Bike blog by Chris, the anti-imperialist biker who hopes the world figures shit out so he doesnt have to stop buying tofu from the store.

Yes, thats me, the anti-imperialist biker who doesnt want to stop buying his tofu from a store….  Ahh, so funny guy.

Stoked, in our room, yes, we sprung for a room, its been a fwapdoozy getting back into ninja biking shape, tingling arms/fingers/hands, sore back, ass, legs, completely changed diet, now I seem to eat only nopales, frijoles, rice, tomatoe, onion and thats it, no wait, corn tortillas, which isnt bad, trust me, no complaints, throw some hot saue on there and Im stoked, just a bit put off by the sudden lack of fresh veggies is all, but hey, ninja for life.

Downloading, gasp, a movie, Battleship with Rhianna.  Cant go too far wrong, aliens, RHIANNA (Fuck you chris brown, douche bag woman beater), and epic sound effects and explosions, perfect to heal by, especially when coupled with Vega and Healthforce nutritional supplements, the ones we haveleft, ofcourse, they must be carefully worked in with doses of magic cookies and apparently my new favorite beer, Dos Equis.

i dont usually drink mass produced commercial shitty beer, but when I do….

The ride has been excellent, saw a lot of major farms which I wrote a bit about in another post, kinda sad to see see howmthings are going in the world, but, as I said, its another post, read it:)

Movie isnt downloading, beers downloading great….  Having fun trolling people complaining on Facebook, all you have to do is take a trip to another country and camp, not stay in swanky hotels, hell, be brave and make it a “third world” country by bike!  Everything changes…..  Seriously, you do yourself a diservice by not recognizing this simple advice given tomus by everyone from Jesus, to Jack Kerouac to Henry Rollins of the Rollins Band.  GO FORTH and as a dude once told me, do some AMAZING things….

Falling more in love with Diana daily, not that I wasnt before, but just, hmmmmm, the roots are getting deeper and stronger if that makes any sense….

Wanna find the right woman to be your bride, or the right guy to be your beau, go TOURING ON BIKES!

Making super beer by adding “magic” tincture to mi cerveca, mi wasnt a misspell, it means my…  Spanish is obviously coming right along for me….

Just added and W O W…  No pain for this little ninja:)

Last night was spent in the police impound lot, or maybe Im just calling it that, of the Camalu Ensenada, Baja California Police.  So sweet, I of course had another day of no sleep?… Sigh, not sleeping sucks, thats kind of a duh statement.

Im drinking Dos Equis today… Ordinarily I would never drink it, as life is too short to drink anything but the best beer, and I realized, well, shit, thats a very relative statement!