Your, “Jolly Quick How to Guide for Becoming Vegan Almost Overnight.”!

This is the quick start up guide to help you become an instant vegan allowing you to begin enjoying the benefits of better health while you still have the healthy fear of god in your heart after seeing your doctor and getting back your test results… or, you are just ready to do something different in order to get different results=]  We have tried to make this as simple yet comprehensive as possible allowing for the greatest ease at transition.  NOTE! THIS AS WITH ALL ARTICLES WILL BE EVOLVING, which means we will add more as we learn amd time permits! We are here for you!  Of you read this between sep. 21 and 28, I probably did not link the other articles I refrence, please seek them out, after the 28th, this will be an easy read=]

You will be setting a new baseline for your diet, and it will take a time to get used to what being really healthy in relation to your food choices feels like. Please take a momnet and at the very least watch the video contained in the “Shifting Baselines and Wastelines” article as this will become a bit easier to grasp.

Basically, to sum up the shifting baseline, Please give yourself the time, and know that as the brain works, your self image is going to be out of whack as is your notion of what you do and do not need in relation to food. Many of you have never even fasted, you do not know what it is to be H U N G R Y, you think you know as when your little tummy rumbles you rush to closest McDonalds, but, I assure you, you are waaaaaaaaay out of step with reality.  You can start this change by doing a fast, juice, Master Cleanse, smoothies, what have you.  Help your stomach shrink back to a respectable size and learn to respect food and how much you actually need, further, this will be a time where you can put the world into perspective.  There are people who dont have water from day to day and you’re able to drink water, veggie and fruit juices all day and you’re having trouble. Time to reset amigo, seriously, if there were a Zombie Apocalypse right now you’d be the whiny one, and you know what happens to the whiny one.

New Concept Number One in your new Vegan lifestyle:

Know that we consider it to be a more favorable move on your part if you start doing your own cooking so you can fully understand the gravity and depth of this change and better enable you to speak with whomever you may need to ensuring you are happy at restaurants, bars, hanging with friends, not uncomfortable at a bar b q… etc.  If you do not know how to make vegan food, why should you be un-pleased if no one else knows how to make it for you?  If you learn to cook, i.e. To follow recipes which is what y do everyday, a recipe is a ritual.  You have a million rituals that you tap into daily, this one will help save your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Just read the instructions and BOOM, food that tastes good.  As with ANYTHING, the more you do it, the better you get.  Imagine being good at feeding your OWN body good food!  WOW, its like so f’ing novel man….  Seriously, learn to cook and this will be a breeze, rely on others and it will get serious fast.  TRUST US!

What is Vegan, am I even reading the correct article!

Vegan means letting go of things you have been raised to believe you need in exchange for the things that scientists (not on government or dairy/meat industry payroll) and evolution tell us we actually need.  If you are one of the people who immediately point to your TWO, your ONLY TWO incisor teeth and immediately preach on about how you were meant to eat meat, I assure you that if you compare your ONLY TWO “KINDA SHARP” teeth to an animal that IS a carnivore, you will be quickly put into your place, right along with Cows, Elephants, Gorillas, Rhinos, The Brontosaurus or whatever name is being bandied about by scientists in thier ever interesting attempt to re-wipe all the dinosaurs from the planet and all the other animals that DONT EAT MEAT. Many of you have taken a dog captive and named it pet, perfect, open its mouth, if it’ll let you and compare…. D’ya see what Im sayin, you are NOT MADE to be a carnivore, check out this other article as well – when I find it=]

Now, as to dairy, surely by now you have noticed that none of the animal kingdom, save for humans, drink milk after the formative years.  I believe Arnold said it so eloquently, ” Milk is for babies, beer is for men.”.  While this may come off as chauvinistic, it is after all Ahhhnoold, it has wisdom to it.  So much in fact that all of it, the entire statement rings true if we dissect it.

Milk is for children, their mothers milk, not formula or cow milk, milk from the mothers teat.  As a boy becomes a man, his needs (and we are still being male chauvinistic, this applies to women as well, duh.) change to reflect what good quality beer can offer, the powers of fermentation and supplying the gut with quality bacteria to break down food.  Of course if the man has too many, he has then destroyed any helpful benefits and a whole new world of drunken disillusionment opens and then all bets are off.

Further, you will notice that animals do not drink the milk of other animals.  While, yes, there are rare occurrences where a kangaroo will be raised by an Orangutang, but these are rare, for most humans it is common. Ever wonder why so many people are lactose intolerant? Thats the bodies way of saying WTF?

What you will be letting go of :

Essentially anything that comes from a “face” so to speak.


Meat –  includes fish and insects, you cannot believe how many people separate fish into some category that isnt considered meat. “What the hell is it then”, I find myself wondering. It has a spine, bones, blood, veins, breathes oxygen… the whole works and yet, people put it into this category that defies logical explanation. Insects have been offered to me a few times as a suitable replacement, and I have nothing against them, but, for your new diets intents and purposes, they are not vegan either.

Dairy from an animal, is not vegan. From ANY animal. For instance, chihuahua milk would not be vegan.

Cheese from any animals milk or dairy would not be vegan- chinchilla cheese, is not vegan.

Now you have a basic idea of what vegan is, I almost forgot, honey isn’t Vegan either, from a face remember, also the bees are dying thanks to the Monsanto company, so, thanks for choosingna diet that doesnt include killing bees. If you are unaware, if the bees go, so does natural food. Just a thought based in one hundred percent sobering science and fact.

Many of you are into labels, we are not. Labels are stoopid and are merely a way of rationalizing thought patterns that may or may not be beneficial to your life. We can discuss that later, for now lets looks at the different ways you can go deeper with being Vegan.

We are not sure anyone recognizes these labels outside of this article, and if they ever are taken into the daily labeling game, we will claim copyright infringement and stop the madness=]

Vegan Spotting Guide-

Vegan – doesnt eat anything that comes from an animal, anything with a face, I know we covered this, but it needs to be your mantra as you will try to con yourself in these formative months. Unfortunately a lot of junkfood and candy is Vegan, you would be surprised just how many overweight and unhealthy Vegans there are. Eating potato chips all day is not the point. Just sayin. This is still a vegan for the rest of you upper echelon Vegans, so no looking down your nose at them, thats not the point, everyone helps everyone else up the ladder to health and world peace…. Understand? Usually you will/may still go batshit crazy when meat is smelled and is thoroughly confused at restaurants.  It has been 6 good solid years for me and I still love the smell of meat…  I just dont eat it.  I control me, you understand?

A more refined Vegan – reads labels, drops long unnatural sounding chemical names, artificial colors and flavors, heavy metals, refined salt and sugar and finds him/herself thinking of becoming a do gooder more often. Will usually be outspoken and tries to convert everyone. At this point they may shy away from any public gathering where meat is served wholly condemning everyone involved as murderers. Social life will falter at this point, if this thought process is kept for too long, person will become a “crazy old Vegan”. Avoid this, the process will happen, just avoid it as best you can as it helps NO ONE. Least of all you.
at this phase, person becomes demanding at restaurants and may get kicked out for impromptu protesting when the local Hot Dog shack wont serve Veggie Dogs, not they dont want to, they just dont have them. Try to not take things personal during this process. Chances are, if you do take a lot of stuff personally, you may want to shed light on other areas of your life as there may be some wonky stuff going on the as well.

A still further refined Vegan – understands impact of conventional farming on human health and therefore goes organic, and/or grows veggies in garden/farm. At this point you will learn as fully as is possible about the company Monsanto. This will result in an abject terror of grocery shopping and of food in general. You suddenly realize that the company responsible for PCB’s, Agent Orange, DDT, Terminator Seed Technology, genetically combining trout genes to tomatoes and hiding the fact that round up kills more bees than anything currently known to man or nature is probably not the best company to be given the charge of saving the world from its current food shortages. Further, they should definitely not sit on the Supreme Court, the FDA, the Agricultural arm of the US or the EPA. And yet, sigh….. Basically at this point you will start to understand what is really going on. You may even quit drinking, though for me it was the opposite=]

Global Vegan – gets organic and local when possible, fair trade, thinks about the world as a whole, one giant organism, not separated by race, creed, color, religion, political preference, geo local, many at this stage may ditch voting and in some instance quit paying taxes,mafter all, 60 percent go to the war machine andmrhis does not fit the Global Vegan ideals. Mind you, Im not sure what the proper tags and titles are, Im just helping you understand how you can go about your shopping and helping to identify some new thoughts or feelings that may be surfacing.

Veganinja – reads labels only when feels the need for something processed, otherwise eats local organic produce and minimal super-foods from far away places and of course they are fair trade. Usually do not drink, nor partake in any drug, would consider themselves “straight edge”. This is advanced and usually comes with geographic restrictions. For instance it is very easy to do in Hawaii and, surprisingly a large fairly cosmopolitan city such as New York. Go to Pampa, Texas, good f’ing luck, there you can be happy if Dominos doesnt hang up on you when you say, “no cheese on that pie.”

Those are some ideas for when you step into the stores and markets near you to buy the ingredients for your meals. Mix n’ match, do a little study to learn what the various ideas are about and what the corresponding titles such as Fair Trade mean.

Food Exchanges –  

These are items in your food purveyors aisles which will help make the initial transition a breeze, or at least that is the idea, many people make this harder than it has to be. For instance, saying how horrid soy milk is, meanwhile, the FDA keeps raising the amount of hormones, antibiotics and the levels of blood platelets and pus that are allowed in their “tasty” milk… Try your best not to be a moron and you’ll do fine.
These meat and dairy imitations really do a wonderful job of doing better then what they are patterned after. The look, feel, texture of many meat and dairy products, is cunningly reproduced and made healthy.  Be sure to read labels, you don’t want to be getting mega doses of isolated soy protein as it isn’t good in grandiose amounts.  Turns out nothing is really…

cHEEZE – Daiya, one of our favorite cheeses as it melts to the point that it stretches!  It tastes great, interesting, the fact it melts is more important to me just then than the taste… very interesting… no?  This is a good crossover food, but do know that it is NOT HEALTHY, not even a little bit.

Made with seemingly quality ingredients, works for Pizza’s, grilled cheese sandwiches, nachos, quesadillas, whatever you would use cheese for.  Mozarella, Cheddar and Spicy Jack are the three shredded flavors and I believe that by next year you will have cheese by the block available and possibly even Brie…  WOW and nothing has to die for you to have it.  Thats impressively rad.  Again, not actually healthy and has heavy metals, still waay ahead of conventional cheese, not sure how it wold stack up to organic free range happy cow made cheese, I would place my money on the actual cheese as it wouldnt have the heavy metal, which, while great for music, bad for body.

mEAT – Seitan is best when homemade and the best recipe I know of comes from the Vegan Community, Gentleworld. Tofurky makes deli slices, hot dogs, sausages and they taste great. There are more companies coming online with great stuff going on, so poke around, go online, educate yourself for a change=]

mILK – There are so many dairy substitutes that are magnificently healthy and the tastes leave conventional milk in the dust.  Choose from: almond, rice, hemp, soy, oat, hazelnut, coconut and others Im sure.  They work the same as dairy in all aspects and are simply much healthier.

bURGER PATTIES – tempeh, gardein, homemade bean patties. Easy peasy, and when you compare to most conventional meat, you’ll probably have more meat content in the Vegan ones than the actual meat..Ha! That was a joke and at the same timea sad testament to our current times.

lINKS – tofurky and this other company do a great job, what is their name…..?

One thing that may happen in the beginning is you will be eating so erratically you will miss out on many important vitamins and minerals. You’ll become the fabled “sickly Vegan”! Here’s an easy set of guides to assist you in avoiding that title being added to your name…

Necessary vitamins and minerals consumed via food –

nutritional yeast – Huge in B vitamins which are of unparalleled import, lacking them you will begin to exhibit Alzheimers like symptoms. Has protein, fiber and tastes great on anything you would sprinkle with cheese. Pizza, popcorn, beans, rice, everything, salads, it all goes great with nutritional yeast. Eat a few tablespoons a day and you’ll be doing swimmingly.

dulse flakes – High in protein and apparently almost every trace mineral known, amd a great source of – vitamins A, C, E and B vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and iodine. It also contains essential enzymes like pyruvate carboxylase, which helps produce energy from sugars. Much better than synthetic replacements. When you become a robot, eat synthetic, until then, go as natural as you can.

chia – unsure whether this is a super food or just some seed used to make little clay animals sell on infomercials. Used by the Mayans, Aztecs and the Tarahumara for endurance, sustenance and power before long runs, like the Tarahumara running 450 miles… Non fucking stop! FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY MILES NON STOP ON CHIS AND NON GMO SOON TO BE ONLY GMO CORN POWDER.  W. O. W.

The Mayans and Aztecs used it for more up to date purposes like being able to kill more people in battle due to its ability to be such a rad powerhouse of a food. Contains Calcium, phosphorus, maganese, potassium, Omega 3’s, fiber and protein, mainly used to make you a ninja, all contained in a 1mm shell.

hemp – used to make paper, Henry Ford made car bodies and the fuel to run them, scientists now figure that we can make everything from this plant, including MEDICINE. You’ll be eating the seed which will come pre-cracked as heaven forbid you plant it. All of it will be imported from less moronic countries that don’t have … Blah blah blah, you’re eating it because it has the following for you:
Omegas 3,6,9! Vitamins A, C, and E and a truckload of protein, more than meat, by miles or kilometers depending on where you reside.

Consumed in super foods –

chia – see above and see Dianas article.

maca – (also see article) In addition to sugars and proteins, maca contains uridine, malic acid and its benzoyl derivative, and the glucosinolates, glucotropaeolin and m-methoxyglucotropaeolin. The methanol extract of maca tuber also contained (1R, 3S)-1-methyltetrahydro-carboline-3-carboxylic acid, a molecule which is reported to exert many activities on the central nervous system.
The nutritional value of dried maca root is high. The average composition is 60-75% carbohydrates, 10-14% protein, 8.5% dietary fiber, and 2.2% fats. Maca is rich in the dietary minerals calcium and potassium (with low content of sodium), and contains the essential trace elements iron, iodine, copper, manganese, and zinc as well as fatty acids including linolenic acid, palmitic acid, and oleic acids, and 19 amino acids.
Further, Maca contains selenium and magnesium, and includes polysaccharides. Maca’s reported beneficial effects for sexual function could be due to its high concentration of proteins and vital nutrients, maca contains a chemical called p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate, which reputedly has aphrodisiac properties. One of the reasons this is important to you is that is an adaptogen, your body can makes many different kinds of “building blocks” from it, and it helps to balance hormones, one of the reasons it may also be a sexual booster. With many of our diets today, we are simply out of whack. Think how easy it is to throw off a car by adding such small amounts of water to its fuel. Now look at your diet, WTF right….

cacao – raw – In doing research on this, I see why Diana wrote an entire article on it and you cannfind it here in our Superfoods series.  Know that eating raw chocolate may be the best thing you can do for your body, mind and spirit.  Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, Omegas, Phytonutrients, etc etc etc etc….

mate – raw – aside from antioxidants, the things that help reverse all the ill effects of daily life in the world amd are key in slowing the aging process and maintaining overall system health, it has theobromine!  This is the same chemical found in RAW chocolate.  When heated it becomes caffeine, when raw it is pure smooth sustained energy.

Spirulina – see article

Chlorella – see article – Dios Mio, it isnt written yet!  For now, know it is a superfood, can help you be ninja, has protein and such a vast array of other things that are good for you it deserves its own article… which we will write very shortly=]

Consumed in pre made formulas, pills, powders etc.-

Healthforce Nutritionals – this is the only company we really will plug as they have thought of nearly everything all the way down to the packaging. Depending on how your stuff is packaged it can be degraded due to offgassing from the plastic used. You see, it ALL matters. Any company who is willing to talk about why they package stuff the way they do is fine by us. The label represent what the company thinks of you. Remember that. Big colors, fancy design, touting “X grams protein per scoop”, this is all bullshit, as healthforce says – Hype is Nothing, Substance is Everything. Dr. Jameth Sheridan

Further guides

The idea of eating fruit by itself, is widespread over many cultures from Pennsylvania Dutch to Ayurvedic medicine in India.  Of course there are always exceptions, but since many of y didnt even know the rule, you can do your own further research to get to the bottom of that.  A brief overview tells us that fruit is broken down so quickly by the body that in waiting in the stomach for other food to be processed it actually starts to ferment and become rancid losing all nutritional value and beginning a breakdown of the other food as well.

read labels – If you eat blindly what is put infront of you, you do for your body what you do for your life by not questioning.  Only the luckiest will do well living without asking.

Going to Restaurants –

Learn to use your menu as a list of ingredients they have specifically ready for your use in their kitchen.  Be prepared to speak to your server like a human and leave a decent tip.  If it doesn’t come out exactly, don’t screw it up for the rest of us by acting the ass.  Lastly, if their chef cant or many times wont do it, they suck and should leave the kitchen.  If you mean to tell me you’re gonna kill an animal no problem and chop it up into bloody pieces of bone, flesh and fat, but I order all veggies and you have beef [get it, beef! hahaha], Get OUTTA HEAH!  You will come across this as many chefs actually fear veganism, no idea why.  Not my problem, it only becomes my problem if they are rude to me and then I solve it.  Never let it ruin your day, be quick to simply stand, thank your waiter and move on.  Help to teach the ignorant amongst you with peace and ninja skill, not temper tantrums and anger.  Be the ninja you wish to see in the world.  Eventually you will become so adept that wherever you go will will be eating vegan no problem.

Going to Bar b Q – I write this specifically as you cannot imagine how often this comes up as a reason to continue eating saturated fats and killing animals, boggles my simple mind it does.  So read on please, I have a few ideas to help you, yes this is all in bold because it comes up that many damn times!

Bring your own everything and share, next time, people will come prepared I promise, its happened so many times, my food is always gone and there is plenty of everything else, cause the vegan is da bomb!  You need to learn to actually cook.  You will learn to male a sauce, to allow your veggies, shrooms, faux meats marinate and then you will grill to perfection as with any meat.  Goodness, what is chicken but a vehicle for sauce, and in this day and age a way to get your prepubescent son or daughter catapulted into puberty at the age of seven!

Here is a simple one so good it’ll curl your nostril hairs…

Cube peppers, onion, mushrooms, asparagus, eggplant.  Let it soak overnight in olive oil, a wee bit ‘ lemon n lime, sea salt and pepper.  Grill.  Watch people literally swoon.  Bow out as a hero and go on to saving the planet.

Adding raw to charge your diet –

Raw avo pie – see recipe

Raw hummus – I still have some difficulty getting this one to be right on, if you master it, please share your secrkrit.

Salads, forgot that could be a meal didn’t you…

Smoothies – see lots of recipes

Sprouts – super easy…  Soak beans, or whatever is being sprouted for 24 hours, drain, rinse, put in collander with a lightly smaller bowl below to catch excess water.  Cover with towel and rinse morning and night.  About three days till sprouts happen.  Keep them growing or refrigerate.  You can even sprout rice.  You can then dry it at a heat of 115 and below, or in the sun, grind it in a blender when completely dry, and presto, sprouted raw flour for making raw tortillas for the hummus!

initial detox phase

Now you Vegan!   OOOONGA BOONGA, YES! BEAT YOUR CHEST AND YELL AT THE MOON!  According to current scientific data, vegan is what we were for a long time, meat came in much later and as a result of lack of food…  Bet you dont know that, but them, how much have you really thought of the situation back then.  You think of back then in today’s terms.  You see hunter with spear, fire, etc.  That was late on the scene friend, in the beginning it was foraging, if they did find an animal it was usually half dead or already dead, had to be eaten raw and most people woulda just got really sick from it and maybe died.  Just saying, I didn’t make it happen, I just listen to the people who get paid to wax poetic with their conjecture on what may or may not have happened.  Based on their credentials, your ancestors were vegan.

So, you’ll need to be drinking lots of water the first couple months… make sure you really do, very important time. I’m talking 3-4 liters a DAY.  Start your day off with two large cups and go from there.  The more natural the water the better.  You are made from water.  The stuff coming out of the pipes in your home has so much shit in it it barely resembles water any longer, heck, it has chlorine, they, the people that make stuff to purposely kill others because of differences that are skin deep, use it for chemical warfare, but since its in water all of a sudden its good for you?  Who writes this stuff, who males it up and how do they find the package to get you to believe it!?!?  Did you know when you bathe in city water (assuming it is your average US city and not some high tech, advanced city in the remoteness of Sweden or what not), you are soaking in heavy metals (pipes to bring water to you), antibiotics and medicines of all sorts, industrial waste (know where flouride comes from, not the natural one that in tiny doses is good for you, the other two kinds found in your water – waste from Tin production, its a toxic waste, literally, by the EPA, but its, again, its ok in your water all of the sudden? Think about this long and hard, someone is literally getting away with murder for profit and you’re it, oh, and your innocent defenseless children who rely on you for wisdom, knowledge and protection),  what else, chlorine a chemical weapon, look it up, chlorine gas, Hitler, Nazis, in your water and your pool.

Go for clean water,  as I rode across the US, one thing hit me, and it hit me just NOW, so thanks for this article, natural water supplies ACROSS THE USA are being shut down, concreted and padlocked in the front of public safety concerns.  Be angry, you are made of water, someone is taking away the only water worth drinking. Do your best.  You will get one body, it is made of water.

Your body will be slowly cleaning all the saturated fats from your veins and arteries, all the vessels responsible for carrying blood. You may even notice your vision and thinking clear up during this time as those are the area with the smallest vessels. As we know, the smallest veins and vessels get clogged first and the ones that have the most noticeable affect you will be able to, quite literally see, are the eyes and mind.

You need as much water as possible to clear toxins.  Water is the taxi, it is the way that the bad will come out leaving room for the good.  Again you see the importance of clean, REAL water.

Give yourself time, if you do this right, you will feel sick, sometimes tired, you’ll get flashbacks of drugs you did in high school, understand you are undoing years of eating that are hardcore for the body. The reason you look as you do is due to your body digesting food.  Can you imagine how much effort it takes to break down different foods, especially highly acidic (BAD FOR YOUR BODY) meats and dairy, then extracting what it can, and then, getting rid of it, and then fixing the damage it did going through…?

Give yourself time to get into this new way of living.  You ate heavy duty for thirty years, give yourself AT LEAST 3-6 months to re-stabilize, drinking copious amounts of water as you go!

To keep in fridge/kitchen as often as possible – these dishes last a while and are corner stones and are super easy to make or fairly inexpensive to purchase:

peanut butter – slightly acidic, so the Vegan Ninja gets almond butter.

hummus – (recipe – Aye carumba, need to write this as well for you=) can be used as a dip for veggies/chips, with bread, by itself

pesto – (recipe) same as above, depending on recipe can have many different properties.

HEALTHY – cookies, chips snacks, again, read really close – H E A L T H Y.  This is meant as a treat, do not rely on these foods!  You can find yourself being a super muncher in no time, and too many carbs will lead to an imbalance.  Further, if you are not going Organic and non GMO, you could be really blasting your body.  Remember this, most of what you buy pre made has corn, this year, in November 2012, Monsanto will begin mass production of GMO corn into your everyday drinks (corn syrup) and foods (so many different variations of corn it is shocking).  You have been advised, do what you feel is right and know that independent scientific study has shown rats getting tumors twice as big as them in as little as 90 days.  Rats are used because they mimic the human body so perfectly, but are smaller so ten years can be as short as 30 days…. Y I K E S!!!

Fresh vegetables of a variety of colors with a larger amount being dark leafy greens.  They have protein, vitamins, minerals, make you strong like Bear and quick like fox.  Beware the source, conventional farming gives you huge veggies with little nutritional value and most are becoming GMO to boot.  sigh….

More to come for this section, feel free to email us with good ones and think outside the box!  A banana blended with some raw agave makes a great sandwich with almond butter on some nice mutli grain bread.  You can have the pickiest kid, they will be stoked on this stuff as will you, you who is nothing more than a fully grown picky kid=]

Lastly, for now, have you ever wondered why these companies don’t want you to know that the food is GMO?  Why they spend literally millions of dollars to push lawmakers to decide in their favor… Ever think about that stuff, ever wonder why, ever think about if you are what you eat and someone doesn’t want you to know what you’re eating, well, what does that say about them, and the overall situation?  These are just thoughts for you to ponder.  We are stoked for you no matter what you do.  You are always welcome at our table, you wanna eat meat, fine, want GMO corn, sweet.  We care about the conversation and who you are.  You’re life is fleeting as are all of ours, if we have a chance to meet, all the better for us both.

Aloha friends, happy eating, send questions, say Aloha and above all, always ask questions and protect the youth.


This is the quick start up guide to help you become an instant vegan allowing you to begin enjoying the benefits of better health while you still have the healthy fear of god in your heart after seeing your doctor and getting back your test results… or, you are just ready to do something different in order to get different results=]  We have tried to make this as simple yet comprehensive as possible allowing for the greatest ease at transition.  You will be setting a new baseline for your diet, and it will take a time to get used to what being really healthy feels like.  Please give yourself the time.  Know that it is better if you start doing your own cooking so you can fully understand the gravity and depth of this change and to better enable you to speak with whomever you may need to ensuring you are happy at restaurants, bars, hanging with freinds, not uncomfortable at a bar b q…

What is Vegan, am I even reading the correct article!

Vegan means letting go of things you have been raised to believe you need in exchange for the things that scientists (not on governement or dairy/meat industry payroll) and evolution tell us we actually need.

What you will be letting go of : Essentially anything that comes from a “face” so to speak.


Meat, includes fish and insects, you cannot believe how many people separate fish into some category that isnt considered meat. What the hell is it then, I usually wonder to myself, it has a spine, bones, blood, veins, the whole works and yet, people put it into this category that defies logical explanation. Insects have been offered to me a few times as a suitable replacement, and I have nothing against them, but, for your new diets intents and purposes, they are not vegan either.

Dairy from an animal, is not vegan. From ANY animal, for instance, chihuahua milk would not be vegan.

Cheese from animal (any) dairy would not be vegan- chinchilla cheese, not vegan.

more refined vegan – reads labels, drops long non natural sounding chemical names

still further refined, understands impact of conventional farming on human health – organic, or grows veggies in garden/farm

global vegan – gets organic and local when possible, fair trade

veganinja – reads labels only when feels the need for something processed, otherwise eats local organic produce

food exchanges to make the process easier from pre made items

cHEEZE – daiya

mEAT – seitan

mILK – almond rice hemp soy

bURGER PATTIES – tempeh, gardein

lINKS – tofurky

Necessary vits and minerals  consumed via food –

nutritional yeast

dulse flakes



Consumed in super foods –



cacao – raw

mate – raw



Consumed in pre made formula –

Healthforce Nutritionals

Rules ideas –

fruit by itself

read labels

Going to restaurants –

use menu as kitchen, if chef cant do it, they suck and should leave the kitchen.  youre gonna kill an animal no problem, but i order all veggies and you have beef [get it, beef! hahaha], Get OUTTA HEAH!

Going to Bar b Q –

Bring your own everything and share, next time, people will come prepared I promise, its happened so many times, my food is always gone and there is plenty of everything else, cause the vegan is da bomb!

Adding raw to charge your diet –

raw avo pie

initial detox phase –

now your vegan, drink lots of water, first couple months, make sure you really do, very important time.

Black Sesame Cookies AND Milk… serious nom nom going on here!!!

       On our last night in La Paz of course I needed to do some baking! Getting some road food ready, lightening our load ’cause you need to know, we carry kilos of superfoods with chia, flax, cacao, etc in the list, and well, we love cookies! no more reasons needed for baking!!

Craving for something like an energy bar, packed with protein and good fats to keep us going those extra miles the next day and without soymilk in the fridge (which was a whole crisis situation of its own “There’s no soy milk! We are making cookies and there is NO soymilk?!?!”) this was the result and Oh Dear, it was tasty!

Begin by preparing the milk since you will need the byproduct for the cookies. Now, there are different ways to make nut milk, raw or slightly cooked. In my experience, raw is better nutrition wise, no question about it; but some people like the creamy consistency of cooked milk, so you decide, I’ll give you both… also, when it comes to vegan milks it’s hard to choose! we use soy all the time in a big part because of convenience, you know, being on the road and all, but our favorite is almond. This time I mixed almonds, walnuts and black sesame seeds, talk about protein packed milk! and sooo nutritious! Black sesame is one of the regular superfoods in our diet, high in vitamins and minerals, has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for kidney and liver health and for strengthening the immune system, increase energy and longevity.

1 cup almonds
1/2 cup walnuts
1 cup black sesame seeds
1 Tbsp. vanilla extract
Raw agave to taste (optional)

If you’re going for raw milk, you need to soak the nuts and seeds at least overnight. Soak the almonds on a separate container, once soaked, you can easily peel them off which is a good idea since the skin carries some natural chemicals and enzymes from the plant that diminish the absorbance of nutrients in the body and it gives a slight bitter flavor. So once drained and peeled, mix them with the soaked walnuts and soaked black sesame seeds, blend them for about three minutes or more in high speed with 1 1/2 liters of water. You can adapt the quantity of water to match the consistency you want, I like it rich so you might want to use a bit more water, also you can use this same recipe for example for making vegan half and half for your coffee, just use half the amount of water and trust me, it will be rich!

Now you strain your milk and keep the nuts paste! you will use it for the cookies…

If you’re going for the cooked version is quite simple and faster to make, but remember, you will loose some great nutrients!… the only thing you change is, instead of soaking the nuts for hours, cook them over low heat for about 15 minutes on a pan with enough water to barely cover them. For the almonds do it again in a separate pan so you can peel them after. Drain, and continue with the recipe. Way faster and it does helps to create a creamier consistency… but the raw version is so delicious AND nutritious that please only do the cooked one when you have a milk emergency and no time 🙂

1 cup milk paste from above
1 cup oat flour
1/4 cup chia seeds
1 cups sucanat
1/3 cup black sesame
1/3 cup rolled oats
1 cup coconut oil
3 Tbsp. vanilla extract

Begin by soaking the chia seeds in half a cup water until they are gooey and slippery. Now add and mix all the other ingredients to make a soft cookie dough. Don’t worry if it feels softer than other cookie doughs, but you do want it thick enough that you can shape the cookies with your hands, if you need to, add more oat flour or a little bit more water to the mixture.

Place the cookies in an oiled cookie sheet and bake for about 25 minutes or until hard to the touch and lightly golden. Once done let them cook before eating them so they can set. Chill your milk on the refrigerator and enjoy!!… besides making some really tasty cookies, trust me, you know I love cookies and every time we bake I get so happy but this ones were one of my best! These are small energy bars, high in B vitamins, essential minerals, protein and healthy fats, great for road/gym/wilderness food to keep you strong and active!

Prune Teff cookies!

We’re having another cookie day, shocker!! we also made beans… and had a banana-cacao protein shake in the morning. BUT before you think we are creatures of habit, let me tell you we rarely cook the same dish, if ever.

Some changes in the ingredients and you can get new cookies, new beans… always. Today was a bit of a challenge anyways, as we seem to be running out of new ingredients and as delicious as they are, I didn’t want to bake yet another batch of the Oats and Cranberries Vegan Cookies. After twenty minutes or so of double and triple checking all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen I came out with prunes and teff flour. The result: some little dark colored cookies that make a great option for a quick breakfast. Not too sweet, they are more of a healthy, high fiber, high protein, nutrient dense cookie; but a cookie never the less!

12 dried prunes
1 cup soy milk
1/4 cup chia seeds
1/2 cup flax seeds
1 cup whole teff flour
1 cup whole rye flour
1/2 cup coconut oil
2 Tbsp. ground cinnamon
1 cup sucanat

Remember that chia seeds are really high in healthy fatty acids, protein and trace minerals, AND they make a great egg replacement in vegan recipes. When wet, they get all gooey and sticky, helping shape your cookies or breads. For these cookies, start by blending the prunes with the soy milk until you get a dense milk-shake kind of base, now mix the chia seeds stirring until they are well incorporated and after about three to five minutes mix the flax seeds and let rest for a couple more minutes. You will get a dense, sticky, gooey situation going on, mix in the rest of the ingredients and voila! cookie dough…

In an oiled cookie sheet, place spoonfuls of dough and bake for about 25 minutes at 450 F. Every oven is different so check them every few minutes and take them out when they’re ready=]  nom, nom, nom…

Oats and Cranberries Vegan Cookies

high protein wheat free cookies

Vegan or not I promise you will love this wheat free high protein cookies. Yes, they are so very healthy, but you’ll love them because they are Oh! So Very Tasty!

Baked them last night and as soon as I’m done writing this recipe down I’ll make a second batch for Glenda and her family, we’re staying with them on our time in La Paz and they really are making us feel at home, so sweet!!..

Mixing the gooey seeds with cranberries and oats…


1/4 cup chia seeds
1 cup soy or almond milk
1/4 cup flax seeds
1 cup sucanat
1/2 cup dried cranberries
1 cup rolled oats
1 1/2 cups rice flour
1/2 cup melted coconut oil


Begin by heating your oven at 420 F. In a large bowl, mix the chia seeds with the soy milk and stir until they get soft and smoochy, that will take about 3 to 5 minutes. Chia seeds are a wonderful superfood, we use them almost everyday and for baking are a great substitute for egg, in part because of the consistency but also because of their protein content that is actually healthier than any animal protein and super charged with omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals, super cool!!


     Now add the flax seeds and let them integrate in the gooey mixture. To this add the sucanat, cranberries, oats, oil and mix well. Incorporate the flour little by little until you get a proper cookie dough consistency. For this recipe you want a soft dough that resembles a thick oatmeal. On a greased cookie sheet simply place thick spoonfuls of dough separated by at least half an inch because they will grow a little bit and bake for about 25 minutes. Let them cook and enjoy -maybe with a glass of cold almond milk!

high protein wheat free cookies

Part 15. Foods and Supplements (at a point you will realize they are one in the same:) The Beginners Guide to Bicycle Touring by Pedaling for Peace in 3D with Surround Sound

fruits and veggies power pedaling for peace

There are a literal sea of supplements to choose from, so, we will do our best to stick to the facts about todays technology and what is generally accepted as to what works and what does not.  At the end, we will share our recommendations for what has worked for us, KNOW THIS, we have not tried every supplement there is, we are only speaking on what we know.  Everyone makes the choice that is best for them, and if it doesn’t work, get rid of it, its extra weight!

Your body will operate best when it is fed properly, this includes vitamins, minerals, proteins – to include all amino acids, they are the building blocks of YOU!  When you hear the catch phrase “complete protein”, that means it has all the amino acids KNOWN and can therefore help to synthesize whatever your body needs.

When deciding supplementation you must ask yourself if you, A. Get it in your diet now, and if not, B. How will I do so?  For a vast majority of you, this will be very alien territory indeed.  There are many places to get your information, of course, be very careful where you get it.  If you come across sites that demand you to believe only what they say, tend to stay away from absolutes.  Go for places that seem well thought out, well spoken and open to many ideas.  One such place is]

fruits and veggies power pedaling for peaceThe best way to get all you need is through a balanced whole food diet that uses fruits veggies nuts and grains as the primary source of food.  Meat is fine for those who choose to eat it, though this should be more of a condiment if you will, rather than the main focus of the meal as it is very hard for the body to digest and in many cases it will be coming from a factory farm.  Factory or Commercial large-scale farming is largely responsible for the decline in the nutritional value of food.  It affects vegetables, fruits and meats by producing them on such a large scale and so quickly that they are more food products than actual food by the time the process from start to finish is complete.  Much of the growth, in the case of your meat and dairy, is made possible by heavy antibiotic and growth hormone use.  The antibiotics are used to prevent the diseases caused by the sheer number of animals in such small confined, airless, sunless places full of disease, filth and excrement.  The growth hormones are used to speed the growth of the animals in order that they may be taken to the markets quicker, thereby increasing profit.  With veggies, many of them are now farmed with petro-chemical fertilizers, extremely toxic bug sprays, polluted water all in dirt that you would NOT want your children playing in, yet for some reason you let them eat its products…?

Meat and dairy in and of themselves are more difficult for the body to digest and are better when used in very small amounts as mentioned before, also, please note this is not coming to you due to the fact that we are vegan, this is coming to you as it has been decided by nearly everyone of repute, from scientists, to nutritionists, when it comes to the health of the human body these are facts based on how we are made.

Recent developments beyond the over use of antibiotics and petro chemicals and growth hormones have made eating food, good and wholesome food, the kind you want to eat, much more difficult to achieve.  With the advent of Genetic Modification Progroms (not a misspell), you may not know what you are eating.  A company called Monsanto, in association with the United States Government is at the forefront of this research that has already decimated what we know as food by adding in some cases even human DNA strands to various vegetables in an effort to make a plumper tomato and drought resistant corn.  While this sounds great, it is in fact a detriment to our species as now we have far fewer varieties and there is mounting scientific evidence that these GMO foods are actually very bad for the human body.

While I understand that many of you reading this may be disagreeing at this point, I remind you that as a human, you are one of the single most adaptable organisms on this planet, which, as we will discuss briefly, is a blessing and a curse.

Your ability to adapt is what allows us to enslave others and make them work in mines, nuclear spills, chemical plants and sit at desk jobs that literally cause the slow degradation of the body.  While many animals introduced into similar, for them, surroundings will simply die, the human in some instances seems to almost thrive…?

Adaptability.  Do not let your ability to survive working in a salt mine on coffee and salt and a few pieces of bread, lead you to believe that it is a healthy life good for the body!

All of this is important as you are going to be riding a bike for a bit of time, this alone shows your interest in your health, we are simply clarifying a few key points about one of the most important aspects of your health, i.e., what you eat, after all, will become you over time.

Hippocrites, the gentleman to which all Doctors swear the Hippocratic Oath, states as one of his most basic and fundamental rules, “let food by thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

In other words, you wont have to fix the entire fuel system and engine if you refrain from filling the tank with sugar, use what is known to work!

When you travel avoid the following, refined sugar, refined salt, excess meat and dairy.  Especially when you are traveling in foreign countries for the first time as you want your bodies full power to be focused and available to combat the various new bacteria it will be coming across on a daily basis.  It cannot do this is it has to deal with all sorts of chemical and genetically modified unnatural things being forced directly into the stomach!

A few points that will help you on your way when it coms to food now that the lecture on the state of food is over=]

Try to eat fruit by itself.  Fruit is digested very quickly by the body.  When eaten in conjunction with other foods, it must wait in the stomach for the other food to be processed before it can pass.  Does this make sense, your stomach is very tricky, yet not so much that it can pick and choose what stays for further processing and what doesn’t, its all or none.  While the food waits, it begins to ferment, this process then spreads to the other foods being processed and you end up losing a lot of vitamins and nutrients, further, you get gas.

Some very easy to carry superfoods are Raw Cacoa, or raw chocolate, this is a powerful antioxidant and is full of theobromine.  This chemical turns to caffeine when the chocolate is heated to make chocolate as you know it, when in its theobromine state it will provide your body with clean energy for up to 12 hours with no crash.  It is also full of vitamins and minerals.

-Maca Root or Peruvian Ginseng.  This is somewhat pricey, but well worth it as it helps to balance hormones and increase energy naturally with no crash.

-Chia seeds!  Yay for chia.  This has been used for centuries, and is full of power.  The Aztecs and Mayans would use it before battle, the Tarahumara [Native Mexican Indian Tribe revered for their ridiculous ability to run for ridiculous distances in sandals] use it as one of their only food sources during their 400 plus mile runs.

There are many out there, you want to look for ones that store easily and do NOT require refrigeration of any sort.  Unless you somehow figured that out as well=]

A really important general rule of thumb for you to remember is the following…  The energy that your body is able to extract from the food MUST be more than the energy your body uses to process the food.

For instance, in the movie Supersize me, our valiant hero ate McDonalds for a month and nothing else.  At the end of the month he was on the verge of death, literally, his liver was perilously close to a shutdown.  This is because what he was eating was not food per sey, but an approximation of food.  It was riddled with chemicals and quite frankly, it was full of s#@t.  His body had to work so hard just to rid itself of the food that he was in a continual deficit of energy and was literally dying.  Again, you body is the most adaptable organism on this planet outside of viruses and bacteria, do not let that fool you into thinking that Doritos and Soda are in any way shape or form – FOOD.  They are not.  As you progress out into your journey, be aware of this, if you want to get the maximum experience, you must give the engine the best you can find.  Next rule of thumb, Feed the Body ALWAYS, sometimes feed your wants and desires.  This especially applies to alcohol if you’re into that sort of thing.

Be very careful with alcohol, ensure that you will not be riding, that you will have plenty of time for your body to process it out before you take to the road again.  It is a diuretic, it dehydrates and it really taxes the body.  It is one of the reasons I ended up with heat stroke.  Be very aware with this drug.  We have nothing against it, Diana makes wine, I love hand crafted Beer, we both respect it and use it very carefully when riding. When resting, we like to get down on occasion, I’m no stranger to waking up and being pleasantly surprised with my surroundings and the memory rush… just so you know, we’re human like you, we only ask that you be smart humans.  At some point in life, you may get to a point where you no longer desire alcohol.  This is truly wonderful as the body was not designed to do well with it, no matter what people tell you, it’s a fact.  The body with any alcohol is immediately in survival and clean up mode.  Know this and slowly move towards being clean.  This is coming from a guy who does drink, I’m not preaching at you, just sharing a truth I have yet to grasp WITH you.

You started reading this for supplements.  We have found two companies work very well.  The first is Vega, great stuff, the pre workout energizer allowed me to ride with walking pneumonia, so, I swear by it.  They have a complete line of products, of course, you will have to carry it, so, understand and do a weight/need analysis.

HealthForce Nutritionals, another whizz bang company.  One of the most expensive on the market and for good reason, they have thought of everything, all the way down to the individual plastic choices for reduced oxygenation of the product.  Amazing company.


Chia – Pedaling for Peace Super Foods Series

Pedaling for Peace - Super Foods Series chia seeds    Chia seeds come from the Salvia hispanica plant that is native of México. High in complete protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, potassium and soluble fiber, chia seeds are a superstar food for high energy endurance sports!

I fell in love with chia seeds while researching the Rarámuri, a tribe of native indians in Northern México that are both mystical and magical, not only because of their culture but also their amazing athletic power, being able to run more than 500 miles up there in the Copper Canyon Mountains… that is MORE than 500 (five hundred) MILES… up in the mountains… in sandals!!! …  s a n d a l s ! ! !  …  Since then, chia seeds are a staple in my diet:)

A very special characteristic of chia seeds is it’s hydrophilic property. If you were to place a spoonful of chia seeds in a glass of water, after a few minutes the whole content would have a gelatinous texture. This is in part due to the high content of soluble fiber in the seed that traps moisture: a seed can absorb up to 12 times it’s weight in water and this way, provide prolonged hydration in the body. Besides this, in the stomach, this gelatinous matter helps to slow down considerably the breaking down of carbohydrates, which results in a slow, long term delivery of energy and nutrients that won’t create a high or a low in blood sugar levels.

So you have one of the highest sources of antioxidants, packed with easy to assimilate complete protein, omega-3 fatty acids, an excellent source of essential minerals, that will provide you with prolonged energy and hydration?!  N I N J A .

Turmeric banana shake, another great post-workout food..

We’ll be staying apparently in Guerrero Negro for a few days at the Malarribo Hotel collaborating with Tony, the owner, in designing a few gardens to start growing their own veggies and herbs for the restaurant. This excites me and not at the same time. Part of me already miss pedaling for hours and hours, miss the open space of the road and the desert, feel my heart pounding hard. At the same time I’m happy to stay here long enough to meet some people, do some work and hopefully teach a yoga class or two. That I miss a lot.

Our last long ride was last Saturday, which means we did nothing but rest for the last four days. OK, we did move a bit, biking around town in Bahía de los Ángeles, a little bit of swimming and some yoga. But nothing that would actually make me tired or help produce endorphins in the quantities I’m used to. I really needed the rest but already feeling anxious for some serious movement. This morning we went for a short jog around the edges of one of the many salt fields around Guerrero Negro, just 20 to 30 minutes with a few abs after, but was good. Now sitting at the coffee house and getting hungry can’t stop thinking about a turmeric shake I made almost everyday the last week we were in Ensenada. With high quantities of potassium, manganese, vitamin B6 and C it’s a great option for supplying your body with some of the most important nutrients needed in tissue recovery. It also has flax and chia seed, to it will load you up with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein and both are proved to help lower bad cholesterol and help balance the sugar level in the blood. And with the addition of turmeric and it’s healing properties, it’s ninja fuel!

In a couple of entries before we have mentioned about the therapeutic properties of turmeric; one of the basic spices in asian cuisine, turmeric is a root with amazing power. It’s anti-inflammatory action, that is as strong and effective as many medications but without side effects, makes it very useful in sports nutrition and in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, it also has proved to help prevent cancer, detoxify the liver, slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and if that wasn’t enough, it does wonders for the skin. In India, specially in the old times, women used to rub turmeric in their faces to keep their fair complexion and prevent infections and skin diseases.

So, here’s the recipe for this tasty turmeric-banana shake:

1 large banana, 2 teaspoons turmeric powder, 1 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 tablespoon grounded flax seed, 2 teaspoon chia seeds, blend it all together and enjoy!!

Here’s to your happy running:)

Al parecer estaremos en Guerrero Negro unos días en el Hotel Malarribo, colaborando con Tony, el dueño, ayudándole a diseñar unos cuantos jardines para crecer hierbas y verduras para el restaurante. Estoy contenta y a la vez no tanto al mismo tiempo. Por un lado ya extraño el pedaleo intenso, extraño la libertad e intensidad del desierto, el aire, la sensación de mi corazón latiendo a toda fuerza. Por otro lado estoy feliz de estar aquí un rato, conocer gente, platicar, chambear un poco y ojalá, dar algunas clases de yoga. Eso sí que lo extraño!

Nuestra última buena pedaleada fue el sábado, lo que significa, llevamos cuatro días de descanso. Si hemos estado rodando un poco por el pueblo, sobre todo en Bahía de los Ángeles donde también nadé un poco e hice otro tanto de yoga; pero nada intenso, nada que me cansara ni que ayudara a generar los niveles de endorfinas y serototnina al que estoy acostumbrada. No me quejo porque realmente necesitaba el descanso. En las últimas largas distancias que pedaleamos sentía cada vez menos fuerza sobre todo en las pendientes, señal que mis músculos necesitaban un tiempo para regenerarse, recosntruirse. Pero ya me siento ansiosa por algo de movimiento en serio! Esta mañana salimos a trotar por las orillas de Guerrero Negro, a través de uno de sus campos de sal por unos 20 o 30 minutos con unos cuantos abdominales después. Y ahora, sentada en el café, sintiendo el hambre llegar poco a poco, no puedo dejar de pensar en un licuado con turmérico que preparé casi todos los días el último par de semanas que estuvimos en Ensenada. Con grandes cantidades de potasio, manganeso, vitamina B6 y C, es una genial opción para proveer al cuerpo con los nutrientes necesarios en la regeneración de tejidos. También tiene linaza y chía, así que te dará una buena dosis de ácidos grasos Omega-3 y proteínas, además que está probado, estas semillas ayudan a bajar los niveles de colesterol y balancear el nivel de azúcar en la sangre… combustible ninja definitivamente!!

En un par de entradas del blog hemos mencionado sobre las propiedades terapéuticas del turmérico; una de las especias base en la cocina asiática, es una raíz con grandes poderes. Sus acciones anti-inflamatorias son tan efectivas como varios medicamentos pero sin los efectos secundarios, lo que la hace una genial opción en nutrición del deporte y en el tratamiento de artritis y reumas. Además se ha comprobado que ayuda a prevenir el cáncer, desintoxicar el hígado, desacelerar el desarrollo de Alzheimer’s, esclerosis múltiple y por si fuera poco, hace milagros en la piel. En India, especialmente en tiempos antiguos, las mujeres frotaban turmérico en sus rostros para mantener su complexión suave y prevenir infecciones y enfermedades de la piel.

Así que, aquí está la receta para el licuado de plátano y turmérico:

1 plátano grande, 2 cucharaditas de turmérico en polvo, 1 1/2 taza de leche de almendras, 1 cucharada sopera de semillas de linaza molidas, 2 cucharaditas de semillas de chía, licuarlo todo y a disfrutar!!

Salud! para correr feliz:)

Super Ninja morning shake…

We’re working on adding a bunch of healthy tips for you Ninjas out there so I figure I would start by sharing with you one of my favorites breakfasts EVER!!

Take in account I love distant running and many of my mornings start with a 6 am advanced ashtanga yoga practice and a 6 to 10 mile run…  I said ASHTANGA, not the ‘sit and relax’ kind of yoga so I need my fuel and protein to get me going!  Many times as you know we drink the VEGA Whole Food Health Optimizer, but when you want something made from scratch and/or you just don’t want any pre-made shake here’s a great option, high in protein that will give you the energy you need for several hours:

1 frozen banana -tip: remove the skin BEFORE freezing, makes it easier… we know by experience!

1 Tablespoon of raw cacao nibs. Must be raw, otherwise it looses a lot of it’s beneficial stuff, here’s a link with a lot of info: cacao rules!

1 teaspoon of spirulina

1 1/2 cups of soy/almond/coconut milk

1 teaspoon bee pollen

2 teaspoon chia seeds -the amazing base for the Rarámuri runners

1 cup of berries -I prefer blueberries but ANY is good, berries are super foods!

Don’t get complicated, just blend it all together and enjoy! Remember also to get creative in your food, experiment and have fun. The most important aspect is to keep your ingredients fresh, healthy and green, you can’t go wrong when you have good ingredients 🙂

Estamos trabajando en agregar información con recetas, tips y lo que se nos ocurra que te ayude a mantenerte sano, fuerte, super ninja! Voy a empezar compartiéndote uno de mis desayunos favoritos de todos los tiempos…

Toma en cuenta por favor que me encanta correr largas distancias y muchos de mis días comienzan temprano con dos horas de ashtanga yoga y unos 10 a 15 kms. de distancia…  dije ASHTANGA, no precisamente el tipo de yoga de “siéntate, relájate, suave y tranquilo”, no, no; ashtanga. Así que necesito de buen combustible cargado de proteína y que me mantenga fuerte un buen rato! Muchas veces Chris y yo tomamos el “Whole Food Health Optimizer” de VEGA, pero cuando quieres algo más casero, o simplemente no acostumbras a usar licuados pre-fabricados, esta es una opción ideal:

1 plátano congelado -tip: quítale la cáscara ANTES de congelarlo… lo digo por experiencia, te hace las cosas más fáciles.

1 cucharada de granos de cacao crudos. Tiene que ser crudo, de otro modo pierde muchas de sus propiedades, aquí te incluyo un link con informacion: cacao rules!

1 cucharadita de espirulina

1 1/2 tazas de leche de soya/almendra/coco

1 cucharadita de polen de abeja

2 cucharaditas de semillas de chia, el combustible Rarámuri!

1 taza de moras -yo prefiero las moras azules, pero escoge las que quieras, las moras son super alimentos!

Y listo! Licúalo todo junto y disfruta 🙂  Recuerda siempre ser creativo con la comida, experimenta y diviértete. Lo más importante es usar ingredientes frescos, vivos, llenos de nutrientes; es prácticamente imposible equivocarse teniendo una buena base.