Thursday, today is Thursday, that means Tai Chi class…

I have three students in Tai Chi, Cheng man Chengs 37 posture form, Yang form I think, I know the form and I tell myself I feel the energy, my students say Ilook like I am dancing in water, but they havent seen a real master, so I take it with a huge grain of salt and use it to deflate rather than inflate my ego… I have 3 students in Kung Fu, two of the students are overlapping.  My ego deflates further, not that i am sure what an ego inflating number would be, and I hope never to get to that number because then my teaching, precarious as it is, would most likely begin to fall to s%#t.

All of that to say how stoked I am on how things are turning out here in Ensenada.  I have a cupping set for my Chinese Medicine practice and a regular client.  The Vegan Cuisine course has 14 people signed up for Saturday and my co-teacher and benevolent yoga studio teacher/owner has informed me that she would like to join me on my journey around the world to help out wherever possible.

I am making a line of hot sauces this week, the first one with habanero – Three Happy Chihuahuas and one Angry Chicken and the other one with chipotle and a serious herbal infusion including damiana – The Vegan Ninja faces the Zombie Apocolypse….

It’s my hot sauce so i reckon I want the names to reflect me…. it’s complicated.

My mission to save the Lagoon seems to be unfolding in leaps and bounds after having snoozed to the point that I nearly forgot about it and was feeling alone and much like a failure.  Now surfrider has signed on to help the mission along with two schools and a few other local environmental groups and random folks off the web.

At times I can only wonder what is going on, where does it come from when a few days ago I would have said that I had completely failed and yet, now it seems I am succeeding more than originally anticipated.  I am not tooting my own horn, I am wondering what happened….  Happily wondering mind you.

I succeeded in moving all the boulders into place, a two day process to make the walls of the garden bed which will be a community garden in San Miguel, Ensenada.  San Miguel is one of the primo surf spots, not that I have done much since i do not have booties and the last time I went in bootiless my feet were shredded by barnacles and pierced through and through by vana or sea urchins.  The garden is roughly, bad at square feet and what not, so, its as big as 3 Ford Focuses, or is it Focii?

A lot is going on.  I have fallen in love, in doing so have re-connected with wanting to be celibate, so i am celibate once again.  The science is in, I feel more magic when I am not having sex.  Like I’m fully here in a different way that is inexplicable.  How I view women is different, everything about it.  So, celibate it is.

I have been doing some drinking again, I let myself feel bad about that, not while I am doing it of course, then I am drunk and happy and constantly trying to convince the people of San Miguel how important really big bonfires are for no good reason other than to have a fire.

My poor neighbors…..

So much has been happening and I havent been writing….  time has been getting away from me…  I feel it now, n o, thats not right, I can see it, what happens between Nomad life and “This is My Home” life.  I guess I should say I see what happens for me, but then, I’m pretty sure it would happen to most.  For starters, you collect stuff.  it just happens, in the refrigerator, in the closet, on the book shelves, everywhere, not to mention that once you have collected all these things, they in turn begin collecting as well, this they do in the form of dust and for the food in the form of mold.

Once you stay put, things begin collecting.  Take a look at your life, I bet you have collected much and you want to know something, i speak from limited experience, BUT EXPERIENCE NONETHELESS, all these things somehow take energy from me.  I cant explain this part, something about having and maintaining things in a home situation actually reduces my ability to kick the tires and light the fires….  What IS that?

Diana’s mother just came in from her daughters Yoga class and smiled at me and thanked me for Kung Fu.

I love those little things that make the heart smile.

I feel so blessed right now its like walking in a dream, even when I am shoveling dirt into a wheelbarrow and walking it to my 3 Ford Focccii garden, its all so dreamlike.  I have a life here if i chose to stay, and not just any life.  The life of a teacher, a Chinese medicine practitioner, nutritional instructor for Vegan World Cuisine, soon to be hot sauce maker with two shops lined up to sell it, and its so easy here.  Is it here, is it me….

I’m leaving this life in February if you are wondering.  There is a world out there for me, there is dust to be blown off of things, other places to teach and make stoopid hot hot sauces with radically silly names that mean a lot if you knew me well….

When I leave I may have the first new member of the Pedaling for Peace team….  Imagine that, by the time I get to Africa it could be a whole crew doing good things…

Anyone want to ride?

Doesnt matter if its with me or alone, with or without a bike, do something nice for ANYONE, say hi to everyone you meet, die happy cause you live happy.