Guerrero Negro and Antonio the Boxer!

Guerrero Negro was rad.  Antonio, or Tony, or as he explained, backwards, Y not, get it, TONY YNOT, is one of the coolest dudes ever!  Aside from being a totally undercover ninja boxer, I mean zero disrespect, I just did not see blazing quick jabs, ridiculous footwork and combos that made my head spin coming out of this gentleman. This morning as we were leaving, he told me his is not only interested in our “vegan” thing, further, he wants to incorporate it into the restaurant that is part of the hotel. The hotel Malarrimo.  I am still not sure exactly what it means, something about being close to something that may not be good for you, but you love to be near, I guess for me that would be like alcohol. When we got a tour of the place, it was akin to being flung back in time, a museum of sorts with a very nice bar. There is a point on the coast in the “bowl of the ladel”, if you look at the coast, it runs south and then spoons out to the west and then heads south again.  This spoon is a collection point for many many currents, all of these currents of course carry things, right, humans = trash, ocean currents carry it…sigh. Long story about oceanology short, he has been going there for some time collecting old fishing items and sea faring flotsam and jetsam, although jetsam is usually not collected as it sinks to Davey Jones locker… anyway, items like the hand blown glass fishing line bouys, life jackets from various ships, pieces of ships, flags, he even has an authentic WAHOO flag from a WWII vessel, a complete radio from a WWII naval life raft, training dummies, message cylinders, etc.  One of the highlights are some very old paintings of the actual Guerrero Negro.  This was a US whaling ship and the name means Black Warrior. Now, this place which seems a shrine to the brutal commerce of slaying the largest animals on the planet that we know of, will boast a vegan menu….  Pedaling for Peace rocks, Antonio rocks.  If you read this Senor, Muchisimas Gracias!  Bummer that puppy doggy [I was introduced to the guard dog and luckily escaped with only a shredded sleeve of my hoodie=] and I didnt get along, but, looking at the big picture, it was due to puppy that we were able to stay in the old Red Cross area and, vis a vis, got to sleep on a mattress.  I wonder if I am using vis a vis correctly:) We are now at a sweet Pizza place after a super smooth ride from Guerrero Negro to Vizcaino.  Such nice people, some cerveca, some vegan pizza, one of the few restaurants to boast vegetarian meals and knowledgeable about vegan, they know what the word means!  If a zombie apocalypse were to happen tonight, I am stoked to be here as the husband of one of the chefs, I am assuming they own the place, family run, ANYWAY, this guy looks like a tank, I guess it would only be good if he didnt turn into a zombie….  How does all that get decided anyway, I mean, when the shit goes down, who becomes and doesnt become zombies, do you ever wonder that?  I do… But then, I have a lot of time on my hands while pedaling… We have decided today to try and enlist the aid of a few of our friends to get us a row boat so we can row some of the coast as that would be rad, not to mention some of the road ahead looks a bit dreary, so, why not make the adventure mega adventurous!  Thats why we are doing this right!?!? Almost time for our pizza, eating pickled jalapenos, carrots, and onions now, does it have a name… Jalapeños en escabeche… Thanks Diana, I would not have guessed that in a million years with a gun at my head and a trillion dollars on the line:) Time to eat.  Aloha, they just made us fresh salsa!  Aloha! One of the thoughts I had today when listening to Tom petty, the song night watchman… “they pay me to carry a 38, but a life is worth more than minimum wage…”. At what point I wonder would you kill another person.  At what price point would you kill someone you know, some one you dont know….  What jobs do we accept as a society for killing those we dont know… Einstein has been often quoted as saying time is relative.  I have never given this much though, well, actually, i have given this mountains of thought, but not until today, crossing the desert for the beginning of oyr second week did it make sense to me. Prior to this current adventure which I now share with my partner Diana, everyday had a name, every hour a purpose that was a success, or a stepping stone to another chunk of time where I would or would not do “something”right. Now, my days are no longer Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays – or hump days where I begin to longinly look towards the advent of the weekend, thursday, the day I would usually start drinking as friday was a whatever day and everyone knew it.  Now all my days are today, and no matter how much I plot plan and scheme, I am never ablemto know what is coming, and finally after two years, it appears I am ok with that.  For the most part, i still have stress about the great unknown of tomorrow, but then, thats ok, tomorrow is today, soon, very soon, I will be there:)