A sigh of relief regarding my outlook on life…


earth_with_rising_sun_I just finished Pirates of the Caribbean – At the Worlds End, and it dawned on me as the East India Trading Company flag ship, under the colors of her Majesties Navy was obliterated… All this time, I have been wrenching myself and causing myself no end of stress as to the plight of man and what we do to ourselves, centered on the LIFE and Nature of this planet.
And my salvation came to me in t

hat last fiery cataclysm of a ship, that the only thing that can happen, on THIS PARTICULAR PLANET is for life to always march on. Man can no more get rid of life on this planet, then he can change the fact he is human and of nature!
It is a living planet. Anything which wishes to endure here on this rock, MUST BE ALIVE. Though the machinations of man are vast and his conquests beyond comprehension even to himself, it matters not, for if they do not espouse the good, the good being life, they will ultimately fail, that is a given as it can be no other way. The very seeds of their failure are inherent in the design if it does not promote life.
As to the good or the bad of a thing, it is easier said, is it alive or is it not. That which lives will live go on, that which does not, cannot.
To focus on oneself, to grow your own food if you are sickened by what “civilization” does to them, to move your family if need be to match your values and not try and force your values on a geographic region, that is the key to a successful beginning at learning to live this thing called life.
For those who wish a world of machines, well, good luck creating your Cybertron, it will never happen here, so I wish you a pleasant and speedy journey with no ill will and may the wind be in your sails and the seas of space calm before you=]
This is our planet and it is a living thing, now and forever[1].
[1]Until said time as the sun Super Novas or Dwarfs or whatever it is when everything in the general vicinity turns to ash and begins again.