Little Road Trip vacation with Jeff

This is vastly different from Westphalia and the Baron’s castle. Had our friend Pangloss seen El Dorado he would no longer have said that the castle of Thunder-ten-Tronckh was the finest upon earth. It is evident that one must travel.”
Candide – written by Voltaire

My friend Jeff arrives to town while we are drinking fine beer at a closed bar session at Old Mission Brewery, next day we cruise to hot springs where he lets me drive back to Ensenada in his toyota FJ Cruiser, of course we hit insane speeds on ragged dirt roads whilst blasting rad music [Royksopp – What Else is There] after midnight with a crescent moon to light the way, as to my state of mind while driving on the back roads=]

Day 1 of our mini road trip found us at la Gringa beach in Bahia de Los Angeles… beautiful, woke up and jeff was sitting in chair, saw coyotes when I hiked a small peak, did a downhill run on my bike, and my lips swelled up again and started the whole agony over again, now one month of scabbie lips cycle!

Day 2  found us in Mulege which was wiped out from flood, but seriously wiped out, houses down, the rstaurant we had the best rice and beans ever was washed away… Pam, of Pam and John whom we met when riding our bikes through the area, her shoulder is all good due to my acupuncture.  That was a wild one, one of the few people to pass out from my needles, but, all good in the end, looks like I hit the root of it! Mosquitos, mosquitos, mosquitos…. scabbing of my lips has begun…. again, third time now, just kill me.

Day3 La Paz we stayed with coushsurfers Frank and Susy, I stayed in for the first night as my lips were giving proper pain and I cant open my mouth ergo not drinking, actully, even if this clears up i will not be drinking for some time…. at any rate, Frank and his roommate are doctors, very interested in my condition, may have a plan. They went karaoking, I saw Juan of the Dead,  It may be one of the smartest, funnest zombie movies i have seen to date.  I just remembered a book you may dig –  Zombie Haiku, oh, id you know that the CDC has a zombie preparedness plan?  My lips are fully scabbed over.

Day 4 cannot open mouth anymore, amazing how much this has changed me and my outward mood.  I have often heard that all you have to do is smile and eventually your day will turn around.  The opposite appears to be true as well, I feel more somber than ever, I havent really laughed or smiled in a month as everytime I do my lips would crack and it would hurt, so here I am, a month later all serious….
Got a message from Diana that a raccoon came in her window and took the raw chcolate….  Woulda loved to have been there for that!  Lulus Raw Chocolate!

New music…. for me:
Knife- Heartbeats, Pass this on
Royskopp- What Else is There, Alpha Male, Go with the Flow[remake of Queens of the Stoneage]
Pink floyd – High Hopes
Sasha y Digweed – Northern Exposure, Airdrawndagger

Day 5 – Todos santos is ridiculous sick cool, went for a run on the beach, out ran and out manuevered puppy dog, didnt surf, lips are healing, now taking Prednisone and cortico steroids for lips… scabs slowly falling off…
Matthew 12.25: Every Kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, every city or household divided against itself will not stand.
Ask yourself on this day, what is the aim of our nation and our nationalism if not formthe betterment of all mankind as it was stated in the beginning, ask yourself what is the aim of my life as a man or a woman if not to better the life of our progeny and that of our neighbors. Once you have asked and answered these questions in silence and a most profound observance of solemnity, one must come to the idea that action is the only recourse left to us in these times, our world is on the brink as it has been many times, we shall wage peace or we shall continue to wage war, not only against our brothers and sisters of different race and creeds, but, regrettably, on our very dinner tables and sadly.
I whole heartedly entreat you to meditate today, not only on the state of our world and the planet which is founded UPON, but also upon your own small slice of “happiness” and to what extent you will go to protect it from the misguided machinations of those who would continue the long standing tradition of SLAVERY for wealth.
There are sheep who are led to slaughter, and there are sheep that climb the highest mountain tops, ask yourself what you wish for your life and then realize that it is wholly within your power to make it happen. One need only act accordingly to what one wishes to see in the world and so shall it be.

It isnt whether or not man is deluded, it is more a question of what man is deluded by.  A man can be of the persuasion that all is as it is and he can do nothing, or, that he can do anything.  For our times it is an apt observation that man is deluded by the sinking feeling that war and slavery are cornerstones in our civilization or, that peace is just around the corner.  As a mans mood may change from moment to moment, so may a nation.

Day 6 – Cabo Pulmo, beautiful, got a big handful of wacky tabacky from Dive guide, yay bonfires on deserted beaches!  Bummer was searching the beach for wood, finding a good piece and then getting stung by a Yellow Jacket, or a Wasp, or a Hornet, whatever they are, i always have trouble telling them apart since they all look like overloaded military heavy vehicles… That fly and cause extreme pain to the point that they draw blood and make you feel like you got plugged into a million volts…  But then I was thinking, when bitten, do they mark you with a chemical scent [pheromones]? I ask as i was at this point numbly stumbling around looking for wood and I found myself getting close to the same area where I was stung and lo, two of them slowly rose in the air and started coming my way…. hmmmmmmmmmmm, no se.
Did some Tai chi on beach barefoot, difficult as it was on river stones…
If you are an eco tourist you simply MUST com here, but I am appealing to the real deal eco tourists, the ones that actually want to save the areas and not stay in 5 star hotels that destroy the area.

Interesting, you can almost see what kind of person you are by what, where and how you choose to vacation….

Guy pouring liquid fire drink for table on veranda totally enthralls me.

The cook makes me a vegan meal of Beans, guacamole, fries and salsa….

Bon fire and pot tea – wow

A sky like no other, mind boggling how beautiful nature is, should be mandatory for people to look at it, daily.

Flying down deserted beach in Jeffs FJ, middle of No where southern Baja, music is screaming Pink Floyd.

Regretting lack of surfboard just prior San Jose del Cabo, deserted beach with incredibly long breaks…. sigh….

So many butterflies
So many mosquitos… Why did you leave the tent door open?

Day 7, missioning back to Ensenada, checked on our bikes in San Jose del Cabo at Raices y Brazos, YAY!  Untouched by the tropical storm, who is the ninja tarp setter upper!!! =]

A sad note… had to toss wacky tabacky lest the military check points find reason to treat me unfavorably, I hadnt been searched once, but I had this feeling come over me, tossed everything to the land that produced it, and lo, the next checkpoint was there in 10 minutes and this time they did a very thorough search=]   NINJA!

Day 8 – Camped at Playa Coyote, got literally destroyed by mosquitos and two other biting insects I could not identify.  Am now semi addicted to Skeptics Guide to Universe podcast.  Barely made it back to Ensenada as no one would accept Jeffs credit card, he now hates his bank and thanks god for good gas mileage, well, he thanks Toyota, I thank God…

Day 9 – typing stuff to you and doing laundry, back on our bikes in a week and some change=]

No pictures were taken on this trip cause I couldn’t be bothered=]