Petition me this and save me that!

I can’t sign petitions fast enough, seriously as quick as I sign ’em, these yokels figure out ever new and inventive ways to fuck our species right off this planet!


Be LOST… All those who wander aren’t lost….

Here I am on a train, haven’t slept in, dunno really, quite a few hours at this point to be sure, kicked out of a vacation with a friend turned jellyfish in the onslaught of his psycho girl and lack of testes in the face of “harsh phone calls”, my god….. men are the doomed race of this species, on my way home, actually, my parents house…  no where new or on any bucket lists, and yet, I am literally alive right now.  Full on, electricity arcing nicely twixt my myelin sheaths.
The beauty in travel is simply in the journey, from one end of the block to another as a child, or from one end of the planet to the other, doesn’t matter, adventure begins the moment you take your first step of anything you dub travel.
And if you travel long enough, home will always be the most desired destination (especially once that bucket starts getting really in focus) for if you never go home, how can you leave again!
Tips for travelers…..

When traveling and staying in others spaces (including NATURE)…

1.  Do the dishes, clean up, and clean up beyond what you produce, neither man nor nature will snub you for looking out!
2.  Secret away your things, even if it means packing and unpacking many times a day, it is best to avoid then”exploded” look as it makes ones host imagine that they will come home to an all out assault for control, a storming of the gates RivenWood style.  If you are in nature, simply best to avoid littering the ground with your stuff, this should be fairly straight forward, there will no doubt be a few of you bitten by things most nefarious for ignoring the obvious, allow me to laugh at you now…
3.  Be considerate, keep an eye on times and hours that your hosts do things, ESPECIALLY in nature, now we’re talking, at times, life and death!
5.  If you’re from the U.S.A., drink more water, odds are you are dehydrated daily, this just makes for a poor house guest, again, especially if you are in nature.
6.  Don’t over stay your welcome, usually 2-4 days is enough, anything over 2 should be chatted about, every day beyond your stay, have the chat and over communicate if possible (some people are super chill and when they say a month is cool, that’s that, you decide your audience, good luck!).
7.  What, you’re still reading this s$%t!?!  GO TRAVEL!

The Beauty of indifference…..

One of the greatest problems facing the civilization of man today IS NOT a network of conspiratorial old men and nouveau riche hiding behind multinational corporations, no, it is us and our indifference.  Put on the
pants of responsibility today look at the world with eyes open, or be stoked to be ruled and your dreams gather dust.

Is this you?

…All they did was eat, sleep, s#%t, f*!k and consume.  What was their true contribution to society?  Did they do anything but breed more of themselves to  buy more of the crap that made other people rich? …
The short story : Ancient Equations by L. A. Banks
author extraordinaire L.A. Banks, aka Leslie Banks
author extraordinaire L.A. Banks, aka Leslie Banks

Living forever

We seek so ardently to “live in the moment” that most of us spend most of our waking hours working fervently to ensure as little surprise or originality will ever filter into our compartmentalized  existences.

And we call the prophets mad.

One of the purposes of this section of the site is to allow you to learn new and creative ways to “live outside the box”.  You want the best life has to offer, you will have to learn new things, thats simple logic, that which is simple logic is best.  The hardest thing about simple logic is the doing, this is why self help sections of the bookstore/library are huge.  Reading a self help book has become the practice.  What you need to realize is that the practice must be what the book suggests, not simply reading book after book, seminar after seminar.  At some point you must DO.

Let it be said, let it be done, enjoy this section and may the very best come your way as you desire and are ready!



Ladies of the Night shakin the walls of the Palace of Power

This is a sub story of my most recent blog describing my various crashes and adventures of my first night in D.C. And the subsequent nights all contained in a mostly confusing narrative, but hey, I’m here to dispense good and bravery to a world gone apathetic and slightly stoopid.

As you may remember from reading, I rode my bike A LOT, I was uncomfortable sleeping in the rare parks I found, alleys didn’t offer solace and the young ladies porch seemed a bit of an over stepping of unspoken bounds, so there I was, riding my bike through the hallowed corridors of power we all know and love as our nations Capitol, Washington D.C.

ill have you know, while I am over joyed that my friend gave me an iPad 4, it does suck, really, you have the market share on technological gizmos and you make them unadaptable, unable to work with anything else’s toys and generally a silly electronic appendage that makes you look like an ass should you ever even bother to use it as a camera.  God, I’m bitching again, sorry…. Really, sorry……

So, I rode my bike a lot that night, I’ll go conservative with a slight exaggeration variance and say I was pedaling for a solid 5 hours.  At some point my legs were absolutely shot and I had no choice but to hang out at the one place that magically presented itself and just seemed like a good all around idea.

Hostelling International.  Very cool place, very cool people and nice benches outside.  Now it is these benches, these humble and oft overlooked utilitarian devices that allowed me an insight into a world that is hidden in plain sight, yet talked about from the dawn of time.


I speak of hookers, and not just street walkers, no mi amigo, these ladies were professional to the max.  Granted I don’t much know about this world at all, but what I do know is fashion, and I know when I see a super hot girl in the latest fashion speaking to random cars and only accepting cars in the 60k and up range, watching a few cars get waived on, I know whats what.

As to why I know fashion, no clue, one of those things, I of course wish I could have had some savant like prowess in another area, like say, gee, I dunno, numbers, art, anything, whatever, I can spy a fine cut of cloth from a thousand paces=]

It was amazing for me, it made me feel alive watching the ladies working the corner opposite the Hostel.  Every so often a solitary lady would come and chat with some of the ladies and then move on or a duo would come by and share some words and then on they went…

It was real, very real, the women didn’t look anything but stoked to be doing what they were doing, and some of the cars that pulled up, well, whoever they were bless their heart that I don’t really care about what governmental types do=]

I guess for me it was just a perfect scene to see with the sun coming up, the city coming alive and there I was, just like Johnny Cash, Sunday Morning Comin’ Down.

marinol – wowThis is a sub story of my most recent blog describing my various crashes and adventures of my first night in D.C. And the subsequent nights all contained in a mostly confusing narative