Rally Cry of Today….


Tricky Communication Devices

One of the first tricky communications I learned was the very powerful and seldom used in todays day and age, “Not It!”.

In recent history I have noticed an equally powerful and exasperatingly widespread rally cry, “GOOGLE IT!”

You may or may not have run into this bastion of argument coup de tats, if you are lucky, perhaps you are yet free from having your ears soiled with this devious
shirking of responsibility.

Its like this, two people are having a conversation/argument/debate, fill in the blank, person A. will be certain of a fact as will, for the purpose of this explanation, person B.
The first person to say, “Google It.”, has essentially “won” the verbal sparring contest in a way that hasnt resolved anything or enlightened anyone. they have won by putting the onus
of verifying the facts on the other person. Should the “losing” contestant NOT go forth and “Google It.” the argument is won by the person regardless of the facts.
Should the person actually sally forth and ply google for an answer, perhaps they will be able to regain some semblance of dignity back should they have been in the right,
if they were not in the right, then at this point they will suffer a re-occurrence of the initial spat of shame as they will “re-lose” the argument.