Living forever

We seek so ardently to “live in the moment” that most of us spend most of our waking hours working fervently to ensure as little surprise or originality will ever filter into our compartmentalized  existences.

And we call the prophets mad.

One of the purposes of this section of the site is to allow you to learn new and creative ways to “live outside the box”.  You want the best life has to offer, you will have to learn new things, thats simple logic, that which is simple logic is best.  The hardest thing about simple logic is the doing, this is why self help sections of the bookstore/library are huge.  Reading a self help book has become the practice.  What you need to realize is that the practice must be what the book suggests, not simply reading book after book, seminar after seminar.  At some point you must DO.

Let it be said, let it be done, enjoy this section and may the very best come your way as you desire and are ready!



Wine, love, sex and running… and riding?

We sometimes talk about the things we used to do, how we used to be, as different lives. Like parts of ourselves that are still there but we just don’t know about each other. So we don’t get to know each other fully. Ever.
I guess it takes a whole shared life to kind of sorta get to know a person. Or to get the feeling of being understood by other.

I feel so far away from “the Diana I used to be”, it makes me feel lonely. I guess who ever I am now doesn’t feels right, I’m wearing a suit that doesn’t fit. Everybody around putting their opinion, all I want now is silence. I want to figure things on my own. I want silence so I can hear myself. I want to decide what to do with my life without everybody around me telling me what they want me to do, what they think is right, what they need, “what is best for me”.

Of course my path is different than yours. It’s mine. It’s meant to make sense to me. Not you
I’ve been torn between staying on this ride or not, it’s draining. All this pieces flowing around I haven’t been able to arrange them in the right way. I admire Chris commitment. His life is Pedaling for Peace. Nothing is more important and everything, e v e r y t h i n g is understood in P4P terms. I am not that black and white and my motivations, needs and desires are different.

And as lost as I am, there are a few things about myself that I do know..

1 I need to be learning. I’m not talking about life learning, for me that’s implied and it’s independent of what actually happens in life, that learning comes inside and you can learn about life in your kitchen while making your tea as much as standing in front of the Grand Canyon, if you pay attention. But the learning I’m talking about is of actually studying something, taking classes, having some sort of teacher. I need to be a student. And while some people are great at learning by themselves, I’m not. I gave most of my books away when I joined this ride but otherwise I would have a whole set of boxes filled with “Teach yourself” books to prove, YET, I don’t speak latin, or sanscrit, I don’t play guitar, I’m no carpenter… ppfff… and I’m lazy, unless I HAVE to do my homework, I’ll be forever procastinating. I’m unorganized and unless I have a deadline and a set time for ‘class’ I’ll start filling up my time with random endless other things. So no “teach yourself” for me…. let me rephrase, some “teach yourself” for me, but some “someone else teaches me” too!

2 I need at least three hours of exercise a day. Hardcore, sweat the life out of you exercise. For my mental health. For my spiritual growth. The lights dim down (is that the way to say it?) when I don’t have that level of physical activity. Maybe it’s the natural brain drugs overdose, the rush of endorphins that I crave for. I think there’s more to it. It purifies me, strengthens me, keeps me sharp and focus. Somehow running for example, helps me feel independent, free, wild, powerful… yoga makes me feel loving, kind, sensual, endless… once you’ve felt that, how can you live without it?

3 I need music. Background music for my exercise, writing, yoga, cooking. But most importantly I need to sit, alone with music and LISTEN. Let me get lost in the notes, let it take my breath away. Feel myself dancing inside and open my eyes to bright colors around me.

4 I love alcohol. That is good or bad or this or that. All of it it’s true. Alcohol is damaging for the body and it takes a lot of life energy to process. BUT, have you ever had a wine of your age? Have you ever been involved enough with this living entity to allow yourself to be transported and have IT tell you it’s story? Have you ever harvested fresh lavender and rosemary and prepared and elixir with it, slowly, patiently, watching the herbs opening up, giving away their soul and drank it? Have you ever recognized a time, place and heart in what you’re drinking? … if you haven’t then drop it, yes. There’s no point in damaging your body like that, but if you had, then you know what I’m talking about, you understand the alchemy behind it and you can appreciate it… and as a past life alchemist I tell you, it’s medicine.

5 I love baking and cooking… and eating. So I need good alive food to be happy and healthy. For me this goes beyond health, it’s a sacred experience. Not that I always do it with awareness, that would be amazing! No, sometimes I just eat because I’m hungry or craving… but there are those moments of total union, when I am aware, I’m becoming one with my food in the most beautiful, mysical, profound way. I get delighted by the colors and aromas, the orgasmic sensation in my tongue and body… wow!!

6 I love sex. For the same reasons as I love food, for the same reason I love life. I don’t understand sex, I am still trapped in the mind nonsense that has nothing to do with love and like with everything else, sometimes I’m lazy or what ever, sometimes I just want to fuck, but I am searching for more. Sex can create life and death, sex is life and death. Sex can open doors in such powerful way. Through sex you get to experience your true self, connected to everything, you ARE everything. I think it’s ironic that, actually, I haven’t had much sex… so far anyways=] but have been so so lucky with the partners I’ve had, because they have all loved me and that’s the first step. There has to be love. Most people get stuck in the first step.

7 I need to pour myself in what ever I do. Of course my daily life, like yours, it’s filled with random unimportant things and so so many of those I do unconsciously, Ha! many important things I do unconsciously too! But I try to be aware and to find delight in all, little by little. One of my closest friends told me once he loved my soaps and products because my heart was there to the last little detail. And that’s me, wrapping each soap one by one with love, thinking about the magic of herbs and imagining who ever uses it, finding pleasure and magic in the shower, cutting by hand the labels for hours, slowly. Not a good business maybe, but my heart is there and sometimes it beats slowly and I won’t rush it. I rather do something else than interfering with the rhythm of my heart.

So there I am in a nutshell… a very basic nutshell, we could carry on forever. Even at this basic level I’m struggling in making it fit with the ride. In theory it fits, the elements are there…

A sigh of relief regarding my outlook on life…


earth_with_rising_sun_I just finished Pirates of the Caribbean – At the Worlds End, and it dawned on me as the East India Trading Company flag ship, under the colors of her Majesties Navy was obliterated… All this time, I have been wrenching myself and causing myself no end of stress as to the plight of man and what we do to ourselves, centered on the LIFE and Nature of this planet.
And my salvation came to me in t

hat last fiery cataclysm of a ship, that the only thing that can happen, on THIS PARTICULAR PLANET is for life to always march on. Man can no more get rid of life on this planet, then he can change the fact he is human and of nature!
It is a living planet. Anything which wishes to endure here on this rock, MUST BE ALIVE. Though the machinations of man are vast and his conquests beyond comprehension even to himself, it matters not, for if they do not espouse the good, the good being life, they will ultimately fail, that is a given as it can be no other way. The very seeds of their failure are inherent in the design if it does not promote life.
As to the good or the bad of a thing, it is easier said, is it alive or is it not. That which lives will live go on, that which does not, cannot.
To focus on oneself, to grow your own food if you are sickened by what “civilization” does to them, to move your family if need be to match your values and not try and force your values on a geographic region, that is the key to a successful beginning at learning to live this thing called life.
For those who wish a world of machines, well, good luck creating your Cybertron, it will never happen here, so I wish you a pleasant and speedy journey with no ill will and may the wind be in your sails and the seas of space calm before you=]
This is our planet and it is a living thing, now and forever[1].
[1]Until said time as the sun Super Novas or Dwarfs or whatever it is when everything in the general vicinity turns to ash and begins again.

A Mr. Christopher Moore and his Dirty Job – BookS!

a dirty job by Christopher Moore


a dirty job by Christopher MooreI love comedy quite simply because I love to laugh.  I have been finding it harder and harder for me to laugh as many things geared towards said subject, laughing, are getting more and more, simplistically stupid in an effort to appeal to the masses which are now keenly used to the flicker effect of TV and a general ignorance which is becoming so all pervasive that people now oft times refer to themselves as sheep.  Good God indeed!

Thankfully, Mr. Moore is not amongst this ever burgeoning crowd of ner do wells and is in fact one of the few writers, THAT I KNOW OF, I dont even pretend to have a clue as to the literary genius that I am sure I am missing out on.  Ahem.  As for what I do know, this man is a near genius in his ability to get me to laugh out loud.  Which is always such a fun experience both in the fact it feels great and if done i a crowded coffee shop always draws looks ranging from surprised expectation to down right ire.

This particluar book focuses on a topic near and dear to anyone reading this – DEATH.  Beyond that, as usually, trust me and now go find out for yourself.  From the Hounds of Hell, to animated squirrel corpses, this will provide you with a brief respite from the tedium of life and perhaps even get you to review said tedium in a whole new light, for the tedium, no matter who you are, comes with a guaranteed end of which you will never know of until that very moment=]  Aloha!

A Collection of Reading to help you Understand the World as it is Now, How it Came to be from the Dawn of Time and What to do Moving Forward…

Bill_bryson_a_short_history of nearly everything

Bill_bryson_a_short_history of nearly everythingWe will start with Mr. Bill Bryson as he has done a fundamentally wonderful job of making some of the most far reaching ideas and theories available to people whom you would more often than not see at the opening of shitty zombie films [Resident Evil NOT INCLUDED=].

It is a fantastic book that literally takes you through the first inklings of a universe to all the major and overlooked contributions that have brought us to where we stand today, which is the brink of global apocalypse… sorry, its just as it is.  Of course, as near complete species wipeouts have happened 5 such times, wipeout refers now to those reading, and not the planet itself.  It is a planet, we are small.  Dont worry about it [planet], worry about it being able to care for you.

Next we have Alain de Botton and his genius book, The Consolations of Philosophy.  After reading Mr. Brysons you may be a bitconsolations of philosophy by alain de botton aghast at the situation we find ourselves in and will need a bit of picking up, not to mention some insight into why possibly things are as they are.  For instance, how did we ever get to the point where it is completely relevant and natural to speak of a planet full of sun, rain, good food, butterflies and chihuahuas in a way that questions whether we have passed the point of no return for our species?

Directly below is a Talk by Mr. Alain de Botton, how would one say that anyway, Mr. de Botton… I guess thats right, fantastic talk, extremely insightful, given by a gentleman, you could only be better off for having watched it!

ways of seeing by john bergerNext, we have Mr. John Berger and the Ways of Seeing.  Again, masterful and genius, it literally walks you through history and advertising.  I bet you are completely unaware that there was advertising on a mass scale in the times of Kings and Queens, I was!  This may help you see, as the book implies, a new way of looking at what is being shown to you on a nearly daily basis unless you live away from it all.  coupled with the Consolations of Philosophy, you can get a very complete picture of how easy it is to manipulate a human.  Or, to state it better, how easily we allow ourselves to be manipulate.  Victim or Volunteer.  Look at the planet, you tell me.

At this point I wonder which is better, Schopenhauer or Gun Germs and Steel, I opt for Schopenhauer, you may feel otherwise, -Schopenhauerbut I feel after reading so much about the hows and whys, we should get personal and look inward a bit, a lot actually.  In his papers, particularly an essay aptly titled, “the Meaning of Life”, I have found much peace and understanding.  Beyond that, it will be a personal journey and if at first you find you cant get into it, TRY ANOTHER TRANSLATION, or read it as he wrote it in German.  Remember, when reading translations you must always try a few of them out, as I learned in reading the Tao Te Ching.  Different translations will many times completely alter what you are reading.

Guns Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond explains a few things and truth be told, i set myself free by openly admitting to have guns germs and steel by jared diamondonly read half of it and then giving it away.  I got what I felt I needed, for me it was to understand the drive of man and mans ability to twist truth to accomplish utterly evil ends all in the name of god.  An extremely eye opening book, but then, with eye opening books, they usually only open eyes that have been looking to be opened and those that wish to remain shut never seek them out in the first place, kind of like going to a vegan bar b q in the hopes of converting meat eaters to veganism.


The Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tsu, whom, to this day not much is truly know of the gentleman, his very name he attributed this Tao+Te+Ching_Monkgreat work to is translated as Old Boy.  Essentially, it is THE Taoist doctrine and is written in a way that the youngest children can read it, but the wisest sage may have trouble understanding it.  It is life in words, the entire universe in an almost poetic form.  This is a cornerstone of reading for anyone who wishes to become enlightened by reading anothers words.  After all, how often will you read a most profound book in this day and age and not be able to find anything concrete about the author!


Next we are off the the wonderful mind of Piers Anthony and the GeOdyssey Series

Here Mr. Anthony takes all the knowledge which Bill Bryson expounded on in regard to human development, begins and ends each chapter with the science and in between writes a story that takes you through the ages of man as it most likely would have been played out based on our knowledge of our interpretation of the fossil record and the fact that Mr. Anthony is a literary genius.  It is a multi volume epic, Do try and read them in order!

Soy latte por favor!

pedaling for peace - pizza avocado modelo beer mexico baja california

We are in Guerrero Negro, our first stop in Baja California Sur. Last night we stayed in a tiny hotel with dirty floor and moldy ceiling. I don’t mind, actually I was just happy to sleep in a bed and have a warm shower… and if anything, situations like that reminds me I’m a low maintance girl, which I’m proud of. We all get used to comfort and luxury so easy and fast that unavoidably end up taking for granted what we have, from the delicious soy latte I’m drinking while writing this to the freedom I enjoy to go where I please and do what I want.

Going further, we, I, take for granted constantly this very moment and everything that is happening in it. The thousands of millions -for real! of small proceses that are going on in my body to allow me to type, breath and stay alive for the next second and the other millions of billions of cosmic movements that keep this planet alive… for what ever you believe in, I believe we know this and are able to appreciate it at moments, but need to forget it just to be able to stand being alive. Sounds stange, but think about it… If you could stay aware of everything, you would go crazy. I know I would, at least at first, until I develop enough strength to endure such wonder. OK, before you dismiss what I’m writing and start thinking I have gone mad in the desert, too much sun, too much heat that I’m not thinking clearly anymore, just play along, humor me for a bit and follow my train of thought… think about your body for a moment, however it looks like, however it feels like, however close or far it is from what you would like it to be; it is functional enough for you to be reading this, for you to be alive right now as you were yesterday and the day before. It allows you to move, to do stuff, to taste and touch and see and smell… now think of your mind, regardless of how full of crap it is -don’t take it personal, we are all full of crap up there, I am VERY full of it, but still, you can understand my words right now, you can dream, you can hope, you can learn and express your ideas and thoughts, you can appreciate music and colors, you can do math to pay for your groceries and remember how to get back home…. you have a heart, both the one in your body that works with amazingly tiny but extremely powerful electrical currents, as well as your sentimental heart, that keeps you connected to your love ones, that makes you react and feel joy, anger, happiness, boredom… now think of those connections that your heart makes with anything you love, how you are connected to your friends and partners and family, and like any living creature, the connection you have with your environment. The air that you are breathing, the temperature, the oxygen it carries to feed you, oxygen created by the plants around and all over the world, think about the food you ate today… and before, how you build your muscles and tissues with that food, how you have built yourself with all this particles and now that apple, that pizza, ARE you… I could carry on forever but to cut this short, now, that you are thinking on all of this, you probably forgot what ever you were thinking of before, probably you forgot what time it is, you already left out and forgot and now that it came back to your mind, you are out of that state of wonder again, back into the “functional” mode of everyday life, of society, of ordinary life… our minds can’t handle, at least yet, all of it.

This moment is a miracle.

And probably we will keep taking it for granted until we have no more moments left… so what to do? some say meditate, feel, enjoy, forget… I don’t know, that’s why I’m riding my bike. But one thing I can tell you, you need to have fun, laughing is important too… USE yourself. Use your body in everyway you can, use your mind and your heart. So now stop reading this and go!

what happens in my head after a good vegan meal…

Do you see it? All the magic around you?

Do you understand that you are made of magic and love and life? Because until you understand this, you won’t be fully alive, you won’t be able to experience real health. I’m not talking hippie-crap. I’m talking about the logic, mathematically proofed fact: you are connected with everything that exists and you being alive and breathing is inexplicable, a miracle.

You have the ability and even more than that, it is your responsibility making your life amazing and full. And if it sounds overwhelming or… like hippie-crap, then let’s get more practical. You are responsible for not getting sick. You are responsible for exercising, eating healthy, taking care of your planet. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BEING HAPPY.

Happiness and health are not a luxury or a dream. They are your lesson in life, or at least one of the big ones. So, take time for laughing a bit every day, even better if it’s out loud, and at least once a week laugh until your stomach hurts or you almost pee yourself. Yes, I did said pee, if it sounds weird, then start getting used to some weirdness in your life. You are weird. Turns out all those classmates in school were right: You are WEIRD. Just like everybody else. And guess what: that is awesome.

Until about two years ago I finally learned one of the most important lessons in my life, one that my mom has been trying for years to get through my stubborn head. Not that I am a master at this now, but just by understanding and accepting this, is a lot: it’s not easy being positive, being kind and friendly to others. It’s not easy to stay in a good mood when things don’t turn out how you expect. Positive and happy people are not like that just because, it doesn’t happens like magic. You have to work hard for it. Everyday, a constant effort. Until it becomes a habit, and eventually a reality. And even then there will be days when you will still feel like crap, consider those like “homework days”. And you have to do your homework.

So, for your own sake: get out and walk barefoot, smile to a stranger, if they don’t smile back you will at least get a laugh by freaking them out. Eat healthy, but when you have your ice cream DON’T FEEL GUILTY, enjoy it with all it’s naughtiness. Be naughty, just like you were at 4 years old. Kiss and touch your partner every chance you have… and get naughty with him/her every chance you have. Tell him/her that you love them. Enjoy your body, if you keep it healthy it will give you all types of pleasures, it will allow you to experience freedom, power, magic, life!…  Have fun. This last one is a must in Sunday. (and Monday even if it means going back to work!) Love your work. If you don’t remember the last time you were excited about going to work, quit. Don’t stress about money. When it happens give yourself fifteen minutes of total freak out -try to do it in a private place, but then focus and stop being so dramatic. Hug a tree… yesss hug a tree and please stop pretending you don’t want to just because you worry people will think you’re weird. (we already covered that point but just in case you already forgot: you ARE weird, now get over it)