilitaion program. If you had surgery, this will affect your whole body as any extra weight will merely instensify this burden on the healing process of any part of the body, gravity isnt picky, it will do its very best to pull the whole thing down!

If you are lying in a bed, you dont need as much food, you simply do not, further, over eating will be very easy during this time. Remember the water you were chugging prior to surgery, now is the time to keep it going, your are used to it and it helps for many reason more than just appetite control. You will need the water to speed the healing process, remember when I talked about you being made of water, picture yourself as various size bathtubs all contained in one large bathtub, every level of your body is bathtubs, cells, cells come together to make organs etc.  At the basis of all that, the cell is full of……

W A T E R !

water_drop-1You will need to keep that water as clean as possible as every function your body engages in creates waste, i.e. your bath water is dirtied!

Have food brought to you as most hospital food is very poor in quality!  There are countless studies of hospital food and the results are abysmal.  Truly, makes no sense to me, one of the primary things a hospital is there fore is to house doctors in an arena to make you, the patient well.  All doctors must take a Hippocratic oath to make you, the patient well.  Did you kow one of Hippocrates most famous saying is  – Let food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food.

So what went wrong?  No matter, let them figure it out, meanwhile you make sure to donate all your meals to your room partner who didnt read this and you get your food from OUTSIDE of the hospital.  If you are a single person with no friends or family, pay a nurse or orderly, show them this and be well my friend!

Other very important vitamins to look for in your food and where they can be found…

• Vitamin C helps your body to form collagen (Collagen is a protein needed for strength and flexibility; it repairs tendons and ligaments and strengthens bones.) The concentration of vitamin C in your body decreases when your body is under stress. Stress also increases urine losses of vitamin C. Surgery = Stress!  Citrus is a great place for these, oh hey, wait a minute, thats where we get the Omega 3’s.  Its almost like… well, no, not now…  Kiwi, oranges, grapefruits, bell peppers, cantaloupes, guava if its around, and strawberries.  Go for organic especially during this time and especially with some of these fruits, if you have never seen them be sprayed for bugs in real life, the guys spraying walk around in space suits, and then you eat it.  I don’t get it and neither should you.  if you are into super foods, go for the Goji berries, again, go organic, trust us…

• To heal, your body needs vitamin A for cell growth and development, bone development, and to help immune function.  Again the cantaloupe, carrots, apricots, kale – KALE is pretty much ninja food, eat it daily and things will go well for you, if you can, chew it A LOT, try to chew it for as many years as you have been alive [thats a common answer whenever THEY interview people who have lived to be a ripe old age], papaya, mango, broccoli…

•Copper, Manganese and Zinc are involved in wound healing.  Copper and zinc can e found in many seeds and beans – sesame, soy, sunflower, garbanzo [hummus!], pumpkin [especially good to help put lead in the pencil for guys if you catch my drift], etc.  I love etc, its my way of saying, research more to become smarter and break the chains of bondage!

Manganese – lots of the same as above and now we get into spinach, brown rise, spelt, chihuahua nostril hairs ……………………………… just checking if you’re with me, rye, pineapple… Etcetera!

When supplementing, do your very best to get these vitamins and minerals from food! Studies are showing more and more that synthetically derived forms of the same vitamins and minerals lack synergy needed to actually work in the body and instead use the bodies valuable energy to work to rid itself of the very thing you are thinking is helping!  UNLESS, you go with a great company that charges a whole lot for a cold pressed whole food vitamin that also takes its packaging into consideration as off gassing from plastic destroys the content of the valuable vitamins in the vitamins!  Tough world, do your research and its gets easier….

One of the most important and often overlooked issues is that of the patients mood. As you may imagine, unless you have a very strong willed person, depression will usually set in. Of course it will, you are in a hospital, getting cut into or irradiated or whatever it is you are having done, chances are you will get secondary illnesses, no freinds, nothing cuddly, cold, steel, tons of other peoples germs, surrounded by sickness and death, getting woken at ALL HOURS by morons with needles wanting to draw blood fishing around in your arm looking for a vein at 3am and giggling to themselves like you arent in the room… totally understandable you are depressed, I got depressed writing that and remembering when I was last in one!

ergo, it is important to Take note of the mental attitude of the patient and treat this as well as the physical aspect.

Two main points to remember are this: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! So eat good food and you get good results.

The state of the body starts in the mind, beware depression on the road to recovery and treat it with the same conviction as if you were treating a secondary infection!

Remember these key facts, the Hippocratic oath, under which Hippocrates said, let food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food.

You are what you eat – real important that one….

Energy in, energy out, does what you eat take more energy to process than it gives? If so, dont eat it!

Are your vitamins and minerals coming from a natural source, or are they synthetic?

Your attitude is FUNDAMENTAL to your recovery!

You are on the road to being well, whatever happens is OK, if you have any questions, want moral support, just wanna say Aloha, we are here.  We dont always have an internet connection, but when we do, we are here for you, and even when we arent around, we still care for all of you deeply as thats what matters.  The planet and all living things on it.

Aloha!pedaling for peace talk at the center for rehabilitation in La Paz BCS Mexico