Where to begin…..

What you seek you shall never find.
for when gods made man,
they kept immortality for themselves.
fill you belly.
day and night make merry,
let days be full of joy.
love the child that holds your hand
let your wife delight in your embrace.
for these alone are the concerns of man.
The Epic of Gilgamesh
I just got back from a three day hike into the Sierra de Santiago Mountains.  I had done this hike once before with a friend named Carlos/Charles, from Canada and it was a breeze, this time not so breezy.  This was meant to be my training run/hike up to the summit.  Instead I ended up not getting a ride as I thought I would, so my hike started as I left the front gate of the ranch I am now staying at and ended 30k later at the beginning of the hike.
So the hike begins, I am already almost out of water and feeling quite beat.
Not to worry.  Hike a few ridges and I will be in range of the first clear running stream.
He Who Plans Early Plans Twice – US Navy fighter pilots.
The streams were empty, what was a rush of crystal clear water a mere month and a half ago, is now a trickle of brown sludge not even fit for boiling.
5 hours later talking nonsense to myself and considering turning back a few times, but then realizing that I have no where to go back to as I have no vehicle, I keep going straight.
Then I hear it, the sound of water.
No, wind in the trees, keep walking and muttering incoherently to self.
Now I make it.  I end up not training hard but instead taking a day at the arroyo and reflecting on life, listening to sounds, keeping my campfire going all day, walking around naked in the middle of nowhere, watching the sun arc across the sky and hoping that by changing my camping spot the soot and ash from the fire wont make my sinuses act crazy and maybe the rocky ground will be softer in area B vice area A allowing me some semblance of rest.
Of course at around midnight as I was just beginning to fall asleep, a group of teens and their chaperones came for some sort of soul searching retreat.  Oh well, I fond what I was looking for.  I found God, in me.
The next day I boiled water, had some cafe on hiked out, this time I got a ride once I got to the main dirt road=]  Muchas Gracias Marcelo….  MUUUUchas Gracias….
All of that to say, I am thinking no on the Ultraman marathon I was to be putting on with a new acquaintance, and still thinking yes to the R.U.B., Race Up the Baja.
More on that as time passes.
Im at a new farm/ranch.  This one is simply fantastic, it’s owners, Kim and Santiago are RAD and I am learning all there is to learn about holistic healing and food preparation.
If Im at a new ranch then I must do some writing on the one I just came from hadn’t I?
You asked for it=]  next chapter, Buena Fortuna and a Mr. Gabriel Howearth=]