Firefly Music Fest and arriving at Assateague

Life is a street map, like the mind with the neural net, the more the map is filled in, the more neural connections

Moments leading to ultimate moment

Left firefly, crazy night, back stage high school girls with crazy stuff, roaming the forest, meeting up with Paul, jersey boiz, headed to assateague flat tire from drywall nail, blowout, picked up by Samantha who is a vampire, Melissa hot farm girl and cheasade who is a successful entrepreneur and wended up at one of her families restaurants and I got flat drunk, took me to chaesades loft in lewes, one of the sweetest cities ever!

The firefly concert, more aptly a music Fest, far superseded my expectations although at the same time lead me to the thought that perhaps less is more.
I of curse imbibed as I tend to do at such events and it wasn’t the beer that got me so much as the high school ladies who sat beside us in front of the main stage.
A word on the stage, MASSIVE.
Banks of speaks that looked, dunno, otherworldly I guess is most apt.
When we arrived, it was absolute pandemonium, after a few questions to the guys working the lot, we went to the Sunoco station and were then walked over to shady guy selling all manner of tickets.
Upon hearing my short tale of the bike ride, he “hooked us up”. Now at this point, many times, I will be ingenious and decline such hook ups as they usually end up being quite the opposite, this time, perhaps due to lingering effects from my road brews, per party, or the fact that, who knows, I took the all access wrist bands.
They worked!
There I was, able to come and go as I pleased, do be and do whatever I wanted, wherever I wanted.
So Paul and I did.
Now, fast forward a few hours, we are now seated, the you g ladies from high school have just started smoking and have offered some to me.
Now my entire day changes.
I know it was pot, which I am totally fine with, and given the amount of physical punishment I give my body, it is all well deserved and easily written off as medicinal, after all, how many of you take pills EVERYDAY, same thing, think for yourself and you’ll see.
I often hear that the govt says its illegal and it is therefor bad, the govt also sponsors epic wars, in fact the US GOVT has been at war since the 1940’s continuously.
Lets not talk about good and bad.
I’m not sure what was in the weed, but one minute I am rocking out to the yeah yeah yeahs and the next, The next I am barefoot in the woods spying on the Tom petty concert from afar.
Madness I say, pure simple madness.
At this point I am totally lost from Paul, and from my bag, so I just wandered listening to music and being one of those guys who seem to be nothing more than a zombie with only the slightest glimmer of hope in their eyes. After wandering for some hours, I decided to try and find the car, seemed like a good idea.
I don’t know how many music festivals you have been too, but imagine a throng of people, we’re talking in excess of 70k people on a 5 acre area, actually 80 acres, of which 5 were the highest concentration.
I can’t find the car, ergo, my bike, my bags, at this point in my life, that pretty much accounts for all my worldly possessions!
And then, after beginning to slump my shoulders in the walk of shame, bingo bango bongo, I see a backpack I recognize and then I recognize the form attached to my bag, it’s a Paul!
At this point we are semi overjoyed, Paul once again realizes that I have a definite loner in me as this marks the second time I have disappeared leaving him to fend for himself.
Paul texts a few of the people I was intending to meet with, but, the gods of random chance seemed to have spent all their energies in reuniting me with Paul and my gear, no worries. I got dropped off, and started walking, I didn’t find the people I was meant, I don’t even know if I found the camp area they were meant to be at.
What I did find were Jersey Boyz. These guys, 5 of them, we’re truly guys, guys guys. They took me into their group, I’m not exactly sure how the connection was even made, and yet there it was=]
Of course we get to chatting as we are walking around the camping areas looking for any party’s in progress.
Every time we happen upon some small group of people, “HEY!, you guys partying or what!?”
“You have a party, fuck yeah, we got bike guy!”
I was bike guy at one point the primary party seeker and voice of the group, no, I don’t recollect his name other than he was as rad can be, he looks at me and says,”you know bike guy, all those people talk shit about the Jersey Guys, always shit talking, but you know what, he we are at a music festival, the only one keeping the party going and guess what, we ended up with the fuckin bike guy in r group, looks like we’re doing something right!”
I slept on my thermarest and used my osprey bag as a pillow and awoke at first light.
Faced with the options of hanging out and seeing if I could find the folks whom I endeavor end to meet the previous evening, I thought it best to collect thoughts over coffee which I have become re acquainted with.
I sent off some texts from my google voice account and drank some dank heavy black coffee.
Dunkin donuts, get some SOY MILK at the very least in you fridges, I PROMISE it will not be a wasted financial effort on your behalf.
At this point the old familiar siren began to slowly whisper to me. First in the rest room, then from the depths of my coffee cup and then in an increasingly powerful crescendo to which I could do nothing but ride.
Do you have any idea what it is to live this way?
Pretty scary and at the same time very rewarding. To be an animal that has transcended the limits of territory is a blessing not to be overlooked and yet, it is so far from the norm, very few will ever experience the joy of near unbridled freedom. Yes of course I subsist as you on food and water, but I know I am willing to get amoebic dysentery and food poisoning in the search of more, more adventure which leads to more of me.
It’s as though you are a reflection of the map in you head, this is a map of you, what you do, eat, colors you like, people you are repelled and attracted to, everything about you is contained in this map. Here’s the kicker, the map is huge, truly it is, and yet, it is like a video game in the sense that you only get pieces of it based upon what you do that is NEW. Doesn’t matter if it is exciting or dull, beneficial of harmful, none of these things matter, they are merely result of getting more pieces of the map.
There was a very curious bug cruising around and I let it come into my hand to hang out, but once I started typing off it went…. Does that mean I have a heavy keystroke, or in the case of this iPad, which my own personal jury is still out on, to heavy a glass tap?
I’m riding south and it is a very nice ride, I had to go a bit illegal to get on the 1 freeway, 1.4 miles of pedaling as fast as I could to get to the sign that tells me the free way has ended and it is ok for ,e to be there. No pedestrians or bicycles.
Like the kings highway, you don’t have the right papers, to the stockade with you!
I got pretty far before I nuked my rear tire. I have never had a blowout, never, not even in a car, so imagine my surprise when I have on on my bike.
One word – drywall screw.
Even thenschwalbe ninja wheel couldn’t tango with that one, ah well, practice changing tubes=]
The blowout was such that my rim lost its true in a major way and even picked up a bunny hop.
So even though I was rolling again, it was certainly with difficulty and it simply isn’t good for the wheel.
So I walked with my left hand thumb proudly extended.
I’m headed to assateague to visit with JoAnn, a sweet young thing whom I met in Cape Girardea Missouri when I first started my ride. She is now a park ranger here in MD doing cool things and I get to learn all about biology, invasive species, the delicate balance of estuaries and that we really don’t have much “good stuff” left. Parents take your kids to as many state parks as possible for its too late, seriously, I’m no harbinger of doom, nor do I care to stir the pot of your day with the spoon of fear, it is simply getting to the point where there is little left.
Three ladies in a white SUV did a u turn and my day changed for the most amazing.
Aside form the fact that they were exceptionally rad, one of the, Sam, was decided that she was in fact a vampire. I acquiesced judgement and found it much more fun to simply agree.
The lady driving, Miss Che, her family are extremely entrepreneurial and own a few restaurants and hair salons, so there we were with an open bar tab…
I awoke in one of the sweetest small towns I have had the luxury of being in in my life. Lewes, Delaware.
Neil Young is singing to me about searching for Hearts of Gold. I’m doin it Neil!
I brewed mate in a cowboy coffee maker, it looks like green oil, gonna be a fun ride in the national park today=]
Thanks for reading this, truly….
Lewes, Delaware is pretty rad, we went for detox juices the next morning and a brief tour of things and then Miss Che dropped me in South Bethany Beach, this put me about 30 miles from JoAnn. Got my wheel tried at a bike shop and made the rest of the ride no problem, now where I am. Surrounded by beauty and some truly great people, one of which is incredibly pretty and if I am still around come Thursday will take me surfing….
I wish at an early age I could have this abstracted view of sexual relations with women. I mean to say, it has become so very easy for me to simply and only be friendly with women and through this my life has become richer beyond my wildest dreams.
I may also be self flaggelating from the realization that I had HPV, some 3 years ago, whatever it is, and at least you can see how being truthful with oneself is helpful, ergo, what you are reading…. it’s working and for the first time in my life I feel I really have a chance to find true love. Before you scoff, I know how lofty a goal this is, who amongst us even knows what true love is.
But this is part of the beauty of what I am doing, I am an embodiment of dictating my own life, conscious creation, re-writing the plan, changing station, however you wish to describe the gradual walk away for the well traversed to the path less travelled.
I will be the first to say that I barely have it figured out, only just so that I am making it work, but truly it is a day by day experience, as I get better, I can only assume that my level of comfort will either naturally come into play as I get used to the lifestyle of simply being, or perhaps I will actually begin to manifest some sort of farther reaching security. Who knows, my point is that anyone can do it, it’s just the initial letting go. Hardest thing for a baby bird is that first flight right….
If you don’t feel like making any changes to your day, I only ask of you one thing, if you happen across a child, perhaps your own if you have such a creature in your life, let them know, help them believe that it is not only possible, but you know of one such person who is doing it.