Part 4 – What does GMO even mean, for me and for the world I live in?

What does GMO mean for you and who is affected by them?

Lets first look at who is most effected by GMO’s.   As a general rule of thumb, we know that corn, soy, wheat and cotton are now modified.  Given that a majority of the foods that are pre packaged in a grocery store that use these same basic ingredients in an ever increasing number of formulations and permutations; from cookies to pasta, bread, crackers, chips, oils, flavors, sweeteners, Et Cetera!  Basically if you eat anything that is pre packaged and contains one or more of those ingredients; corn, soy, wheat or cotton, you are affected!

Currently 70 percent of the foods in a supermarket are genetically modified…   And now the veggies are going that way as well.

The only real defense you have, and as time marches by this turns into “had”, is buying foods labeled “organic”, this is not a reliable defense as the term organic is currently going through some changes by the FDA and USDA and may no longer keep you safe from GMO as one of the primary tools used by Monsanto is the relative sameness of GMO and their natural counterparts.  In other words, the FDA is all for agreeing that a GMO corn exhibits enough general characteristics, and shared traits, that there is essentially no difference between the two, ergo, nothing further need be done.  It’s all good!

That’s weird, because corn A creates its own insecticide [BT Toxin, ruptures bugs stomaches] and corn B does not.

Speaking of corn, reminds me of potatoes, which always make me think of fries which invariably leads to me thinking of McDonalds and then, oh hey, did you know the president of McD’s sits on the Monsanto board of Directors…


Cancer and other fun health problems…

The reports for the carcinogenic effects of GMO’s is beginning to become overwhelming.  Scientists from around the world are finding more and more instances of cancers, food allergies, internal system failures, birth development/disabilities, etc., that all seem to point back to Monsanto.  Well, not Monsanto directly, but to GMO foods, which, currently Monsanto makes 70-90 percent of them globally, so, yeah, points back to Monsanto.  Monsanto’s own scientists urge further testing and I want you to guess what Monsanto’s response to all this has been…

C’mon, guess!

Give up?  Ok, I’ll tell you.

An increase in the speed at which new strains of GMO foods can be brought to market, by working with the FDA to ensure smooth transitioning of products as quickly as possible.  Much of this started with the Bush Sr. Presidential administration and was further enhanced by the Clinton administration.  One of the platforms for Mr. Bush’s election campaign was – DEREGULATION.

Let us not forget  to mention the huge amounts of disease related to the spraying of the “necessary” chemicals on the crops and the contamination of land and water.  RoundUp for instance has a long list of health problems associated with it use.

These plants, so you know,  have been engineered to work with RoundUp…  Now that my friends is weird, unless of course you think the human animal works better on a diet of complex chemical poisons

It should be noted by those of you who do not understand the whole situation with plants, they absorb everything in their environment.  Water, minerals from the soil, etc.  This is what makes plants so necessary in our lives, without them we would not have natural vitamins and minerals.  The cows and pigs you eat would not have any life to then give to your burgers and bacon, though of course the amount of actual plant mater is becoming less and less, they are actually eating primarily a mix of corn and, oddly enough, the recycled remains of other cows and as I was surprised to find out recycled remains of dogs and cats from animal shelters.

True story, but it is for another article, in the mean time look it up for yourself, rendering plants is  a good place to start.

Due to this proclivity of plants absorbing things, one can easily then make the inference that spraying copious amounts of herbicide or insecticide and in most cases both, will not bode well for the human eating said plant as these chemicals do not break down easily if at all.

A study done of roundup showed that after 30 days, it had degraded by 2 percent of its original spray potency.  This of course does not make for good eatin!

-Loss of natural diversity which is crucial to long term survival of species [Ireland potatoe disaster]

One of the many forerunners in the current debate over GMO foods and the subsequent seeming takeover of the global food supply by Monsanto is the inherent loss of bio diversity.  One of the worst recorded effects of loss of diversity and its relation to humans would be the Irish potato famine.

In looking at the Irish potato famine we see some a most startling comparison to what is currently happening in the United States and slowly the rest of the world.  Simply supplant The English Government with Monsanto and play the story through! – insert Irish potato famine wiki link

I digress.  The way land use and rights were set up in Ireland relating to their governance by the crown and the systems in place of the British Gov’t, it came to a point where the only crop capable of being grown a plenty with which the peasant farmers could survive upon was the garden variety potato.  Through an ever increasing demand by the land owners of the farmers, both in output of crops and for money for land leases, the farmer had no choice but to survive off potatoes and water.

At the height of this, there was a blight, in this case a fungus which ruined the potato, the result was a 20-25 percent decrease in the population of Ireland.

The similarities are so shocking and I hadn’t even drawn them until writing this article!  Imagine if all the imports of food to the US stopped what would you have left over from the US commercial farms considering that 70 percent of the farmland is growing GMO wheat, corn, soy and cotton.  Really think about it, because it is through not thinking that history always gains a foothold to repeat itself.

Imagine another scenario, imagine if we find out that this GMO food is truly damaging to the body, i.e., another 5 years of study until finally we feel we MUST pay attention.  Imagine if this food suddenly turns upon itself, or nature turns upon it, a blight upon the clean sheet of nature and God, shunned by the land itself and turned to dust.

While I speak poetically, it is already happening with Roundup resistant weeds.  Nature is turning, so to speak, against Monsanto.  More on this in a bit.

Loss of natural insects

Another very dire consequence of Monsanto and GMO products which is generally accepted by the scientific community, that Glysophate, or as braded and sold, RoundUp, is directly responsible for the loss of Bee’s.  As you may or may not know, if we were to lose the bee’s, food as we know it would end, this is a simple and unalterable fact of nature.  No food, no HUMANS.

And it doesn’t stop with RoundUp, the country of Poland banned the growing of a corn strain,  MON810.  Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki, says that the pollen originating from this GM strain may actually be devastating the already dwindling bee population.
What is even scarier is that instead of striking at the root cause, the chemicals, Monsanto seems to want to now do what it does to fix anything, modify the cause and not focus on the problem.

Monsanto recently acquired the company Beeologics.  This company has been studying ways to help prevent bee colony collapse and identify the reasons behind it and was generally considered experts in the field by the USDA.

The USDA who also happens to own the terminator seed patent and is currently chaired by a former Monsanto employee.

What can we expect now that this company is owned by Monsanto?

Oh God…

One aspect of GMO use and that which is supported by the US Governments inclusion on the patent, is that of the Terminator seeds as mentioned earlier.  Currently Monsanto products are planted in over 200 million acres worldwide and the number is growing at an exponential rate.  Once a farmer is using Monsanto products, logistically it is EXTREMELY difficult to begin growing conventionally again.

That being said, why would you need guns when you could simply withhold food?  Monsanto is always there at any natural disaster to provide “Relief” to the affected country, many countries accept it some make moral statements such as Haiti and burn the seed on the docks.  I say ‘make statements’ as they end up planting it anyway!

At the current rate of consumption, Monsanto is definitely headed to being the number one seed supplier globally, and that they are aligned with all the other seed owning pharmaceuticals around the world, one could reasonably argue that they are already firmly in control!  What better weapon, again as I stated in the beginning of this, the last time I have seen a project  so very vile in nature and grand in scheme is the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, although that time it was water and it was only South America.  Now we have a real world threat that pertains to the WORLDS FOOD SUPPLY!  Who amongst us will fill Bonds role I wonder?

One place I did not expect to find Monsanto was the meat isle and ‘surprise surprise’ it seems Monsanto has it in for meat eaters as well as vegans!

Genetically altered pigs and cows, this, to me, displays a lack of basic humanity  to the core.  And yet, coming from a company that has dealt with scientists from the Third Reich to creating the first nuclear weapon, no, we needn’t even go there, though it is true, no, we need to again, look in the mirror.  Look at what humans have allowed themselves to be capable of.  Slavery of our own species exists to this day, anyone who buys a diamond wedding band has partaken in it!  Sex Slavery, Child Labor Slavery, Indentured Servitude, slavery is so far and wide, the slavery of animals is only just now beginning to pique the interest of the public.  In fact, it has become such a tipping point that may states are now providing criminal penalties for people caught or suspected of taking slaughterhouse video depicting the treatment therein.  Of course, many people simply refuse to watch it and continue about business as normal, for after all, that is the way of the masses.  To remain ignorant in such times is truly a bliss that is hard won.  It is a daily choice in order to remain ignorant and unchanging.

I will leave you now with a teeny tiny bit of homework before we head into the homestretch for this article…  Take a look at these two web pages and tell me what you think.  I want especially the meat eaters to take a look, ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIKE BACON!

By the way, “Terminal” represents the pigs that will become your food.