Osho on Change

“If you are alive, climates will change, seasons will change; and you have to learn through winters, through summers, through rains. You have to pass through all these seasons with a dance in your heart, knowing perfectly well that existence is never against you. So whatever it gives, it may be bitter, but it is a medicine. It may not taste sweet to you in the beginning, but finally you will find it has given you something which just one state of mind could not have given.

So whatever is happening is good… take it easy. This will not stay, this will also change; but don”t make any effort to change it. Leave it up to existence. This is what I call trust. Existence is wiser than you and will provide you with all the opportunities needed for your growth.” ~ Osho

Ayurveda on a daily dose… Rise and shine!!

With a background in yoga it has always made sense to me following Ayurveda as a great health guidance. Specially in times like today when we have so much available information, sometimes is hard to know what to do, how to best take care of our health. My advice is: do your research! Read, learn, investigate, ask, but most than all, experiment. Discover what your body needs and wants, how it works. Your body is different than mine, different than any other, so it has very individual and personal needs, only YOU can know what YOU need to be healthy…

That being said, Ayurveda works for me precisely because it relies on understanding each entity as unique, each living creature as one of a kind and in constant transformation. So not only you are different from anyone else, you are also different today, this morning, than you were yesterday or will be by this evening. Then it becomes obvious, you need to pay attention, to be here right now and live this moment. For taking care of your health, you must pay attention to how you are feeling moment by moment and act accordingly. Then, Ayurveda relies on habits, on the daily life; what a better way to prevent instead of fixing, even more, to make sure we’re allowing our body to express itself fully, letting our life energy flow freely.

Here’s an easy basic morning routine that will help balance your body and promote self awareness…

Wake up early, before sunrise!

From 2 am to 6 am it’s vata time in terms of energy in the atmosphere. Everything around and inside us begin to wake, to move and it’s a good idea filling yourself with this refreshing energy. Go out, breathe the morning air, fill up your lungs, your eyes with the peaceful dawn.

Drink 2 to 4 cups of luke warm water with a little bit of lime or lemon.
This will not only hydrate your body but also stimulate your internal organs, flush your kidneys and promote cleansing of the bowels. Lime juice is highly alkaline and filled with vitamins and minerals too.

Splash your face with fresh water to rehydrate the skin, remove accumulated heat from the eyes and stimulate your nervous system. Move your eyes around, from side to side, up and down, gentle circles and so forth.

Brush your teeth with natural toothpaste, avoid chemicals and harsh ingredients and scrape your tongue to remove toxins and stimulate your digestive tract and taste buds. The tongue is a good indicator of your whole digestive tract, pay attention to the appearance your tongue, any accumulations on the surface, any weird colors or shapes. You can find tongue scrapers in most health stores or you can use a spoon, scrape about ten times from back to front until you have removed any thick yucky stuff. Then rinse your mouth with warm olive or sesame oil, swish the oil around for two, three minutes and spit, don’t swallow! With your index finger gently massage your gums to stimulate and lubricate the tissues.

Now massage your ears and keep on massaging the rest of your face. You can do a dry massage but if you have the time is a good idea using a little oil that will nourish your skin and lubricate the tissues to a cellular level. For the face light oils like almond, sunflower or camelia are great. Then move on to the scalp, coconut oil is great for the hair. In Ayurveda there is an oil blend called Brahmi oil that is wonderful for the head and hair and that helps to clear the mind, relax the senses and induce meditation. Then massage the rest of your body. Sesame, coconut, olive and sunflower oils and all very good options. Stay away from mineral oil and artificial fragrances, I like to get my oils on the food section of the supermarket, feed your skin with natural food=]

Finish with a bath or shower and a fresh, whole, healthy breakfast. Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day so don’t skip it! However keep it light and of easy digestion; a smoothie is always a great idea, a green juice too or if you want something more consistent how about some muesli or granola with almond milk….

To drink or not to drink…

Long day today. Sometimes I wonder how we are able to fit so much in little time, but hey, time is relative and who’s keeping track anyways.
This years’ Vinomio is coming out very nice. We started screwing things up big time. Newbies. But now it feels as if we were finally catching up to it. Wine has a life of it’s own, and if you’re good, you’ll only be helping it manifest.
I am still to label the eight remaining cases from last year. I am still to sell it too so I can pay for this years’.
Both our babies: the wine and the beer come with a kick. Promise to knock you off your feet when you least expect it. If you don’t believe me you can ask Chris that is still recovering from yesterday. Alcohol is a big subject for us. We try to be as healthy as possible, we work out, eat really healthy for the most part, enjoy spending time in nature, avoid alopathic medicine, etc, etc… but put some good wine on the table and all bets are off. And we DO know what alcohol does in the body.
I believe it’s all about quality AND quantity. Specially quality. And in that we are picky. Still, we definitely are hedonists also and it’s hard to find balance sometimes. On my defense I’ll say a lot of what we have been drinking is part of the process of making, you need to taste and sample and evaluate… again and again. Yesterday for example Chris helped me out by transfering 120 liters of Vinomio into glass bottles. Using the “suck on the hose” method, at 10 am, after having only a soy latte for breakfast. Maybe I need to review my definition of healthy lifestyle you might say, thinking also that in the evening we took my parents to taste the newly born Horchata Oscura. Maybe I’m a proud mama but it’s the most delicious beer I have ever tasted in my life.

It’s all about finding a balance. Waking up this morning feeling tired, heavy and dull lets me know I leaned too far in one side; the alcohol side.
When I first starting practicing yoga I not only became 100% vegan almost overnight, but I also stayed away from alcohol, refined sugar and stimulants such as caffeine for over seven years. During that time I became more selective about my foods, no processed stuff, avoiding acidic foods, prefering local veggies, etc. I also kept a pranayama and a meditation practice.
Also during that time I found myself thinking more and more often, that I was missing out in what other people my age were doing. You know, going to college, partying, dating, what not. After all I started all this when I was 18 or 19 and all of the sudden I was in my late 20’s all healthy and yogi. But felt incomplete.

I can only let you imagine the party revolution the came after. Ok, it wasn’t that bad, my sister can party harder I tell you, BUT it was A LOT for me. And after a few months I felt the same, incomplete… and overweight, out of shape, broke and kind of lost. It took me quite a bit getting back in some sort of order, back into health.

Now I let myself be what ever day by day. I don’t even like to be called ‘vegan’ because even if I don’t eat animal products and disagree completely with how animals are treated when raised for consumption, still I don’t like to be defined as vegan or anything else for that matter. I want to allow myself to do and be what ever I want day by day.

Today I was many things: winemaker, runner, graphic designer, chef, dancing monkey, daughter, advertiser, stressed, happy, full.