Self guided run walk of Washington DC

I can honestly attest that I never once considered that I would find myself meditating in the Georgetown University grass concourse running between the department of law testaments to masonry in the free states.

My toe, which I bandaged with butterfly strips, a heavy duty bandaid and medical clear super stick tape, it did after all have a 1/4-1/2 chunk stubbed apart from the top, that was meaty zombie style on small scale!

i was thinking about my ride last night….. Went cruising Washington, D.C., as the sole occupant on the streets of our fair nations Capitol, I just realized that my face and via my info was more than likely viewed by a large amount of various govt agencies as the only people on the streets other than I, was the DC metro police, and a lot of marines and I’m assuming/of equal importance, a lot of cameras=]

Many of these people would learn of the cream cheese incident as they would go to my naval personnel file as everything else is dull and they have already had a search initiated automatically, right, semi drunk guy on a bike riding around the same streets for hours on end….  I hope they had a good laugh during their shift/watch what have you….

Tom Petty is tomorrow, the friends I met at dirtFest when they helped go the right way instead of 30 miles out of the way, which, if one prescribes to fate, anyway is the right way.

someone hates everyone loves someone

1968 my dad tries to stop a car sliding down a snow covered hill by jumping into it before it reaches the highway intersection, it doesn’t work, he flings himself out before it careens through the intersection and comes to a stop on the other side…. No one is hurt….

My dad was also a union organizer….
The things you find out if only you listen…..