LIMIT by Frank Schatzing

This book, nay, this tome of delight is the second by Frank Schatzing and it represents not only a stylistic hot bed of the most up to date cutting edge thoughts and current theory in science as it pertains to space exploration, mining, the space race, socio economics on a global scale, the Chinese government and its nefarious side and even the tricky shadow side to politics with an action story that builds, crests and keeps coming after 1300 pages!

I was literally spellbound by this work of art.  The last book to have me so engaged would have had to have been either The Lord of the Rings Trilogy or Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (

Lastly, taken from the book itself to give you the true depth of this genius:

[LIMIT] Frank Schätzing

But transition had never gone smoothly, never in history. Not in the Cambrian epoch, not in the Ordovincian, the Denovian, not at the end of the Permian, Triassic, or Cretaceous, and not in the upper Pleistocene either. That was when a new species called mankind appeared, a self-aware creature who added war and economic crisis to the catalogue of boundary events that already included volcanic eruption, meteorites, ice ages, and epidemics. So the brave new world of clean fusion came hand in hand with a full blown global economic crisis, wether the heralds of a new dawn liked it or not.

“Do you realize the term zi you was only exported to China in the middle of the nineteenth century.” Tu continued obstinately, “Five thousand years of Chinese history weren’t enough to create it, nor were they enough for min zhu, democracy, or ren quan, human rights. But what does zi you mean? To stay true to yourself. To make you and your point of view the starting point for everything you do, not the dogma of how the masses think and feel….”.

“There are things you can do about everything these days.” – Surgeon, Frank Schatzener LIMIT


Enough talk, go read.



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