World War Z by Max Brooks – Audio Book

Keeping in my Zombie Vein, I recently downloaded World War Z.  Having been thoroughly engrossed by the fantastic job Hollywood has done with editing the trailer for the movie featuring Brad Pitt, I decided to try my hand at the audiobook from Random House publishing.

The book is read with a cast of characters including the author M.r Brooks himself, Alana Alda, Henry Rollins [BLACK FLAG!] and of course – Luke Skywalker [Mark Hammil] and others who do a positively stunning performance.  Further, the book they are reading is absolutely wonderful.

Not only is it written well and from an original and unique view point, BUT, it has so many allusions to the world that we currently live in, so very man comments on our society, so cunningly woven in to the take that it is an absolute delight to read.

Lastlty, we are reading from the after math of the Zombie war, and it appears that we have done O.K., which, is always a great way to end something if I am reading it, or in this case, having it read to me.