Your LIFE, make it EASY…

Perhaps the easiest way to attract love into your life, the kind of love you think you are looking for, after all, if you haven’t found it, perhaps what you are looking for isn’t what you need, at any rate, here’s my thought that may help you…

Rather than focus on what you want in a partner, focus on being what that partner would want.

Be the advertisement that attracts that kind of person. Be the billboard, the lighthouse.

Don’t focus on them, focus on you being what that person would want. If you want an athletic hot partner, at the very least be a person who is trying to be athletic and work on your esteem until you can look in the mirror and SEE a hot person.

You want a partner to love you, be the kind of partner that can easily attract love because you allow yourself to not only be loving, but to accept love as well. I would wager many of you get defensive and confused and even scared when love comes knocking at your door.

Be that which you wish to receive and so shall it be.

I focused on love here as that is what many of us today are focused on.  In fact, much of what we do on a day to day basis seems to be centered, indirectly around either attracting, or keeping love.

Whatever it is you want, you truly must feel it in you for it to be real.

This isn’t a pep talk, it isn’t mystical or religious, it simply IS. And it happens to be backed up by science, mysticism, religion and of course, common sense and LOGIC.

Now go forth and be happy.

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