Ninja Vegan Pizza – ’cause you gotta have pizza and beer!!!

The Ninjapalooza was a success. We didn’t got the number of people we expected and that threw us a bit out of balance, at the same time it was an opportunity to re-evaluate our motivations and goals. For me the most regarding aspect of the whole event was being able to share with others some of my passions: healthy delicious food, local artisan wine and beer, raw young talent, yoga, music and dance… sweet!!

And two stars of the night were for sure Daiya and Tofurky being super ninja kind to send us a load of cheese and sausages for our pizzas. If you haven’t tried Daiya cheese I strongly recomend it!! It stretches, meltes and TASTES like cheese, plus is completely free of lactose, casein, soy, gluten and preservatives, sweet!

Pizza is actually an easy dish to make, most people, my past-self included! are intimidated by pizza, specially making the pizza dough not knowing you can have it all ready in the same time that it will take the delivery guy to knock on your door, plus by making it yourself you get to choose the ingredients, not just for the toppings but for the salsa and crust too, making it vegan, gluten free, wheat free and all of that if you want… We did 🙂 and here’s how..

It’s a good idea to have some premade tomato sauce in your fridge. You can make a huge pot on the weekend and freeze it for days until you need it. There are many recipes for tomato sauce, here we have a super tasty one from the Salsa Master Chris on a lasagna recipe, you can vary what you want by adding some of your favorite herbs, a bit of red wine, more or less garlic, you decide!! Go crazy, be creative, as long as you’re using natural organic ingredients you will only be making it healthier!

For the crust you will need 2 cups of flour, we like to go wheat free, just keep in mind not all flours behave the same and many wheat alternatives are heavier or harder so you need to think what kind of crust you want. Keep the heavy ones for thin crunchy crusts, the soft ones for a fluffy, pan pizza type of crusts. For the Ninjapalooza we wanted the most similar to the classic pizza to show people you really can have all the foods that you love when you’re vegan so at least sacrifice, it’s NOT an excuse! 🙂   so we went for 1 1/2 cups spelt flour and 1/2 cup oat bran, then add one teaspoon salt, one teaspoon sugar, one tablespoon instant yeast and three tablespoons olive oil. Slowly begin adding warm water and incorporating to the dough, you will need about one cup of water but this can vary so go for the consistency adding little by little more water if you need to. The temperature is important too, you don’t want it too cold because the yeast won’t react, but also not too hot or the yeast will die, keep it warm, comfortable to the touch and by the time you’re done kneading it should be soft, fluffy and a little sticky. Cover it with a little more flour so you can work it and stretch it on the pizza pan, put a some more flour at the bottom so it doesn’t sticks to the pan and stretch it as much as you want, you decide how big you want you pizza!

Now add the salsa on top and go crazy with what ever toppings you want. We had bell peppers, olives, tons and tons of Tofurky various sausages ALL super tasty, onions, zuccinni, different type of mushrooms, eggplant, herbs and yesssss, Daiya cheese: mozzarella, cheddar and Jack pepper…  into the oven and nom nom… serve it with some nutritional yeast on top and crushed red pepper. To drink? some Horchata Obscura for us!!

Tofurky Portobello Fajitas

Fajitas and vinomio wine

Tofurky Fajitas!I am a Tofurky fan.
I am a sausage fan actually, but with a delicate stomach I decided to stay away from hot dogs and sausages after a couple food poisoning episodes that kept me running to the toilet for a couple of days, years before I decided to follow a greener diet. Later on, finding out what hot dogs are actually made of, wow! not touching that crap again!!…

But I missed them. I really did. And when the vegetarian food industry started making hot dogs and sausages a glimpse of hope shown in my eyes… just to be crushed by the carton-like flavor and chewy weird texture of this not-even-close-to-hot-dog itemFajitas and vinomio wines. Oh no! … until Tofurky. THEN I got to have it all: sausages like you won’t believe they’re so tasty, juicy, thick and that were very well aproved by my picky belly. I’m a naughty vegan in heaven!!

Now it’s lunch time and with some remainings of the Ninjapalooza in the fridge, fajitas are in order! Step one, open a bottle of red wine ’cause it’s one of those days 🙂

1 package Tofurky Beer Brats
3 medium zuccinnis
2 portobello mushrooms
1 large onion
juice of one lime
Dayia mozzarella style cheese
Salt, pepper, nutritional yeast and dulce granules to taste…

What I like the most about fajitas is how easy they are, begin by roasting the sausages and in the mean time just slice the veggies and stir fry them until golden. Keep the fire high so you can roast them on the outside but keep them crunchy inside, nobody likes smooshy veggies, add the lime juice, pepper and salt. Now put some Daiya cheese on top of the sausages and keep roastong until melted.
Serve the veggies first, then the roasted cheesy saussage on top and spinkle some nutritional yeast and dulce granules on top, your red wine right there… come on, that can not be healthy, it’s too tasty, too naughty, too freakin’ good to be healthy!! And yet IT IS.

NINJAPALOOZA and the Sangria Apocalypse!

ninjapalooza y the sangria apocalypse

Join us for a truly fantastic day of workshops at Montessori school Tipai!  Starting with Tai Chi at 8am, yoga for cyclists, Bellydancing, Kung Fu, Capoeira, and Salsa followed by a Vegan dinner sponsored in part by Daiya Cheese and Tofurky! Vegan gourmet Pizza, lasagna, salad with apple slices and candied pecans, apple pie, artisan beer, wine and sangria. Wine and Sangria provided by Diana Alvarez and Ana Ceci, proud makers of Vinomio. Thanks to our Bellydancers, musicians, fire ninjas, capoeiristas, yogis, ninjas, chefs, parents, friends, family and salsa troupe for such a wonderful event.Ninjapalooza team!
There will also be a handmade products bazaar the entire day along with Mate lemonade and Sangria!

ninjapalooza y the sangria apocalypse