Dried Chili Ninja Fuel salsa and spice!

spicy dried chillies waiting to be roasted - habanero, serrano, arbol, pasilla, and 4 more that I forgot=]

This is a very simply salsa recipe.  The salsa may be a bit different from what you are used to, but thats why we are trying to get you to travel in other parts of this site=]  We want you to know the beauty and diversity of the planet first hand, thats what helps to make good citizens of the planet Earth.

Also, super hot foods do, and if you don’t like super hot foods, no problem, use dried chilies that aren’t super hot, use chilies that have zero heat, makes no difference to us, just please make the salsa.

spicy dried chillies waiting to be roasted - habanero, serrano, arbol, pasilla, and 4 more that I forgot=]

Making the Salsa is easy as can be.  As you can see here I used a mini oven type roaster doohickey, like a slow cooker but for dry type things, and turkeys on that day when we celebrate killing all the native americans and stealing their land=]

I used 7 chillies, habanero, arbol, pasilla, serrano and three others I cant for the life of me remember, oh, chipotle… two more…  Use hot chillies for a hot mix, non hot for a non hot mix, sounds simple, and yet, I feel compelled to spell it out, after all, there are warnings on coffee cups=]

Put them and garlic if you like, into the roaster, oven etc.  Remember, you are going for ultra dry, we are turning all of these beauties into ash.

Cook for around three hours, turning them, crushing them, mixing them around occasionaly..

pedaling for peace spicy dried chillies being roasted - habanero, serrano, arbol, pasilla, and 4 more that I forgot=]


This is them at the midpoint…..




When they are done, you will be left with a nice pot of black ash.  Take this and store it, it is now your instant seasoning and instant salsa.  To use as a seasoning, easy, rub on stuff or dump into stuff, or sprinkle on afterwards…

As a salsa, add a little of the ash to a bowl and a little by little add the oil of your choice to the ash until it has the consistency yu desire.  Any oil may be used, we recommend the following – Olive, Grape Seed, Coconut, Sesame and whatever else strikes your fancy.





A serious bean and rice recipe for not so serious folks=]

dark prepared chocolate

Here is a whoop diddly recipe for a beans and rice meal with a side of plantains cooked Havanna Style.

For the Frijoles/that means beans, start by sautéing a large onion in the bottom of the pressure cooker, in whatever oil shakes your shaker.  For this I used Oilve.  Add to this a whole head of garlic, the cloves minced, sea salt to taste, black fresh ground pepper and the dry hot chili mix we made a little while ago in Mulege.  The dry chili mix is basically an assortment of dried chillis, hot or not, slow roasted until they turn to ash over a period of usually three hours.  This blackened ash is then added to oil for an instant mouthwatering salsa, or added to dishes such as this for seasoning.

beans cooking with rice on classic stove
beans cooking with rice on classic stove

Add to this sizzlefest some tomatoes, paprika and tumeric… Once everything is nice and browned, add the beans and water to near the top of the pressure cooker.

Lastly, I added to heaping spoons of unsweetened prepared DARK chocolate, you could just as easily use non milk dark chocolate baking squares…

Now just wait…. in about 30-45 min you’ll have the best beans EVER!

The Rice

Start by sauteing an oinion until it starts to brown, then add two carrots chopped lengthwise and sideways so that you have thin sticks.  Add raisins, sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, tomato rough chopped, Habanero minced, thyme, oregano and lastly the rice.  Lower the heat and saute it ALL for a bit, until the rice browns slightly…

Now add water, keep the heat low and wait, when you see that almost all but a 16th of an inch of water remains or slightly less in the bottom of the pan – usually around 30 min, all relative though, turn off heat and keep covered.

rice cooked with carrots, raisins, onion, thyme, oregano, sea salt, fresh ground black pepper


Get yourself a cooking banana, the darker the skin the better, cut it into 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices, elipses more than just circles and fry in skillet with about a 1/4 inch of oil.  Make sure the oil is very hot but not smoking when you add the banana slices.  They will be ready on each side when it becomes a golden brown…

Niurka cooking plantains as done in Cuba