Vayamanos a Limpiar La Lagunita! October 20th 2012!

La Lagunita!

Join us for a truly rad day! Start with a beach bootcamp work out which Chris promises to shake your shaker OR yoga, or both! Then we Clean, we clean for our souls, for the 17 species of endangered birds, CLEAN WE MUST! While cleaning, do feel free to fill your personal re-usable bottle with homemade Sangria!
La Lagunita!

La Lagunita – Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

La Lagunita –  Spring Flowers – UPDATE!! There are a new residential housing development AND a Salt Water Desalinization plant being built on the Lagoon, the Actual lagoon itself.  Next time Ensenada, Try a Little harder if only for YOUR CHILDRENS sake.  Aloha, sorry La Lagunita and sorry to the birds that will vanish from our lives and this planet.

Major clean up | Vamanos a Limpiar la Lagunita | November 19th 2010

Recurring smaller clean ups will be held monthly by Pedaling for Peace and Ashtanga Ensenda.

Rita and Eduardo Beadle in cooperation with Philanthropiece and Vamos a Limpiar la Ciudad, the objective is to ultimately have the lagoon, which is the only of its kind within Ensenada City and is home to over 140 species of bird of which 17 are on the Endangered Species list, quite simply put, to have it saved simply as it is, well, minus the trash, the southern part of the lagoon is essentially a trash dump, not even kidding, if you had no shoes, walking in from this part which runs along Huerta Calle (Street), would be extremely hazardous as the ground is a veritable minefield of broken glass.

You would think it would be obvious, the only section of land in a city which is beyond beautiful, sand beaches, at times full of glass shards, seriously, run barefoot long enough and you will see the point.   Bad Joke.  Please pick up where you can and please don’t litter in the first place if it can be avoided [if you’re not pathetically lazy].  The more species on the Endangered Species list, merely harkens our own inclusion in the club.  News flash, we don’t need that kind of action.  Make the change starting with yourself in your own home.