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Love Ninjas!

There seems to be an ever burgeoning rise in those searching for love, professing their need for it, and generally being open to any aspect of it.  When we look around the planet, we see a vast multitude of confusion surrounding it and in the next few articles, we will seek to shed some light on it… Why am I saying we, Christ, its like I’m fragmenting in my mind or something, its only me here and now I’m speaking in some odd third person multiple narrative… Sorry, I swear the info is good even if I am on my way out…  Oh boy…  enjoy!

What does love mean for you…

What does it mean for me may be a better way to start this missive, a short diatribe which will, in my highest of hopes, perhaps shed some light on why things aren’t going well for you, or, better, how they can go better, assuming of course my hubris isn’t just shining brightly and Im prattling on about things I know nothing about.

Two sayings will help you on your road to love that apply in some form or another to all of us and they are:

  1. “You can’t ride two horses at the same time.”


This speaks to the obvious. If you are truly seeking love, you do not want to spread your focus to thin, and when it comes to love, more than one is to thin. That’s just how it is. I understand that there are those amongst us who feel polyamory (being in loving relationships to include physical with more than one partner) is the way to go. If you feel that way, do give it a try and be prepared for what follows as every last person whom I have known to engage in this has come away having learned a hard lesson.

There are those who feel that it is best to “spread one’s bets”. While this may work for the roulette wheel in Vegas, once you begin to view love as a gamble or something to be won, you have already strayed far enough from the path that your results will reflect your disillusionment. Love is not a game to be one, to be conquered to be on the “winning side” of, it is none of those things and to think of it as such may be the root cause of why things aren’t going as they could be going.

If the focus for you is love, then you MUST keep that focus and use your feelings as a guide to knowing whether or not you are on the right path with the person you have chosen to walk down the path with. If you spread your bets so to speak, you will be unable to properly focus your attention and will miss out on all the important details that make love work, the little things. Its all in the little things, it always has been and always will be. As it is with your daily life, so shall it be with your love.

All “BIG PROBLEMS” are nothing more than a mountain of small problems. All “GREAT SUCCESSES” are nothing but a pile of smaller ones. Love is the greatest success you will have as a human being. I say this as a person who has seen, read, traveled and basically taken in enough of the world to know that love seems to be what everyone is either searching for, or shying away from, which is just another form of searching.

Even Hitler was married. The greatest force the Yogi’s sitting on the mountain tops must overcome is the love of another human, there can be no stronger attachment than the complete admiration and adoration of another, and no better form than that of a loved one.

Look at “fame”, “power”, “prestige”, all of these things, which are usually coupled with financial success, are forms of seeking admiration. I say this just to bring attention to the fact that what many people view as one thing may truly be boiled down to simply seeking one very solid loving connection. I will leave that research to you.

Knowing this, we turn to the Beatles – Money Cant Buy Me Love. So while these are nice divestitures of your time and energy, seeking wealth and fame in lieu of love, eventually Love will come back to be at the forefront of your existence as some of the messiest relationships are had by those in “power” or with Great “wealth”.

In summation, we must take a clear and direct route to Love, IF THAT BE OUR AIM> If love is secondary, then keep it there and focus on what you will as a primary aim. If, however, LOVE is your primary goal in life, than life a life that reflects that, Let everything come in second and leave love to be the first position in your daily activities. Be loving to everyone and everything that comes your way, truly. If youtry to just show love to the person you think will be the one, you will never find the one as love doesn’t work that way. You see, it isn’t that you must impress the one you want, you must be the TYPE OF PERSON who will be impressive to the type of person you wish to attract as your love. Does this make sense?

If you are a slovenly, rude, misogynistic male and you wish to have a high class woman who has respect for herself, you can focus on the high class woman until you are blue in the face and red in the ears and you will NEVER achieve your dream.

Why, easy, why would a high class woman want to spend time with a guy who is a jerk and doesn’t take care of himself? How you are describes to a great degree how you will treat the person you choose to love, for if you do not love yourself, you will not be able to love another. This isn’t Neil DeGrasse Tyson spewing Astrophysics, this just is, this is Spock speaking simple logic.

So be the kind of person you want to attract into your life. Be honest and open with yourself and then this will spill forth to others. What you are you will attract. You must be the perfect advertisement for the love you wish to find.

This is not riding two horses. Your focus must be crystal clear with a laser like focus. If you want love, you must have it be the primary horse. If you want a specific type of person, you must only go for that type of person, which must be the horse, and you MUST BE THAT AS WELL.


  1. “The Space for that which you truly want is filled by what you settle for.”

This will come off as perhaps spiritual or “new agey”, or perhaps it will come off as Quantum Physics as this, our most advanced field of science now agrees with the mystics of old. So, whatever we want to call it or view it as, it is clear that if we want any specific thing, we must keep that space open.

I speak in this case to Love, and in truth this idea of settling applies to all aspects of life. How much better is a meal if it is what you truly wanted to eat and not just something to fill your belly? This is a simple example, but I am hoping to make this abundantly clear as it is a most important point to concede if you are to have the love that you dream of.

If you have in mind a certain type of person as your partner, we know one of the many important aspects to be that you are responsible for being the type of person that whatever type person you are seeking would want. If you want a hot vegan guy who has a wicked physique, don’t be a meat eating, non working out lady who cares nothing for her physique. This shouldn’t be rocket science but I feel, unfortunately, our society has become so used to getting what it wants without any hard work that we are able to delude ourselves into believing illogical summations!

If you wish to have real love in your life then you must leave the space open for it to happen. That’s just as it is, two things, we have learned in our elementary science classes, cannot occupy the same space at the same time. So if you want love, real true lasting love, it must have a place in your life. If you fill your hours and days with random sexual encounters, partners that bore you, i.e., if you seem to be unwilling or even scared to simply be alone, finding love will be most difficult. Lovers don’t like players, be they players because they have something to prove to the world, “Look at me, I get all kinds of action”, nor do lovers like those who aren’t in love with themselves, people unable to or unwilling to spend time alone. If you cannot spend time alone, how will you ever be able to spend time with a loved one, especially when your inability to be alone USUALLY means that you are lacking in self love.

You must do whatever it takes to heal the wounds of time in your psyche and heart, until you do, there is no amount of love that will ever heal it for you. This is your practice, it is YOU who must make the space for love appealing to the other. ONLY YOU CAN DO THIS. There is no one and nothing else that is able to do it for you.

That’s a fact. Im sorry if its not a fact you want to hear, that doesn’t change the fact of the matter=]

When you find yourself ready for love, use these two sayings as a basis for your actions, and possibly, just maybe, you will get what you seek, if you do not change your behavior, then, as the rolling stones are so find of reminding us, “You cant always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you just might find, you’ll get what you NEED”.

Either show the Universe you are ready, or the universe will continue to show you what you need to do to be ready.


Aloha ❤



The War on Drugs as told by Former Presidents including Mr. Clinton, Drug Czars, Current Presidents, Military, Poilice, Paulo Cuehlo and the World at Large


One of the most fantastic and mind blowing documentaries I have seen to date.  YOU CANNOT MISS SEEING THIS IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A CLUE TO THE WORLD YOU INHABIT.

I thought Forks over Knives was prophetic in its wisdom of showing with you facts through the genius minds of modern science and rational thought who are deeply interested in the field of Health and Sickness.  It was, but this is a step further in its immediacy, especially for those of us who do eat healthy, this is very near and dear to all of our hearts, not that yours life isn’t as well, but with the way some of you eat, you may be bringing it on yourself, the “War” on drugs is an entirely different matter, a whole new level.  People are getting shot, taxes are being raised, money is being poured down a drain, prisons are expanding at an unprecedented rate, as one gentleman said, we have more prisoners than Communist China ever had and they have a BILLION more people than we do in the U.S.A.

We all carry the burden of dead loved ones to drugs, be it through misuse, accident, violence on the side of the “good”or the “bad”, the innocent lives of coca and poppy farmers, not the drug lords and cartel leaders, no, the farmer.  Who due to the countries situation he is in, turns to the easiest cash crop, because that’s the only industry in the middle of the desert wilderness, or the deep and far away mountain areas, so remote,they turn to this so that they can FEED THEIR FAMILY.  These are the inexcusable deaths, as one of the interviewed stated so eloquently, and I’m paraphrasing, you’ll see it in the film – You cannot wage a war on drugs without waging a war on people –

Everyone of us knows someone or knows someone who lost a loved one through some aspect of this.  It needs to end because it is senseless.  Study after study based on entire countries, countries with much more violence than is currently in the USA but is coming, have reduced and eliminated problems through legalization.  Its now simple facts based on entire countries – ALL OVER THE WORLD.

This is dealing with the people who make policy for or lives through taxes, laws, not just Doctors talking about your diet, which is still a huge consideration, one can kill you just like the other, but in this you see Mr. Clinton, Mr. Carter, Mr. Cuehlo, Mrs. Kate Winslet, Sir Richard Branson, and our two narrators Mr. Morgan Freeman [english] and Mr. Gael Garcia Bernal [spanish].

Most profound indeed and had me thinking things I never really pieced together but I guess I always knew for every insight was immediately followed by that innate sense that you already knew it!

English Version with Mr. Morgan Freeman

Spanish Version with Mr. Gabriel Garcia Bernal


Vegan Traveler or the Vegan on Patrol, NO NEED TO WORRY WHILST OUT AND ABOUT!

Wrights World Map

go-veganMany people say two things, well, lets expand lest I oversimplify my thought.  Many people upon hearing I am vegan seem to shift to a select group of themes regarding my dietary preference.  These usually come in the form of, A. How do you get protein, my natural thought pattern will usually tend towards –  gee I dunno, same place a damn Brontosaurus {Rhina, Elephant, Gorilla et cetera} did.  And, B. What about cheese, I would simply die without it, to which I think –  goodness, thank heavens you don’t have any big responsibilities on our planet, and many, upon learning of my bike ride, immediately ask what I do for food as though another country is now another planet with beings that do not eat food as we know it here on this one.  We wonder why racism abounds to this day… Sigh.  It is this last comment that I wish to address with this post as it would break my hear t to think that some of you actually forgo trips beyond your comfort zone, i.e., wherever you live or are at least sure to not have much of a break in your routine.

This will not be a complex article, and I am hoping that it serves the purpose of impressing upon you a near urgency to travel… very far.  Travel I fully believe is the one thing which will bring the madness we currently see and hear raining down about our ears to a halt.  many of you are vegan and or vegetarian, well, no real and or about that, one or the other, apologies, and you do so as you feel that aside from helping you lead healthier lives and that animals are not cruelly treated, though in the case of the vegetarians, unless you are going to farms that milk by hand, you are living in lala land, my point is this, many of you have these diets as you want to see a better world.  Well, don’t let your diet restrict you from actually seeing it.

The first thing I want to look at is the last word in the first paragraph.  Routine.  This is a tricky word and for many, even when you travel, if you are unable to do certain things with zero deviation from what you are used to on a daily basis, you begin to become unhappy and find yourself wishing you were back home.  This is sad and unfortunately very common.

Lets look at some ways around this.  For starters, and yes I am getting to how to eat when you are not surrounded by megaplex grocery stores and Starbucks, back to routine.  There is routine and ritual.  Ritual is having a cup of coffee in the morning.  Routine is having a cup of coffee in the morning from the same coffee shop, down the street in a certain way, for instance, every morning when you awake, you do your morning thing, go to the local – insert name here – speak to – one of a few names here – behind the counter and order your – insert drink here – .  THAT, is a routine.  Many of you have many of them and may not even realize it.  I mention this and will now compare to ritual as it is important to note where discomfort comes from so you do not inadvertently blame a country or city or town or village when it need not bear the brunt of your, how shall we say, intricacies.  Ritual is simply starting your day with a cup of coffee with no real attachment beyond that.  Could be instant from a street vendor, it is merely there to help start the day.  Please meditate on this as it is a very key factor for why many are seemingly unable to eat vegan when out and about.

Second, we need to understand some basics of economy and global finance.  I do this so that logic helps to dictate this and not simply my word which many of you have no clue who I am, so your logic will help lend credence to my next sentences.

Most countries have their own form of vegetarianism/veganism, let us simply say plant based diets, due to the relative high cost of meat and dairy.  There are not the windfall of government subsidies based on lobbyists, of which we here in the USA enjoy a ridiculous amount of, coming from both the dairy and meat industries, while the organic vegetables lobbyists all see to be held hostage in a yet to be determined location… Not that it would seem anyone has even begun looking for them except Monsanto and that is decidedly NOT a good thing for you the budding vegetarian/vegan.  My point is this, know that whatever country you are gong to, your odds of being able to be fed well as plant based eater are very high, UNLESS of course you go to some far out places like the Antarctica or a snow bound region during the winter months, like the Steppe region in Mongolia that doesn’t enjoy a glut of European or United States influx of foreign produce.

In Asia, you will hear tell of the Buddha Diet, aka, vegan or at the very least vegetarian as with India, where, yes they have their Ghee, but they have more vegetarian and ergo vegan options, once you learn how to dance so to speak with the locals.  Many religions are plant based as they see the supreme importance of not eating animals.  Even Christanity states in the very beginning of the Good Book, “I have given you all the seed bearing plants and herbs to use.”.  Buddhism, Hinduism, The Muslim faith, so many religions, as you become an adept and reach higher and higher levels, the import of not eating animals or their by products, example: Dairy, becomes a given.

Fear not, the rest of the world has been doing this long before you thought of it and lucky you!  Its already set up, you just need to tune in.

Ghee by the way is a clarified butter used in cooking, very popular in South Asia, India, Pakistan, Iran and other countries.

Things that will help greatly in your travel is an ability to cook or in other words, to feed yourself.  Being able to cook, allows you to look at a menu with vegan eyes.  This means you will be able to look at what is in other dishes and remake them in your mind into food for yourself.  It is so very easy in countries that use mainly vegetables and dairy as removing dairy is very easy, especially with your failsafe detailed just a bit further on.

Now here comes subsection B to this, you need to learn to work with people.  In this case your wait staff, whether they be a young boy in the middle of Thailand, or the middle aged gentleman in the top story of an exclusive Singapore Hotel.  You must be personable, and this I believe is where most of the trouble comes in for people who complain of not being able to eat vegan when they travel.  We are simply, I speak now as one raised in the USA, not used to being kind and understanding of cultural differences, much less actually working through them with patience in order to get what we want, i.e. F O O D.  That we are hungry merely exacerbates said situation and the result can be catastrophic, well, I digress, the result can be missing a meal, which, if you are unable to work with someone to feed yourself, perhaps missing a meal will bring you back down to earth a bit, considering half the world does this an a daily basis.  Hmmm=]

VeganPassportOne method which is rather failsafe is the Vegan Passport available from the Vegan Society.  This book covers roughly 95% of the earths languages and says the same thing in all of them, please feed me, I am about to die and I do not eat anything that comes from animals.  Im kidding….=]  Its a wonderful little book and can be used when all of your miming and charades are seemingly getting you no where at all.  It is written with the most eloquence available and is sure to NOT have you trussed up and plopped into a vat of boiling oil!  It even has the failsafe section – vegan failsafe




Now we’re getting somewhere!

I have traveled to many different countries, The from the Mid East, to Asia, Australia, Europe, never a problem, there are simply no problems eating if you are a nice person willing to take a bit of time, not be an obnoxious rude tourist and take things with a grain of salt.  As we said before, one of the reasons for this diet is to have a more peaceful planet, remember that when you order a meal.

If when ordering you see that your explanations are not working, that the people do not care for your thoughts on animal cruelty or your holistic meat and dairy free approach to the diner table, not time to make them “See the Light”, no, in fact it is time for you to pull out your ninja card…

“Oh, Im terribly sorry, you see, I am actually allergic to dairy and after my stomach surgery, for some strange reason I can no longer digest meat of any kind.  I will simply die right here on the spot in a most horrible fashion, so, whaddya say we try this again?”.  Be full of smiles and understanding, touch your stomach from time to time, make it real.  It isn’t your job to convert people to the Vegan lifestyle, it is your job to eat, enjoy what you are eating and have an enjoyable time wherever you find yourself.

If you are in a very poor place, be prepared to pay for a meal you did not eat if it came out not according to your liking.  Not because you have anything to fear from the locals, but because you are compassionate and you understand and can identify.  In all of this, identify with your fellow humans as much as you do the animals you are refraining from eating.

Sometimes a plate of beans may come out with cheese sprinkled on it, scrape off the cheese, thank them and ask for another spoon or two of beans and RE-emphasize the no cheese request.  You must be willing to go with the flow.  As soon as you start getting upset you are not being a good vegan.  Your goal, again, is to eat and show that world that we are not assholes.  That is how you convert people. Vegan

If you find yourself in Asia, mention Buddha, or the Buddha diet and bring your hands together in a prayer position when you say the name.  Buddha is a safe God to speak of even if you are in a country that worships another God.  This is a consideration which is why I bring it up, you start spouting off about Christ in the middle of some places it may not fare well.  Don’t forget the amount of people that have died because of certain religious names.  To date, the monks who worship Buddha have yet to strike out and seek to convert the world to their way of thinking.  This is important and you would do well to show respect!  Now when I say this to you, I am not making light, I am being serious, you are vegan as no animals are used in your food, this is benevolence, by invoking the Buddha in Asia, you must not be flippant, do you understand, take it to heart and mean what you say and everything works out great.

You will want to take a few things with you, these will be superfoods and will fill in any gaps that may arise from an incomplete choice of fruits, vegetables, legumes [beans] and whatever else does not come from an animal.

1.  Nutritional Yeast.  Very light weight, extremely potent, covers your B’s intake which is supremely important [lack of B’s have resulted in misdiagnosis of Alzheimers, depression, a slew of unneeded complications], zinc and some other vitamins and minerals.  Very inexpensive and extremely powerful.

2.  Spirulina.  This is an algae in comes in Pill and powder form.  Basically a natural multi-vitamin.  I recommend the one from Hawaii, partially because I actually saw the place and met the people and it comes pre-packaged with Aloha and that is always a great thing!

3.  Cordyceps Mushrooms.  I have only ever found it in, obviously its natural form, and that of capsules.  Cordyceps are a powerful immune and overall enhancer for the body.  Very powerful!

4.  Maca Powder or Peruvian Ginseng.  An androgenic compound that keeps you ninja, click on the title for full information.  This is a luxury, take it if you have the room, otherwise, I have listed them in order from most important to carry to the least.

Check back in a week or so and I will have this updated.


how best to describe it…  Its like facebook searchable by region with an endgame of potentially allowing you to spend time at a complete strangers house anywhere in the world.  After using it across the United States and now in Mexico, I cannot tell you how stoked I am that it exists.  Even if I was a zillionaire with money to burn, I wold still use couchsurfing as the cast of characters it has added to the movie of my life is indispensable.  They are all truly wonderful and I have learned so very much!  I can only recommend this fully and wholeheartedly.