La Ventana, The Lord of the Wind Surf Competition, Los Barrilles and, the crew, A tour of my time in surfing paradise…


A brief tour of my involvement with the La Ventana/Los Barrilles Kite/Wind Surfing scene. In a word, very cool people. It all started in Ensenada with me pulling a tire across the sand.  We, Diana and I saw two surfers, one with a windsurfing board, those are like the little one person standup sailboats if you’re unfamiliar, and by the by since we are describing, a kitesurfing set up looks like a super fancy short string parachute setup with a snowboard and if you don’t know snowboarding, think a really phat skateboard attached to your feet and if you don’t know skateboarding, well, piece of wood four roller skate wheels, anyway, we saw these guys and chatted and invited them to meet us at Old Mission brewery, my watering hole of choice in Ensenada prior to a night of TEQUILA where I decided to make off with a bunch of wood for their pizza ovens so that I could have a bonfire. Let it be known that the very next day I returned with three bundles of wood and an apology card, to this day the owner hasn’t spoken to me, I still secretly think he was looking for a way to justify not donating to me after we made an agreement that he would if the beer we jointly came up with was a success…

So we met at my former favorite watering hole, had a wonderful time, did yoga the next day, went to the hot springs and basically got to learn a lot about Hood River Oregon and the quirks of professional White Water Rafting from Johnathan who was a former pro.  He told us a story that somewhere along the line the pro’s, when doing airs off rapids would throw out the “Brown Claw” sign.  Which is featured in our video here –

We were then invited to meet up in La Ventana which means “the Window” to hang out and do some surfing. It ended up that we came down as a small crew and actually met in a place called Los Barrilles that was holding one of the main wind/kite surfing competitions. We met, had a blast:


Jeff “Skinny Bubbles” got to go into the public hot tub naked, I got to be the one to herd him out, it was hilarious, his little skinny booty shuffling around, mumbling to himself as he looked for his shorts, after 20 minutes we realized he had been wearing pants, problem solved, got to dance for a few hours with Diana and her brother, I never would have taken him for a dancer, but rock on for sure.  We definitely were the party starters, very cool time… we stayed another night, had a big diesel fueled fire, Diana and I argued the next morning and then we moved on to La Ventana.  Our spot in Ventana

La Ventana is a sad point for me, especially as I write this after the fact and heartbreak has more or less set in, that was more last night than today, today is that time where there is just cold and grey, brought on by little to no sleep and the fact the brain can only lament for so long before it just quits and goes on about its day. At this point Diana and I parted and quite honestly, who knows if we will ever cross paths again.  This has me feeling most low of late, broken heart and what not… Jeff was going to come back for the big Burning Man Esque party, the Burning Bush, but apparently he decided to just keep on all the way back to Ensenada with Diana and her brother David. I went to some races, met a lot of people, was taught the basics of kite surfing by DJ Guacamole, met a gentleman named Charles and stayed at his Yoga retreat which was for sale as he wanted to devote 100 percent of his time to a farm in Salt Spring Island in Canada. Windsurfing race from the Very cool time there, was able to meet even more people, teach some tai chi, be taught Kung Fu by a lady who had been studying for around 30 years in China, met Kathy and Christian, owners of SUPLV [Stand Up Paddle (board) Las Vegas] in Las Vegas Nevada and worked out a sweet collaboration thing which is just beginning to start its own life… Our plan is to havce me Stand Up Paddle wherever I go and hopefully by the time the trip is coming to a close I will be able to pull out some thirty foot waves on one of those wondrous devices.  And what a great way to get fit.  The balance I noticed immediately helped me with my martial arts, I havent done it in a week and miss it already, so peaceful and serene. Kathy is even starting to do Yoga classes on them!  So look forward to some great stuff from that area of my life and of course, cant have you go without a pic of the two of us on my first day!stand up paddle









and then, without further ado, it was off to the Burning Bush…


The Burning Bush party was fairly epic, check that little video montage here –


The day after the burning bush, I was shaken awake to go to the hot springs in Santiago followed by a hike to Sierra de Santiago. The hike to Sierra de Santiago was epic, epic upon epic with some epic on the side served with a glass of Epic. tree of lifeepic tree hugging a boulderepic tree hugging a boulderVibrams at the summit


pool of tranquility

lifeIt was Charles and I with 40-50 pound packs on a three day 2 night hike and was it ever intense.  One and a half days of just climbing, and not merely climbing, but climbing I a continuous up and down fashion while all the while heading up, and of course down was the exact opposite…

One the way back from the hike we stopped at the BuenaFortuna Organic farm/nursery/GMO free Seed spot, and that’s where I am writing this to you from this very moment=]

After the hike, I said my goodbyes to everyone in La Ventana, but stayed another two days and then made my way to this farm and that, is a whole nother story… I guess nother isn’t a word, but we let it slide as I am on day 3 of my 40 day fast.