One week in the road and I really don’t need more to tell you: Ortlieb rules.

I am so very thankful with them for sponsoring us with ALL my racks and panniers. I mean all: the Back-Roller Classic, the Ultimate 5 Plus Handlebar bag, the front Roller bags AND all the racks and spare parts!

The Back-Roller Classic are amazing and assembling the racks was so easy even for a newbie cyclist like me. The bags have a 30 years guarantee. I believe them in the expectation of a long, long life; completely waterproof (already proved that when my eye solution spilled and the whole bag flooded… BUT looking from outside not a sign, not even a tiny little indication of moisture), super strong material (that is enduring amazingly well my falls and keeping my ‘fragile’ belonging safe), easy to mount and take off from the bike, seriously, one movement and they’re on/off. They have several colors available, mine are bright red and I love them, also the red makes me more visible in the traffic which is always good. Talking about visibility, they have reflective patterns that are very well placed.

The front bags are sweet! small but have amazing capacity, equally easy to put and take off. Same as the back bags, are designed to release the rack when taken from the upper strap and completely grab on to it when they’re on so they won’t come off even on a fall… or at least it would have to be a mean one which hasn’t happened and hopefully won’t… I still believe they would be just fine even in that scenario.

Last, the front bag: soooo useful! Ultimate 5 Plus Handlebar Bag. Tricky to take off from the bike but once you get it so easy and practical. The bag looks small but it’s like a black hole! We are keeping everything we need to have at hand: wallet, phone, charger, toilet paper, map, sunglasses, tooth paste and brushes, iPod, deodorant, sunblock, pen, marker, crazy glue and the occasional snack. There is still space available -WHAT?!

The only thing perhaps is the carrying strap. It’s a great addition and makes it very easy to just take off and carry with you, but it comes off rather easily so most of the time I end up holding it in my arms. Another thing is that it opens and closes with pressure buttons and like such, sometimes are hard and one already broke… nothing that the crazy glue couldn’t fix easily and so far it is still on so not a problem.

Thank you so much again, and again, to Ortieb. Definitely the best in the market as far as we know!





Another RAD thing about InterBike: we got to meet Jeff Scully, the man behind my super bags! It’s always nice putting a face to a name, and such a nice face it is!

Ortlieb is definitely at the top of the game. They brought quite a selection of their items having something for meeting all needs and tastes. Wide variety of designs, colors and materials. Now they will also be sponsoring Chris’ bags that after 4000 miles he’s stoked to be upgrading.

After riding 1000 miles with Ortlieb I am convinced there are the best, incredibly practical, resistant, have endured me falling over and over, super quick and easy to put on and take off, amazing capacity I always find space to fit everything and anything and definitely waterproof… the gentleman at the right of the picture is another witness to Ortlieb quality. After riding all over the world for several years he’s full with anecdotes like having his bike fall into a lake, completely submerged… and having all his belongings safe, unbroken and dry. Need anything more to be convinced?