Journal Entry – Stardate Supplemental

O.k., so where did I leave off, looks like the race with trucks that I was the clear winner…  So, later, I find myself at the burning bush, still living with Carlos, Inga and the two boys and Randy, super ninja extraordinaire, a salty Canadienne if ever there was…

Burning Bush was an epic throwdown partaaaaaaay!  Lots of fire, asbestos suits and hard work to make a monumentally epic night.

Next day we gather everything together and off we go to the hotsprings south of los Barrilles, then Carlos and I split from the family and friends and begin a two night three day trek to the summit of Sierra de Santiago outside of the town- Santiago.  EPIC!

On the way back from this hike which was essentially a series of up and downs over-layed onto a near continuous 45 degree upslope, and then conversely some crazy downhill action interspersed with lots of trail running, packs were light at 40 pounds apiece, water from the various springs.

On the way back we stopped at Buena Fortuna farm and sanctuary.  This is the new farm from the gentleman who started seeds of change.  He has a most epic story and I will wait to write more until I have spoken to him and see what he is and is not comfortable sharing.

I just got back from a paddle board social adventure in which I was given dandelion tea with pot honey, WOW!  What a great paddleboard experienced, now I await Carlos/Charles return to do some serious “yard work”.

I love my life, and I love who I finally see myself to be.  In a way I believe that I have become the man I always wished to be, and I like it.  Carlos says that I have found my power, HA! I just wrote poser instead of power there, perhaps I should be more careful in touting my perceived advances and should simply focus on what’s in front of me…




27, maybe the 28th?’ Went looking for Daniel whom I met at Burning Bush again, and in all reality this may have happened before the date attributed but hey, I’m doing the best I can, at least I’m not making stuff up=]

At any rate, he wasn’t there but his friend Rick was and we had quite the day, culminating in watching the kite surfers slowly succumb to the lack of wind one by one.  There was one last surfer out in the water who was going nowhere fast, he was a hot-rodder who came out with a large Kite and a fast board as everyone else was going down.  He got pretty far out and then as he turned for the shore to come in again, sail down.  We watched him for a good 30 minutes before finally mustering the vibe to get the 2 man ocean kayak and go do a rescue=]

What fun, the paddle out was simple enough, the paddle back was epic to say the least, towing this guy with his kite in the water was essentially towing an anchor and it took us all of an hour of intense paddling to get him to the shore again.  Took us 15 minutes to get to him=]


I said goodby to everyone, Im still here though=]  Time for myself to do whatever, I hide from the internet, from the locals, from the world.  Today was spent primarily pulling weeds for Carlos the property owner.  He is currently going through a rather tough spell and I reckoned it would be nice to stay and help out a bit, after all, I know a bit about real estate, ergo, I can help get the property ready to sell.  If anyone wants to be a worker for a great project on Salt Spring Island in Canada, let me know, I have a hook up for you!

Tomorrow night, evening is a pizza party at Pizza Boys house, some of the best crusts I have had since Diana last made her magical dough, Aloha Diana=]

Tomorrow morning I will paddle board to the island, Its 12 miles, they have a ace there every year, takes an hour to a few hours…  Game time=]  And then pizza!

I’ve met a lot of very cool people here.  Aloha Daniel, Rick and family whose names I have forgotten but am so thankful for meeting, for the “Honey” and for raising your children as you are=]

Many are truly interested in taking the knowledge of Monsanto back to their respective lives, I am hoping that it will simply start spilling into everyones daily life and we can see some change.  If you are looking for something to believe in and ways to make change, start with learning about the company called monsanto, after all, they are now fully funded by the US gov’t to purposely fuck with your food, whether you like it or not, no matter how ignorant you wish to remain, there is finally something that if you choose to remain ignorant of it, you will literally be screwed by the man.  It’s great, this is the tipping point in the determination of those who wish to be sheep and those who wish to wake up to the world that we have created and ergo, are now living in… FOOD, you all eat it, and in every aspect of it, you, no matter how wealthy, will eat monsanto [Im no longer capitalizing the word monsanto] products if you are unwitting.  If you are unwitting, you will end up dying in an unhappy way, as you are what you eat, if you eat unnaturally, so shall you pass.  Say what you want, this is an immutable fact.

Tomorrow, paddle board, turns out the only way to become tougher and stronger is to do things that actually make you tougher and stronger.  Apparently talking about it and watching movies/reading books about being tougher, more enlightened, stronger etc, you actually have to do stuff!

So I paddle to an island, have pizza, then wake up and ride my bike south to the farm=]  Fundraising starts when the wheels start turning, Maurice Tierney, time for us to start doing some good works together=]


I am now fundariasing for this farm.  I have been here for three days now, have had super sketchy and intermittent times to get a signal, ergo, one whopper of a journal entry!  This lace, Buena Fortuna Farm is excellent.  The people here, Heather, Katie, Eli, and the leader and World Class Botanist – Gabriel, are fantastic!

Gabriels story is most interesting and will be a story that I will write sooner than later=]  For now, detoxing as I am surrounded by great food and working hard.

My beard is growing….=]


Its February, I had thought to be out of here by now, and yet, true to form, here I am.  The Labyrinth has surpassed my highest expectations and with the laying and burying of the water drip system, it now lives.  Later today we should be planting.

Being here has been supremely interesting, upon arrival there were five others in addition to me, Rafael – local worker who is mainly responsible for keeping this place together, has a hidden garden somewhere amongst the seemingly endless twist and turns of pathways and magical little secret spots. Eli, 18 year old dude from Oregon, down here for 3 months then off to start college in Eugene, he will be getting all the hotties to be sure. Ahternady, get it, eternity…  Beautiful and quite interesting, I think she may actually be a fairy or something, now she is gone, off to try living with a boy, should be inetersting, not that I’ll ever know…

Katie, or Katie, reminded me so very much of my ex Lisa it was a bit disconcerting really.  We are good enough pals, and yet we seem to disagree on nearly everything, but, I still think she’s real cool, and for whatever reason she tolerates my existence, so it ends up being interesting and workable.

Lastly, Gabriel, the man with the plan.  He has been in the seed growing, the food industry for many many years.  It started when he was in college I believe and his friends were protesting and trying to bring down the man, he was all for it but felt that if you were taking something apart you had to have something to fill the void or you weren’t doing anything worth a damn for anyone.

Enter food, and not just food, but good food.  He foresaw the rise of GMO and frankenfoods as he is on that pathway, as DaVinci was the Inventor, Philosopher, Athlete, O.K., comparing anyone to DaVinci would be stretching things as he was something quite far beyond and I don’t think anyone will be saddened by my thinking as such.

Gabriel would be like Trump, or Mickey Mantle, or Carl Sagan, Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking, Amelia Earhart, et cetera, a person who has brilliance in a specific aspect and also has an overabundance of knowledge in many other areas which allows them to surface in the unified conscience of our species as a master, or expert, at what it is they do.  For Gabriel it is all things plant AND animal, insect, astronomy, weather, earth, basically “Life” knowledge.  He has to know about what bugs are beneficial and which are not, about all plants, just a veritable plentitude of knowledge… and he knows this for most of the regions of the planet, thats what makes him a foremost botanist for the globe, he knows all of this for most areas.  I guess we could almost now liken him to a Green Thumb James Bond, no matter where you are in the world, he can figure out how to make food grow, or how to keep your growing as good as possible for the situation and area.

I’ve been working on the Labyrinth that is to be the new attraction at the BuenaFortuna Farm and yet another way to educate while maintaining the interest of the future of our race – KIDS!

I had forgotten how much work goes into simply preparing the ground for planting, the pitch-forking, MacClouding, shoveling, raising of the beds, installation of water ways and later this afternoon, the planting, right now however, I am making sweet rice…

Not Sticky Rice…

My own thing…

Gabriel is perhaps most impressive in that he is re-learning to walk, something that I had never even given the faintest glimmer of thought that perhaps I too someday would have to re learn this corner stone of what makes up who I am, my ability to move about even when the cars gas tank is empty and my bike is out of reach.

He was teaching his son to surf when he saw him go beneath the waves.  When he went down to get him out, he was blasted in the side of the head by waste water from an illegaly buried pipe.

From this smack in the head of shitwater he contracted Spinal meningitis.  He was in a coma for a month and upon awakening found that he was in the process of a divorce and his sons were taken away.

Gabriel is the same man who started seeds of Change, one of the most successful and grandiose organic seed companies to date, and it is now owned by the Mars Corporation – M&M Mars.  When I asked him why he sold to those guys he said that he basically had to choose the lesser of the evils which were amassed about him.  Much like many of you do when it comes to time to vote for the leader of America Every 4 Novembers