Im here, im chill, im blogging. Getting the tour of the mobile chalet from my boy Pete, who I grew up with in a manner of speaking, Im beyond stoked to be here, with him at Stevens Mountain Pass. We got two more epic bros comin up, we got powder falling right now, Pink Floyd wishing you were here and now Fugazi making me a Patient Boy. The beer is cold, my New Years resolution suspended fort he sake of memories. Seattle is an epic land to be sure, im beyond happy, Im in love with life right now, I feel as though I may have come through yet another epoch in my life. Getting here was an epic take, cancelled flights, running all around the Philly airport, getting first class on Alaskan, getting the ticket ripped up by angry Alaskan counter clerk, more running, Us Airways flight, rad conversation with Mr. perez and Theresa, vegan chili and shepherds brought to you by Pete’s rad wife joanie, life is rad.
Now time to ride, peace out n aloha=]

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