Protein Supplements, Supplementation in General and the Downside to Being over Proteinated, I know its not a word but you get it=]

snoop eating a huge steak

protein supplements on a wall in a storeIts truly daunting in this day and age to find a protein or supplement without doing a heap of research, having a phD., and knowing a little about early everything. That being said, we have done our very best to simplify the process, as it is still over four thousand words, one could rightfully ask just how good a job we have done. In that we are trying to help you be a truly informed citizen of the good planet earth, we have added in a lot of, what we feel is, necessary information. This will focus on dietary habits, how food is grown and what scientists think about things.

If you truly do not care about that and just want to find the basic tips for choosing a good supplement, protein or otherwise, skip down to the bottom where I will put some big letters in red letting you know you’ve arrived. I strongly urge you to read this, not out of some egoic need to be heard, but because this is the world you now live in, it is not so easy to eat right, and eating right is the foundation of health. You cannot build a fortress on a foundation made of sand.

We live in an era where people are eating waaaay to much protein. snoop eating a huge steakCan you eat too much protein, as Snoop says, Fo Schizzle my Nizzle!

Many are doing so because they are not taking their health into their own hands and doing research, we have attempted with this article to give you a good look at the complete health package with an emphasis on protein. Its not rocket science, you ARE what YOU EAT. Based on this, take a month or two, or for the rest of your life and be very AWARE of what it is you send down the pipeline. MOST of your ills and Joys in regard to your BODY are directly related to this. This one very simple to gain control over thing, your diet. And of course, don’t forget to chew your age, your stomach has no teeth, I noticed about a year ago that interviews with very aged citizens all said they chewed their food a lot, so, that is now wisdom in my book, and now, I hope, it is in yours!  If you think for a moment on the total amount of time you have spent in your life learning how to eat, for many of you it will be none.  Reflect on that if you truly believe you are what you eat!?!

First identify if you need protein in your diet, many people get an ample amount of protein, in fact, too much.
Diana had the chance to work at Sanoviv, a very prestigious institute dedicated to making people well. While at the institute she saw many cases where people had TOO MUCH protein and this was the basis for many of their problems!
According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, professional athletes [the people that you pay to watch because you tell yourself they are waaay better athletes than you could ever be], need only slightly more protein than the average person.

Increased protein use can lead to Osteoporosis and kidney stones due to the body using stored calcium – BONES – to remove the KETONES created by this glut of protein. Ketones are created when here is too much protein in the body and this is turned into a particularly acidic fat. The kidneys then signal the body to drain water in order to help eliminate this, as you know the body is very specific about maintaining its Ph Balance. Anything that interferes with this is eliminated as best as the body is able. When the body is unable to eliminate excesses of pH disrupting matter in the body, you get cancers, depression etc. These ketones are also responsible for high levels of uric acid which in turn can lead to gout.
As your body releases water to help the now overworked kidneys get rid of these ketones, your heart begins to be overworked as you start to become dehydrated. Less water, your blood becomes more viscous and thereby causes your heart to work double time just to keep things going. Its this “less water” that initially gets people stoked on the high protein diet, when in fact, its complete nonsense. You arent losing fat, you’re losing water weight, its a red herring [means youre on the wrong path], and a serious condition as you are made up of 80 percent water!
As you are damaging the kidneys, we must remember you are losing calcium, ergo, weaker bones, inhibited ability for blood clotting, weakened teeth, poor nerve health and ironically weakened muscle function!
If this weren’t enough, unfortunately it is only the beginning. Most of you reading this are eating meat and dairy, both of which are very high in saturated fats. In doing so, you now open up your body for a wide range of potential cancers, including but not limited too – breast cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer and kidney cancer. Saturated fat is the fat that stays solid at room temperature, 98.5 is considered room temperature, thats your bodies normal operating temp. Reflect on that if you will…
Irregularity which lasting for a long period of time can lead to hemorrhoids and diverticulitis, a condition that forms little spaces or pockets along the intestinal walls where food can then get lodged and cause inflammation as it rots in your intestinal tract.

Further still are the effects of fatigue, poor memory, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and liver problems.

When you have a diet which is high in protein from saturated fats, you now run the risk of obesity. Obesity carries with it an entire spectrum of difficulties, diseases and symptoms, none of which you need and if you are dealing with them now, I would strongly urge you to change your diet and start exercising. it took time for you to get to the point that you are suffering, and it will take time for you to reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. If you never change your lifestyle, you will never start the clock to a new you. Its not rocket science, don’t ever let anyone convince you it is, you may have complications and pains that are unimaginable to the average person, BUT, you simply need to get on a different track. Of course, deal with whatever acute symptoms you now have, as well as changing your lifestyle so that you will never have them again.

Lastly, by having a diet which is composed of high protein from meat or dairy, you will usually find your self full and will opt out of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains. In doing so you open your self to a slew of secondary problems which will be looked at in other articles.  Lack of dietary fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals etc etc etc etc…

In many cases, it is too much protein, especially when derived from animal by products, that causes us trouble.

You will recieve enough protein in your diet if you simply eat a variety of fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables, IF they are grown with a sound mind for ecology and growing food for consumption by human beings. i.e. ORGANIC…

When organic vegetables are in your sites, ensure that they are varied in color and variety, you are almost sure to be on the right track for eating and receiving all you need.  Including adequate amounts of protein for your daily Gym, Bike, etc workouts.  It is when you start to go to the multiple hour exercise that this changes, more on that a little later in the article, for now, please bear with me, we are getting somewhere and I do have a plan!organic_food

Now, you ask yourself why is this gentleman, if I may be as so bold, espousing the Organic, is he on the USDA payroll!?!  I assure you I am not, for that to happen I would have had to work at Monsanto which I will never do in a thousand lifetimes though hell be my other option… sigh.

The reason for me focusing on organic is this, when you begin to change this diet to be comprised of foods grown in commercial/industrial both large and small, you begin to lose vitamin and mineral content, not to mention over all quality which will diminish the bodies ability to assimilate the protein which this article is focused on, resulting in malnutrition even though you eat large quantities of it.  Example, I water down my gasoline, even though I completely fill the tank, my car will run like s%$t and eventually break down.  Exact same process here with different ingredients.  You are the car, the gas is your food, watering down the gas is growing your food in a large scale commercial farm.
I am speaking now about farms that use non-organic compounds when dealing with insects, weeds, and fertilizers for growth. Sprays, gasses, when you see the guys/gals spraying fertilizer, but they are dressed in the space suits.  Again, not rocket science, if you cant safely touch it, well, what in gods name says you should then eat it!

In using these methods to grow your food, there are HUGE breakdowns in the vitality of the food itself, it becomes sick if you will and in return, the avaible and clean energy available to you and your body diminishes exponentially. Further, your body now has to do double duty and not only digest food, BUT, it now has to separate the good stuff from petro chemicals which are toxic poison for living organisms, thats why you see dead animals all over the place whenever there is an oil spill, same stuff, different package.  Im not kidding with you, I just took the time to do research, you should to, again, don’t believe anyone, believe what YOU LEARN!

Further processing such as bleaching (rice, wheat – Wonder Bread), then adding vitamins and minerals due to thier having been stripped away by some part of the process as is the case with cereals and many wheat, corn, etc products, you get some downright toxic substances being now passed as food. But wait you say!, they’ve added vitamins and minerals, we should be all good to go.  At first glance yes, then you dig an inch and find a mine of information. For instance, in this article by the folks at Food Matters, we find you get more nutrition from the box!

Of course many of you are now thinking, why, this man is mad, off his rocker, we have a Gov’t who’s sole responsibility is to protect its people!  While that is the intended function of our Gov’t, it no longer holds true, there are so many examples of this, i cannot begin to hope to write them all for you, so instead, I will show you a simple diagram which represents the current position and past position in the company MONSANTO of many extremely key Gov’t positions.  if you do not know about the company Monsanto, please do some basic research.  I will be writing an article soon though I wish I didnt have to.  Suffice to say, they are one of the very few corporations in the world that I would consider actually evil.  They have stated, and it is public knowledge, that they wish to, and I quote “control the worlds food”.  So, our diagram and why you really need to learn what is best for yourself and not rely on the government.  I am speaking in regards to the subject matter in this article ONLY as it pertains to your health, you want to rely on Gubmint for everything else, be my guest…


This is small, but if you click on it and use the zoom function, it is very clear, just a lot of info!

Further, when you cook foods, either the food like faxsimiles from large scale petro-chemical commercial farms OR organically grown, the cooking causes, for the most part, a breakdown in vitamins and in some cases the minerals.  If your net vitamin, mineral content was already drastically reduced to begin with, then you can imagine, your stomach is the only thing that will be happy from a meal made from those foods.  You will be getting nothing, youll be hungry just as soon as the body processes all that is in your gut.  Why, because you didnt get what you needed!  Many times this is the reason for over eating.  You arent doing it becuase you are a pig or you have a problem, you are doing it because the food you have selected to eat is devoid of anything useable by the body, further, you still have to use resources to process it causing you to be that much more deficient and therefore more calorie starved!  To understand this a bit better, the total energy taken from the food, must be equal to or more than the energy your body uses to digest it.  If it is not, then you will be at a loss.  Now picture your body as a business and everything you eat a customer.  If every customer gives you a dollar, but it takes you two dollars just to get that customer in the door, how long will you stay in business?  NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

There are always of course exceptions in which foods are more easily assimilated through cooking.  For instance Spinach with its Oxalic acid.  If you don’t give spinach a quick heating, the Oxalic acid will prevent your body from absorbing many of its and any other food in the mixes nutrients!  These are relatively rare and will provide you with some interesting facts to look for on your own.  Knowledge = Power

Look through this and think about your food choices.  Depending on the types of food you eat and the quality of those foods, you may have to seriously supplement.  If the supplementation needed is serious enough, it may be necessary to adjust your diet until your body is able to balance it self so you can mess it up again.  We are here to help you do that until you decide to make a change for your body permanently and at that point you’ll be on your way and no longer in need of us!  There is no point over supplementing a bad diet.  To go back to our car analogy, this would be like adding stop leak to your engine when you really need to overhaul it and change the seals.  Stop leak is the supplements, the engine is you and over hauling the seals is changing your diet…

When choosing you supplementation there are key things to look for…


Is it vegan/vegetarian formula or not containing animal byproducts?

Why this matters: many vegan vegetarian formulas are for people who are already buying based on a major diet deviation from the “norm”, in many cases, NOT ALL, this places a higher priority on quality.  These people are usually more apt to read labels, buy organic… etc., you know, the stuff that matters if you’re trying to be in shape!

There are many levels of quality…

Is it organic?

This matters regardless of vegan or regular diet.  If vegan, it merely means that you will have higher quality ingredients not polluted by chemicals that will harm your body.
If non vegan, it means your animal by-products will be pretty much hormone free and of a cleaner level.  You will see this in Proteins using egg, Whey, etc. Based on what we know of factory farms, you do not want whey nor any product from a non organic free range farm.  Free range means the animal was allowed to live, i.e. move around, before it died or gave up its babys food for you….

Further refining  – is it fair trade?

This shows the company cares to a degree.  At this point you can really start looking at the company.  It is becoming more and more common that companies who perharps should not be making products to help you be healthy are using these labels as a mask…  Do some research!  Fair trade means that the company paid a fair price and didn’t rip off the farmer, gatherer of the products in the supplement – or food for that matter, Fair Trade is a label like Organic, it can be applied to many things.

What is written on the bottle?

What is written is what the company owner has decided will represent them to you.  What is written are what they think of you….  Are you a sucker – 50 grams a serving!!!  Your body cant even use that, 25gr roughly per sitting/serving.  For a mammoth of a man, perhaps up to 70gr per day, at the most!  So, they must not think highly of you and are trying to mislead you, OR they dont know which might probably be worse.

What kind of bottle is used, glass, plastic, what type of plastic?

What does it matter?  Plastic, unless the right kind will have varying degrees of offgassing, especially when being
transported in a truck in the summer, the heat!  This offgassing causes release of naughty stuff from the plastic which degrades the efficacy of your product, in essence you arent getting what you pay for.  The higher faluting the quality, not showiness, but actual quality of the material used to package will give you insight into the quality of the company!  If you are buying something that is specially formulated and this and that and scientific this and blah blah, but it is placed in a typical plastic container that offgasses and thereby destroys the viability of your product well, you learn something about the company!  If they give you the best, it better be packed that way!  – off gassing comes from the plastic slowly breaking down, as plastics do, and releasing toxins.  Remember, plastic is a petro-chemical, the gasses go into the supplement, quality drops… fast.

Concern yourself with vitamins and minerals, the things that are responsible for your bodies processes, such as healing, growing, moving, living, breathing etc.  And yes, muscle growth.  A person must focus on the overall synergy of thier body depending on what result they want.  I have met many pro weight lifters in my life.  I have also had the fortune to meet a few pros who are now in thier older years and have had some discussions, they have some serious problems going on as a result of what they put thier bodies through during the hey day years.  If you want that, go for it, but as they will tell you, through me, it is not worth it!  You must remember that your body is an infinitely adaptable machine and it will sometimes take years for your mistreatment to show up, but when it does…  too little too late…

Complete or incomplete proteins?

Do you know what thus means?  A complete protein has all the necessary branch chain amino acids allowing our body to make what it needs to continue being your servant.

This is key.  Research it for yourself.

Isolated Soy, Whey, Isolated Anything and is that Good or Bad?

Bad in so far as whenever something is isolated in regard to a “food”, and thats what we are talking about here, these are food supplements, you are taking them because you aren’t getting enough in your food.  If you have the money, you will be getting your supplements made from foods, if you do not, yours will be chemical synthesis.  Whether chemicaly synthsized or whole food, you never want to have an isolated soy or whey molecule if you can avoid it.

You strip away everything that gives it synergy.  The same is true for vitamins when they are chemically synthesised.  Synergy is what allows your organism [body] to fully use a vitamin.

This is the Holistic way of looking at the body, as a whole, one thing affects another.

That being said, when we look at science, and I base this on research done at PubMed.  This site is scientific papers and nothing more, the “science” behind it all.  From these works, govermental regulation agencies give the OK for things or not.  Now, this MUST be taken with a grain of salt as there are many instances in our history up to today where scientific findings are surpressed.  I am not saying that there is anything of the sort happening with this particular aspect…

So, according to the experts, the scientists, no problems.  One thing that did stand out is that soy tested far better for far more various controls  than whey or casein.  Casein is found in milk as is whey, but they can be separated and often are as thier properties are different.  This is a lot of information, so for the purpose of this articles and not turning this into a text book, soy out tested both as mentioned before.

With the advent of Monsanto, we now have another very tricky item to look at and if you are a woman, it would seem very seriously indeed!  Monsanto is the leader in genetically modified organisms, that is to say that they take, well, they take soy and modify it so it is resistant to its weed killer Round-Up, Have you heard of Round Up ready plants?  The farmer is then able to grow his plants and spray copious amounts of this round up, and lets for a moment be clear on things – The Farmer is required to do if this if the farmer buys the seed from Monsanto, and there really isnt any where else to buy the seed if you are a farmer in the US or the EU – so you spray a ton of the stuff and the plant is fine, it has been genetically altered to not be hurt by the chemical…. But that it absorbs…  You see, as you are what you eat, so is a plant.  It absorbs everything from the environment around it.  This is why you don’t want vegetables grown near a nuclear waste site or any toxic area.  Which is so confounding as roundup is an extremely toxic chemical that, as mentioned earlier, when sprayed is done so by people in space suits!  Now if you are to avoid contact with the chemical, even the one that you would personally buy from a local hardware or farm/garden shop, it is explicit in its safety instructions, you don’t want to be near it.  When I lived in Hawaii I used it, ONCE, unfortunately a very big wind came and blew all the spray back onto me, over the next few hours, my temperature skyrocketed, I felt like I had the flu, my joints ached, I couldn’t eat and my day ended early.  Never used it again.

Further, new GMO crops come pre-set with the chemical making genes inside them, they can create the chemicals responsible for bursting embryonic sacs and reproductive organs in female insects, whats good for the goose, unfortunately is good for the gander.  It has been shown in studies by Russian scientists that by the third generation, rats are unable to produce offspring.  Rats as you know are used because thier size and physionomgy allow us to see what would happen to humans under the same stresses in a a period of 30 to 90 days which in human terms would be years.  So it is now being found that women are having tremendous troubles with GMO crops.

90 percent of the soy grown in the US is GMO, unless your protein supplement says organic, you WILL be getting GMO, you dont want that.

As for men, erectile disfunction, loss in libido, mood swings, hey, its like getting the benefits of long term steroid use!

One very important note to remember is that an excess of protein will eventually cause problems as stated earlier in this article. If you did not read it, I would suggest that you do=]

What is your Energy Expenditure?

Unless you are working out very hard, you will most likely not need a supplement.  Most gains in a gym come from the actual exercise, that people get results AND they happen to be taking a supplement, many times is coincidental.  In thier minds, they tell themselves its due to the supplementation, in actuality, it is merely doing more than you would on a daily basis.  Now, if the diet isnt right, then yes, the supplementation is definitely a help.  If your diet is on track, then supplements may not be doing a lot for you and may be slowly taxing your system in the long term.

THAT BEING SAID…  Many peoples diets are far from on track.  Many people who think they have an on track diet based on eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains are being lied to as GMO crops, commercial farming and other practices have reduced the nutrition content of the foods.  Perhaps the shoppers who buy 100 percent organic and have studied diet and know rules of thumb like, eat fruit by itself, etc. are doing O.K.

As stated earlier, Athletes are the true beneficiaries of protein supplementation and they use it sparingly.  When you get to a certain point, you look at your body as a pure machine, too much is just as bad as too little, you need to find your personal synergistic precision!

Do you work out alot, are you sedentary?  Again, energy in versus energy out.  Do you burn as much as you take in?  Does your body have to expend energy to process calories which it will then merely have to rid itself of or turn to fat?  All of this factors in to you becoming the ninja you wish to see in the world.

Ask yourself this… When you tell me how physically demanding your job is, is that because it is, or because you are at a health level where climbing too many stairs is a daunting task?
Next ponder this… If you still insist and you do physical labor at your work, do you do it rightly, do you focus on what yor are doing and do all those little things like lift from the knees, keep your spine straight, breath with your movements etc..?

If after all of this you say yes, you are the ninja warehouse worker, well, then maybe protein is in your future, but if you are the worker lifting poorly, digging without soul, etc., first fix the problem then you can reasses if you need protein.

All of this to say, if you are not healthy in your eating habits, change them before you consider adding protein.
Instead, go with supplementation.  Vitamins and minerals.  Focus on beng healthy before being stronger.  Focus on getting them from food, real actual organic food, the stuff your grandparents use to eat because thats all thier was.  Focus on the long term and in the short term, the healthiest person is the strongest.

Aloha! Pedaling for Peace