Know your food, know thyself, or something like that….


Its clear as day down here

3rd world… 1st world, there will always be a sort of third world or under class countries, its how you keep the schmoes in the first world country happy.  The rulers f the third world countries and first world countries made thier deal and depending on where you first poked your head out of a vagina, there is your first roll of dice by the fates.
For those of the first world…  The thinking that getting starbucks is equivalent to having it all worked out, well, bingo moron, its the same down here, just not as many options, but same shit, has been that way since man put it all together and you voted for and continue to vote for today.
You wake up, depending on the time and your position, your morning ritual will vary. Some of you will have time to grab a McScrewU to go with a cuppa joe, others a starbucks latte with a pastry, some perhaps a power green smoothie and a power bar and others will have poached eggs on toast triangles with Blue Mountain cofee served in Sterling Silver, on and on up the food chain, the higher you go, the more choices you have.
Most of the workers herel Mexico (considered by you and your govt to be 3rd world) have three options, OXXO, which is akin to 7-11, local super tiny joints with home coffee brewer as coffee service or coffee simply at home.
Why am I prostelytizing… I guess Im sick of living a lie and now that it is so abundantly clear to me, I want everyone else to stop living it as well.  Right, like if I found the cure for cancer or aids or stupidity, I would share it with evryone, this, for me is a potemtial cure for ignorance.  Once you are able to look at how the food you eat got on your plate, you are in bliss.  I have posted the video “Farm to Fridge”, what, I dunno, 15 times on Facebook, usually the same two people like it everytime.  i post a picture of a guy getting a soccerball in the face, BAM, 20 likes…?
And yet you all eat, but NO ONE wants to even talk about it, no one wants to know.  You dont even want to know, dont want to see.  You dont wish to hear about how your greens and fruits come from far and wide….  No, none of that, then you may have to realize the life you live is a L I E.  Unfortunately for me, the reason this is all so moving for me, is it is a lie for me as well.  I never once in my current position could do what I am doing without help from many.  My food, my bike, tent, etc.  I didnt make a bit, nor a stitch of my clothing,mso, please understand, I do not decry your actions as evil, so much as Inwish this to be a mutual comiseration of guilt in the hopes of making some real change…
Well, liars or not, moving on….
Unless you are at the top of the command chain, you are a cog, you think youre not but thats only because you allow yourself the comfort of ignorance (arrogance is usually just before the fall:). You think you arent a cog and yet most of what you do is base on fear of what will happen if you dont do it, produced by situations you dont really want yet wont “fit in” unless you do them!  What kind of existence is that, and then we teach generation after generation to do the same, which at this point, with the veritable cornucopia of knowledge floating around, you are essentially teaching ignorance generation after generation.
I just passed by a couple mega farms down here, the produce of which will see the U.S. before it trickles back  the country it was grown in.  Driscolls and FreshPac were the two farms I saw….  all those veggies you eat, yummy goodness, both organic and non organic and by god he chemical factories down here, you had best be getting the organic, or your hosed, we see it first hand, cause we are here, you are not, you are the consumer, be informed.  There are chemical companies down here by the dozen.  Why, if I were in the market for petro chemical fertilizer, bug sprays, weed killers, you name it, no problem, try to find a bottle of simple ice tea with no sugar, problem.
Point is, its in your food, we saw three tractors geared for spraying leaving a chem plant this morning, the drivers, dressed like NEST response team members at an alien crash landing…  Plants absorb chemicals, this may be rocket science to some, but it is true none the less.
Your food is being grown in a desert and shipped to you.  Even if it is “organic”, It is grown with water that isnt drinkable, thats why everyone buys bottled water, in the whole country… You didnt think they watered the many acres of berries and greens with bottled water for you… ?!?HAHAHAHAHA!
Of course its not grown in your own country or the E.U., (for those given the basic US education, E.U., stands for European Union, that big clump of area above Africa where your diamonds and a lot of oil and raw materials come from, and to the left of Mother Russia, who once they chilled out with thier Commie Antics, your government then created “Terrorists” to take up the potential slack in defense spending.).
Why does it go to EU and USA, cause all they do is grow genetically modified soy, wheat, corn, cotton and rice (this is a blanket statement for the production of the ENTIRE USA and E.U., dont be upset if you know a guy who has a farm and grows eggplants, thats great, really is, its just that it doesnt represent your country anymore, it represents what you wish your country would do, but instead you keep voting not only at the joke elections, but at the supermarket, and you what you buy is then subsidised by thier respective governments as it is a more valuable crop.  Cause you eat unhealthy, dont believe me, why then is there an “Obesity Epidemic”?  Riddle me that…
Know we can start to put some of this insane picture together, or we can simply call of this incoherent rambling and continue being ignorant, which is fine, that kind of works itself out in the hospital later….  Just sayin, it does, and YOU KNOW it does.
So what can you do?  Enough bashing me and tell me where to sign on!  I wish it were so easy.  I used to think that if I ate healthy, I was doing something good for the planet, but, when you peer a little closer….well, lets do just that!
When you buy from a mega health store such as Whole Foods, you arent helping anything or anyone in the world but yourself.  If you really wanted to do the world a favor with the standard hippie/yuppie new age vegan organic field raised etc etc etc, save the planet diet, you would eat what is readily available in your area where you live.  Problem is you have this job and cant afford to move just yet to a place where you can grow your own veggies and milk your own fing cow and blah blah blah?… but thats a goal of yours.  Like you would really milk a cow, you cant even sprout a seed!
In the meantime more beer from monks in France, cheese from Holland, crackers from Germany, veggies and fruit from the rest of the Americas (you are a citizen of the United States of America, ths oweer is only one part of America as a whole, for instance, people in Mexico, live in America, they do not live in the United States.  People in Guatemala, they too live in America, they live in Central America….  I know a whole Xenophobia thing, its O.K., you were taught that, the ignorance thing, well, at least you were taught its O.K., as for doing it on a daily basis, thats all you…) and there you are, healthy person helping out right.?  Do you really think so?  You must be able to tell that by buying things that are shipped in from all over the world because they arent grown OR -M A D E- in your country you are definitely contributing to an imbalance, especially when the people that grow/make the damn shit in the first place cant even afford to buy it or are even given the CHANCE to do so!
Its a tough world, especially if you find yourself a parent or morals, now you have to make peace with the fact that you are stealing from future generations with your purpose driven ignorance.
Maybe thats mans affliction, a “Purpose Driven Ignorance”, or PDI, caused by the ability to rationalize coupled with a linear time frame.  We’ll get into that later…
Now of course, time for me to be the hypocritical healthy guy and have a beer, one that I am proud to say is brewed and bottled here, but like up the road, we passed it on the ride in:)