Adopt Litter

worlds largest garbage dumb

This is an ongoing project for us.  Our adopted litter is the ‘6 ring’ plastic holder.  If we are biking, walking, jogging, whatever we are doing, if we see one on the ground, we pick it up and put it in a can.  We chose the ‘6 ring’ as it is prevalent enough that you can pick up a decent amount and still have a good forward progression.  If we had picked beer or soda cans, we would still be in Pennsylvania=]  Please take a brief moment to actually learn about what we are talking about thanks to our friends at Wikipedia – TRASH.  And now, please adopt some litter and get to work.  P.S.  We understand that the current method of dealing with garbage is inadequate and we feel this is because the average person hasn’t a clue how much is actually produced, in adopting litter, you can begin to get an idea of simply how much trash actually exists and how much YOU PERSONALLY create.  Then you may start raising your voice for more recycling and a brighter greener future for your children and YOURSELF>


Motivation from my Parents, if you think you cant change, think again and get on with your days…

My father is 71 or 72, I usually get these dates and ages wrong, my Mom is 63 or maybe 65, i know her b-day is the same day as their wedding anniversary, and I only know this to be in the latter half of April..

They have been married for 42 years, which means that they have had the same home phone number for 43.

they got a cell phone 3 years ago as an offer from AAA and only turn it on when making a call to someone… on the weekends when they have free minutes.  In turning it on and off, they have the look of James Bond disarming a nuclear device.

They do not have cable television nor do they have a computer.

Most of the appliances they have are older than me… by a lot and yet they look as though they were just purchased yesterday.

They have now one car, a Ford Taurus, ’93 model which, looks, brand new even though it has over 100k, and yet, for a car that old, that really isn’t a lot is it?…

It would be an understatement to say they are set in their ways.  From routine doctor appointments, to waking up at 4.30 am to be at the local gym at precisely such and such a time when they open, the refrigerator was always, and still is in precise detail, everything labeled and clean, leftovers are even given a date with little pieces of tape and the fare was always relatively the same, with pork chops on this day, meatloaf on that, scrambled eggs here, and cheese there, the right cereals as based upon the ever omnipotent USDA Food Pyramid (given the current state of transparency in our government regarding Monsanto and ConAgra, we see what a joke this is)…

All in all, they were set and happy to live out their days as shining examples of what you will become if you do everything according to the “book” so to speak…  You now, degree, job, white picket fence, etc.

And then, one day, in the midst of making small changes, like adding more fresh veggies and fruits into their diet, my dad almost died from being taken off a medication he had been prescribed some 13 years ago, an anti anxiety pill.  He was taken off it and promptly tried to commit suicide not once, but twice, to include snatching the pills from the evidence bag in the hospital after asking the nurse for water and once she left to get it, down the hatch with the pills!

Needless to say, things got stirred up in a major way.  You may or may not be able to imagine what a feeling of sheer emptiness this can give a person, especially a son, to come so close to losing a father in such a horrid way…  I still cannot imagine what my mother must have felt like..

This was well over a year ago…

Now, you will see the same in their home, until you peek just a little closer.

There is no longer sugary sweets, meat or dairy in the fridge.  No longer is it a must to be at the gym at o-dark-hundred, nor are regular shoes worn any longer, my father has opted for Vibram 5 fingers and my mom now walks the inside track BAREFOOT!

They are forcing the doctors to do something they would never voluntarily do, and that is demand that my father be made well so that he takes – NO MORE PILLS!!!!!  Can you believe it, with the American Medical system, to demand this and to actually be seeing it through!  This is true, this is not a hoax!

Due to the diet shift, my father is no longer diabetic, they are traveling again, enjoying one anothers company again in a way they never would have realized possible, truly, a fundamental shift in all they do, and it matters to them beyond words, taking life as it comes rather than planning so far in advance, allowing the days slip by unnoticed….  they are alive again.  How many times thhey told me that this is simply how thhey are and how things are and thats that, and now, I find myself wondering who these people are!

They practice Yoga together, and my father is re-discoverinng his practice of transcendental meditation.  They have a small garden in the backyard and really look forward to cooking with one another in a completely new way where many of their meals are now experiments.

They come visit me in Mexico and go for walks alone at dusk in a place they have never been, in a world that demands them to be so fearful of this place I am surprised they came and blown away that they are out and about cruising by themselves….

You dig?

Change is only easy once you start, and then, you cant stop, you simply need to start, it is never too late.  All that seems to matter in this process of growth is that you allow it to shape you more than you shape it, give the process the freedom to do what it wants, you end up a hippie on a bike with a dream and a far away look, perhaps it is right to go for it, to simply embrace a different way of being regardless of how fearful you are at first.  With so many stories both small and large, how are you still wondering?  At what point would you allow yourself to believe.  I no longer feel that there isn’t a story that hasn’t been told, we know we are amazing, that things are wonderful and there is so much more the surface hasn’t even been rippled!

Evolution is happening with every moment that passes by.  Evolution is always happening, adaptations are occurring always in all living things, that is their very nature of being.

You are either going with your personal evolution or you are fighting it.

If you fight it, you cause yourself stress.

Stress is the beginning of the end of everything, from rock, to steel, to bones to hearts and souls and of course, the mind is EXTREMELY susceptible to it!

Do yourself a favor.  Simply allow for change.  Dont know wheere to start… try this, anything will do…  wheneveer you go out of the house, promise youurself thhat you will pick up one piece of litter, everyday, everyytiime, rain or shine, for the rest of your life, somehting that would only serve to help your personal environment, you want it clean every animmal does, it helps your fellow humans for the same reason you benefit, it helps your mind begin to look at the world you live in on so many different levels…

That is just a suggestion, you can really do anything, anything that you would ordinarily not do, perhaps you will simply enoble yourself to say hello to everyone you meet, wherever you are, takes no time at all, literally, nor does picking up trash, you simply do it as part of your normal everyday path….. then you can start to see the change, and then you go, go big, you change and love it.