Herman Hesse

Birds is cooking, he’s a throwback to another era, no, not even right, he is an era in his own right, part hippie, part deal makin jew, birds is the man, and he smokes enough dope to put the average bull moose in a coma on a daily.
I had no near misses whilst wiling away the hours with my friend Shane and his new profession as an arborist, remind me to get him to send me the video I shot of him doing his thing, quite epic. The other day as I was hacking my way one handed through a sea of branches, leaves and trunks, swinging my small chainsaw one handed like Thor through an army of assailants, I heard a semi stressed voice scream, “OH SHIT, WATCH OUT!”
I look up and see a huge piece of tree heading right for me, land a couple feet away and fall, thankfully the direction opposite me, even if it would have landed and than fallen over on me, bad scene would have ensued. Of course, this is coming from me and Im the guy who routinely tosses all manner of bladed instruments to Shane and happily will accept running chainsaws being underhand lobbed to me.
Shane says we are the fun guys to have cut your trees down. I reckon we should always have a video camera running so one of us will get rich from the youtube fallout when things go awry some day…
The weather is beautiful, Ive been cruising around on my loaner bike, titanium MTB, courtesy of Mo Tierney and Dirt Rag Mag, at other times cruisin in my boy. Brennans old school beat to hell baby blue pick up and other times in my new buddy Marieke, no I dont know how to annunciate it, I call her dude, anywho, she has a Ford Comet, yep, old school advanced tactical, what a trip it is to drive, especially after we’ve been smoking a bit, well, a bit,t his is Hawaii, a bit here is a mountain in other lesser places….
Im eating from the garden, the healing has begun, kale, tatsoi, lettuces of many varieties, papayas, bananas, picked from the ground or the tree and all for me!
Between the food, the intensity of my work and the fact that I am now beginning to work out as well, in a small amount of time, I will come to you as the vegan ninja…
I have been avoiding dating and women in general, odd though it may sound. Ive decided to focus on other things, I know, whoda thunk it…. Its odd, Ive finally gotten to a point, as I was telling Birds, that I feel I can mix it up with any woman, at any time, anywhere, I have become the lucky guy, what once was a 285 pound bundle of insecurities, is now a sleek ninja like bundle of well hidden insecurities…. The difference is profound and even in the August of my new found 007 like woman slaying capabilities, I am drawn to something else entirely.
Part of it must be due to the backlash I am still experiencing from my most recent separation from Gina, which was a bummer to be sure, bless her heart…
The words people use, do they contain iron or not. Once again I got a lot of words with no iron…. Its no offense to her, she is young and doesnt know perhaps the power of words and what happens when you sling them around carelessly. But then, I knew getting into it many things and chose to blind myself as I do when I am pierced by Cupids arrow…. Ah well, blessings all around right…

The next day, what, Jan 18…. You get the extended set blog as the internet isnt working at the Kohala Coffee Mill, ergo, more typing. My back country road was paved, but it still lends itself to a most expectant morning when flying down as the sun is rising. The farmers market is still going strong and looks to be the same, everything here for the most part looks the same, as Parker said this morning, you have to be gone at least 5 years to see a difference.
Cant believe I didnt party last night, perhaps I too am changing…?
Today looks like more repotting of strawberries, an epic party and some Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.

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