Is That a Phone in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to See Me…


The book I just finished reading only moments ago, Disconnect, by Devra Davis Ph.D., M.P.H., Co-laureat Nobel Peace Prize 2007, is perhaps one of the most startlingly real books I have read in some time as it deals with the glue that holds our society and one may go as far as saying our civilization together.

I’m speaking of the cell phone.

I cant delve too much into the book without sounding foolish and making numerous misquotes, after all, who am I, surely not a scientist and barely a person worth listening to except for the fact that I read this book and am fairly able to write with some proficiency.

In essence, the cell phone comes from the same basic principle as the early aircraft radar systems which gave way to microwave ovens, officers would cook hot dogs on the tips of their swords in front of the radar, whilst sailors on watch would warm themselves in front of the radar on cold nights, others still would stand in front of the radar to reduce sperm counts before hitting ports of call as i was rumored to drop your sperm counts thereby being a form of birth control.

Not much has changed except for the fact that the power of these devices has increased while the size has decreased, which has in turn allowed cell phones to be increasingly powerful (analog, 2G, 3G, now 4G) and instance of brain tumors and tumors in the gland behind the jaw bone among other instances of dis-ease including a burgeoning instance of breast cancer (phones help for safe keeping in the bra???) are reaching unprecedented numbers.

If you do you best to live a healthy life, if you care about your children, please take some time to at least take a look at this book, after all, Steve Jobs (founder – Apple), would not let his children use computers or cell phones.

What you know is usually what you are told and what you are told, as we now know when it comes to most things, for example, asbestos, or weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, or GMO’s to save the world from starvation, may have the best intentions at heart or may be complete lies, either way, it takes a long time for the truth to surface and when it finally does, then the cover ups are found and already a swath of destruction has been visited upon many lives.

The truth will always come out, but how about the carnage before the truth comes out when the industry sows lies to reap profit?  Could cell phones be the next Tobacco… Or worse….

go to, this is Dr. Davis’ site for more info and please do read the book.  It is a rare thing to find so much information so very compelling and palatable!

Check it out on your smart phone… Ha!


dr devra davis