Part 3 – Damn the Farmers and Full Speed Ahead!

What Else is helping to contribute to their proliferation?

While it seems that things are only just beginning, that is largely, again, due to a general lack of education by the masses.  As we have read, things have been happening for some time now.  While most of it has been not general public knowledge, it has been the knowledge of the farming industry and yet, seemingly, there seems to be little to no help for us the consumer from that arena.

It isn’t on purpose to be sure.  Monsanto has used a most derisive and studious campaign against the very suppliers of food.  Some parts bullying and strong arming, others simply through the system of capitalism and finance, the average Mid Western farmer is now waaaay out of their depth.

There are myriad ways in which Monsanto is slowly taking over the growing practices of Farmers GLOBALLY.

Here in the USA, the methods are fairly direct and spit in the very face of freedom and the “Victory Gardens” that brought us to the forefront of the Global Community as a SuperPower.

One method is suing of farmers for apparently stealing the crop.  This is determined if there is any of the GM crop on the farmers field, which is verified by spraying the field with RoundUp.  If any crop survives, it is GM and therefore owned by Monsanto.  So now we have a twofold trap.  One, in order to prove or disprove an entire crop will be destroyed (assuming that it is not GM), and, if the crop is found, the farmer is sued and either then serves Monsanto or loses everything.

You may be thinking as I once was, “well, if the crop is there, the farmer obviously stole it!’.  Would it were so easy.  The seeds of Monsanto are much stronger than their conventional counterparts.  If they are planted in fields beside a non-Monsanto field, there are EXTREMELY high odds that the non GMO field will be cross pollinated and cause the non GMO plants to now become Genetically modified, it’s simply how it works, of course you may feel free to look it up!  Trucks that carry the seed from one place to another often lose seeds due to airflow over the bed of the truck, they blow out, and seeds will get into non GMO fields where they will grow and again, contaminate the rest of the crop.

Now perhaps you are thinking, well, if we know all of this, then it should be no problem to prove the farmer didn’t want that seed there and no harm no foul.  You are wrong.

Numerous states now, due to Monsanto lobbyists have enabled congress to push through what is commonly known as “Anti-Democracy” laws.  These laws are numerous, essentially a whole bundle of laws which block a farmer from counter suing or even initially suing if their fields are contaminated and all rights automatically go to Monsanto.  Further these laws prevent the local farmers and citizens from having a decision in the planting of GMO crops, it will be instead on the State level.  The state level of course being run by the very people who allowed the pro-Monsanto law to be passed, ergo, you know how that is going to go.

Further, Monsanto has now made it near impossible to save seeds via the FDA, by making seed cleaning equipment and procedures so convoluted in both paperwork and finance, as to be pointless, for instance, every specific strain of seed must have its own line of equipment, in many cases making the seed cleaning equipment itself illegal if it does not meet standards so ridiculously stringent that there is no point to owning it.

There are now numerous laws in place which require stringent controls over the cleanliness of actual seed during storage and its proximity to manure and other common conditions in the farm which make the average farmer trying to save seed go bankrupt.  It makes buying seed from Monsanto a much cheaper way to go.  These are laws of the land now upheld by the U.S. government, allowed by the people of the U.S.A.

It’s interesting to note that the laws prohibit use of seed that may be tainted by manure, but make no mention of seed tainted by pesticides and herbicides, and if you, a human are ever in your life given the choice to drink and herbi- or insecticide OR eat cow shit, go for the shit, at least you won’t die.  It will taste like, well, like shit, try drinking a quarter cup of any of the chemicals, I guarantee you will be OOC [Out of Commision] for days at the very least, and the whole time you will wish you were dead.

Perhaps now you’re thinking, well, no worries, we just take it to the Supreme Court.

While highly idealized, the road to the Supreme Court is EXTREMELY expensive, you must first wade through literally thousands of hours of litigation, moving through the local and state system before applying to be seen at the pinnacle of law for the land.  The average farmer who is usually in debt compared to a multinational giant will never make it this far.

Should they somehow be able to pull it off, they will find themselves in front of U.S. Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas.  In every case that has come before Mr. Thomas he has ALWAYS ruled in favor of Monsanto.  Every case concerning Monsanto that reaches the U.S. Supreme Court goes before Mr. Thomas.

Judge Clarence Thomas was head legal counsel for Monsanto before becoming a US Supreme Court Judge.

Are you beginning to have an understanding?

In addition to this one huge roadblock to democracy, there are many other ways that this is continuing to happen unabated and regardless of scientific data showing that GMO’s and the procedures required for them to grow, may not be the best thing for humans or the planet.

For one, there is a revolving door policy to the US Government, many people do not know about it and yet, that is due to a simple lack of research and education.  What this refers to is, well, we just spoke about it.  Judge Clarence Thomas would be an apt demonstration of the revolving door and how it helps Monsanto be in the position that it is.

Based on what we have seen with this policy, once Mr. Thomas retires from his position as a U.S. Supreme Court judge, he will be offered a position once again within the Monsanto group of corporations.

This is currently in play for the key members in the FDA, the EPA, the US Dept. of Agriculture.  The come from Monsanto and go back to Monsanto.   This is true of many aspects of our lives, from Meat and Dairy industry to pharmaceutical and weapons manufacturers.  They all have a voice in the US Gov’t, and yet, where is YOURS?

I’m hoping that by now you are wondering how they even got control over plants in the first place?

This has been done, again, though our court system and is largely tied to many lawsuits and confusion involving medicine and owning certain strains of let’s say, cancer and other diseases.  The owning of “Disease” is an extremely profitable market in which a company that wishes to test a drug, must first lease the genes involved for trial from the company that owns the particular strain of said disease!

Monsanto, lest you forget is one of the major players in the pharmaceutical industry…  This company is no joke, seriously.

This later played so well into Monsanto’s hand.  It is also crucial in that they still do not own the actual product.. YET.  They own traits of said product which is why they sue for having their version of corn on your field and not corn in general.  There is still time to take back food.

Currently 90 percent of GMO’s in the world being grown belong to Monsanto.  70 percent of corn, soy, wheat and cotton grown in the US are Monsanto owned and that number is growing, eventually they will essentially “own “ by default all of the corn, soy, wheat and cotton.

Tricky, Tricky…

Another very tricky and little known, though easily verified; all of this is easily verified via the internet and if you are truly diligent, backed up in books all over the world, none of this is difficult to find, it is in the open to be sure, albeit in a scattered sort of way which is why I am putting it together for you, very basically of course, in a personal renewed effort to try and bring some respect and self sufficiency back to the citizens of the United States of America.

So, tricky, Monsanto co-owns the terminator seed patent with USDA.  Your first though may be, what does that even mean…

A terminator seed or G. U. R. T.’s – Genetic Use Restriction Technologies, make the subsequent harvest of seeds for replanting from the initial harvest IMPOSSIBLE,  i.e., if you plant this here seed of corn once it matures, all of its seed will be sterile, you will not be able to plant them and reap another harvest, you will instead have to go back to the company [Monsanto] and purchase another set of seed and do this every year hence forth and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and, oh my, what are we doing with our planet?

This all became a reality in March 1998 when the US Patent Office granted Patent No. 5,723,765 to Delta & Pine Land (which Monsanto then purchased in 2007) for a patent titled, Control of Plant Gene _Expression. The patent is owned jointly, according to Delta & Pine’s Security & Exchange Commission 10K filing, ‘by D&PL and the United States of America, as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture.’

The patent has global coverage and during more in depth research of the official D&PL SEC [Securities and Exhange Commision] filing, ‘The patent broadly covers all species of plant and seed, both transgenic (GMO-ed) and conventional, for a system designed to allow control of progeny seed viability without harming the crop’(sic),’ and,  D&PL claims, ‘One application of the technology could be to control unauthorized planting of seed of proprietary varieties…by making such a practice non-economic since non-authorized saved seed will not germinate, and, therefore, would be useless for planting.’

Again – …both transgenic AND CONVENTIONAL…  So they will also own the plant your parents grew up with.  I hope you are asking yourself how this is even possible.

The overall use of this technology is sadly put into clear focus when we read the following, again, taken directly from the patent… ‘the prospect of opening significant worldwide seed markets to the sale of transgenic technology in varietal crops in which crop seed currently is saved and used in subsequent seasons as planting seed.’

WOW, mans saving seed for thousands of years and bringing the humans on this planet to this point will now be wiped out with bureaucracy for the sake of money all because the citizens, YOU, did nothing.

That is truly what the business model for these seeds is, the areas where people save seeds from year to year is now being targeted for this product.  WOW.  Really, what a world we find ourselves to day if only we open our eyes to what is happening.

Keep in mind, this is what is currently happening.  You do understand that, it is happening right now and has been happening since the ‘90’s…

One thing I find most interesting of all is that on the Monsanto website you will read, ‘Monsanto has never developed or commercialized a sterile seed product. Sharing many of the concerns of small landholder farmers, Monsanto made a commitment in 1999 not to commercialize sterile seed technology in food crops. We stand firmly by this commitment. We have no plans or research that would violate this commitment in any way.

And yet, there is a patent that says not only are they made, but they are ready to use as they have potential scenarios already in mind, and that I the beauty of their Public Relations campaign, for we know that they DIDN’T create the seeds, they merely bought the company later on, and yes, they haven’t made them public… yet.  For as we continue reading, we see them talk about if they ever were to make them public, i.e. commercialize them, they would first ask the shareholders.

Thank goodness for that, we see how the shareholders are looking out for everyone’s best interest so far!

We will be talking about terminator or GURT seeds later as they are potentially the foremost tool for warfare.  Control the Food/Water, you control the people.  Think, US FOREIGN aid…

“In order to feed the world’s growing population, farmers must produce more food in the next fifty years than they have in the past 10,000 years combined..” – Monsanto Website

This is by far one of the loudest platforms to the public sector, i.e., you and I, which is used to explain why we “need” a company Monsanto.

In using the rapidly expanding rate of humans as a soap box, Monsanto is legitimizing its slow takeover of food.  By extolling the virtues of increased yield and lack of loss due to drought, insects etc., they hope to achieve a world in which no one starves.

But, that’s a lie.

A little research on this and we find it is a total sham.  For this explanation, I introduce you to Tristram Stuart who is most noted for his work in just how much food we waste per day on a global scale and why we waste it.

Surprisingly, one of the foremost reasons mentioned for throwing away food is that it doesn’t “look” right for sale to the public.  Coupled with laws of the land and insurance companies and all else that go into our modern lives, this food must be destroyed.  This is, in essence, you the food purchasers direct influence.

The labeling.  Monsanto fought and lost the rBGH labeling fight with milk, but recently won the California Proposition 37 fight.  This win, was a huge success for Monsanto as California is of such crucial import to the way the rest of the country does things.  California was once one of the bigger economies in the world, so this win is huge.

This win kept labels off foods containing GMO’s.  Had this won, we may have seen a sudden turnaround in the direction our food is going.  For instance, once labeling happened with milk, many people quit buying milk from cows treated with rBGH, to the point that largest producers of cheese and milk had to convince people that it wasn’t in their milk as they were losing too many customers once the research came out linking this to all manner of disease, especially focused on pregnant mothers and new born babies.

Now, had the labeling law been enacted, I firmly believe that we would have seen a veritable food apocalypse.  Can you imagine people suddenly realizing that over half the foods they ate were GMO, hell, half the people buying the food don’t even know this is going on all of a sudden, they would walk into the super market and half the food they take home, for some all of the food taken home would have this new label on it.  There would have been a surge of interest and in that surge a good many facts would have come out which may have been debilitating to the current plan to modify the food supply!

What else is happening to allow this company to continue with a relatively insane business idea?

The website itself is written in a very beautiful form of Layerese.  Facts are turned round upon themselves and language is written so delicately about such deep and troublesome subjects that at the end you truly believe that this company is here for you.

In one instance regarding Agent Orange, Monsanto states, ‘We believe that the adverse consequences alleged to have arisen out of the Vietnam War, including the use of Agent Orange, should be resolved by the governments that were involved.’

Hmmm, well, quite a response if I do say so myself.

Many many such instances are found on the website, I invite you to take a look.  Look carefully, one such instance is the one mentioned before that shows just how deep they will go with wordsmithing – Terminator seeds.

In every case, Monsanto is diverting responsibility to others, and in some cases, to the “Old Monsanto”, remember them, when the company in 2000 broke into old and new.  Amazing, what is more amazing is that people accept this.  Again, the problem isn’t Monsanto, it’s we the people that allow it to happen.  Never for a moment divest yourself of blame as Monsanto is doing, you are the consumer, ergo, you are at fault.