Be LOST… All those who wander aren’t lost….

Here I am on a train, haven’t slept in, dunno really, quite a few hours at this point to be sure, kicked out of a vacation with a friend turned jellyfish in the onslaught of his psycho girl and lack of testes in the face of “harsh phone calls”, my god….. men are the doomed race of this species, on my way home, actually, my parents house…  no where new or on any bucket lists, and yet, I am literally alive right now.  Full on, electricity arcing nicely twixt my myelin sheaths.
The beauty in travel is simply in the journey, from one end of the block to another as a child, or from one end of the planet to the other, doesn’t matter, adventure begins the moment you take your first step of anything you dub travel.
And if you travel long enough, home will always be the most desired destination (especially once that bucket starts getting really in focus) for if you never go home, how can you leave again!
Tips for travelers…..

When traveling and staying in others spaces (including NATURE)…

1.  Do the dishes, clean up, and clean up beyond what you produce, neither man nor nature will snub you for looking out!
2.  Secret away your things, even if it means packing and unpacking many times a day, it is best to avoid then”exploded” look as it makes ones host imagine that they will come home to an all out assault for control, a storming of the gates RivenWood style.  If you are in nature, simply best to avoid littering the ground with your stuff, this should be fairly straight forward, there will no doubt be a few of you bitten by things most nefarious for ignoring the obvious, allow me to laugh at you now…
3.  Be considerate, keep an eye on times and hours that your hosts do things, ESPECIALLY in nature, now we’re talking, at times, life and death!
5.  If you’re from the U.S.A., drink more water, odds are you are dehydrated daily, this just makes for a poor house guest, again, especially if you are in nature.
6.  Don’t over stay your welcome, usually 2-4 days is enough, anything over 2 should be chatted about, every day beyond your stay, have the chat and over communicate if possible (some people are super chill and when they say a month is cool, that’s that, you decide your audience, good luck!).
7.  What, you’re still reading this s$%t!?!  GO TRAVEL!