Viva Las Vegas!

The last few days have been a flurry of activity to ay the very least.  For starters, I have made peace with my family, now this of course has taken some 37 odd years and as to whether I have truly made peace will be revealed, for now it is enough that I found myself on a road trip to my grandparents house in Ohio with my mother driving and my father left behind in Lancaster, PA.
This is pivotal in my development as a Renaissance man as how can I think myself moving forward if I cant simply hang out with my Mom on a road trip.
That I came home drunk a few nights earlier after running home barefoot from my friends tattoo shop at three in the A.M. Leads me to believe that there is a true and lasting peace between us as this would have caused much trouble in years past.
I find myself on the train of sobriety once again, both from my good friend and confidant Pot and from my old standby, good beer, good as in made with care, not an automated brew of forgetfulness.
Further I now find myself on a precipice that perhaps I knew i would one day stand on and yet never TRULY thought it would come, and yet, here I am.
I am very happy and most fortunate to be able to tell you that I now have a manager for this bike ride AND a web design advertising/marketing guru.
Now, in the past, I would have been overjoyed at having anyone take up either or both of these roles, anyone at all who even seemed to have a clue.
Oh, but those days are behind me now.  The aforementioned people are cutting edge, my manager manages some movers and shakers in the health and wellness industry and the Design/Ad guy is ninja with a N.
They see a “great promise and potential” in me.
Why I still have trouble seeing this, I do not know.  I fully respect their opinion and the opinion of the lady whom I can only fervently wish will one day be my wife.
Perhaps once I grasp it without hubris, my world will change forever.
What does this mean you may be asking.  Well, if you have followed me thus far you will know that organization has lacked in my delivery.  While my heart is strong and my resolve remains un-weakened, I have not had the ability to properly “package” if you will, what it is I am ding, why I am doing it or what my aim in all of this is.
That will all change now…
Im re-riding the USA, but this time with a clearly defined plan, timeline etc.  I’ll be going on tour as it were, I never thought THAT would happen, and here I am, with homework, with people willing to give time and skill to ensure the success of my mission, and they do it gladly.
Outside of death, I will not let them nor myself down.  I just hope I find the confidence to see what they see when I gaze in the mirror, which, for the record, I realize I do not do often at all…. Interesting, for when I was 285lbs, I did it a fair bit…..?
En route to vegas and the health fare!Going to vegas turbulence
The pilot just announced that the local temp is 100 degrees and that we will land 20 minutes past the hour, so, that means its 100 at 7pm…. Hmmm, wonder what high noon will bring…?
I just told my aisle mates, a pretty South American girl and a super chill black dude from Malaysia about when I used to live here and my finger nail beds would crack, hair would fro out and break off and my lips, oh, such a sad thing my lips…..
Coconut oil!
Its beginning, ill be organizing and teaching and cooking for a two day weekend retreat, attending Interbike, the largest Bicycle Show in North America compliments Dirt Rag Mag Founder Mo Teeernay, the World Stand Up Paddle Board Championships and at the end of it all, hanging out with my baby in Colorado!
imageSmells like 4 hours is to long for this assemblage of people traveling to Vegas, the smells are getting ripe and I am hearing the expansion of intestinal gasses in people, now my hearing is getting that far away feel when you are on a plane….  Tinnitus and Excess Gas, I love US Airways=]
Tomorrow starts day one of my Five week Fitness Challenge leading up to The World Stand Up Championships, Interbike, the health retreat weekend I am setting up and my general overall re ninjafication.