Rosemary Garlic Smashed Potatoes

Comfort food… smashed potatoes anyone?!!
It’s Christmas Day and Chris and I are cozying up watching movies and working on our website. It has become a common thing for us to toss a couple potatoes in the oven, let them roast and enjoy them with coconut oil, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper and cayenne, quick, easy, cozy snack! Today however, being Christmas and all, we’re making something a bit fancier: smashed potatoes!

OK, so maybe not that fancy but hey! don’t underestimate a good smashed potato, this will knock your Christmas socks out I promise!

Start by washing the potatoes throughly leaving the skin on. We’re using eight potatoes today, that will make a whole pot of smashed potatoes for the family, great for Holidays dinners too!
Most of the nutrients in vegetables are in the skin or in the thin layers close to the skin so whenever possible eat the skin too so you get all the vitamins and minerals plus some healthy enzymes and fiber. Also, by keeping the skin on, you keep the potato from absorbing water and that will make a smoother, denser texture for your puree. Now place the potatoes in a pressure cooker with enough water to cover about two thirds of the potatoes, one tablespoon salt and into the fire! for about 30 minutes or until they’re done. You can know when they’re done when you can slide a knife through them without effort. In the mean time, gently fry about five garlic cloves finely chopped in olive oil with two or three rosemary twigs. We have beautiful rosemary growing in the garden, it’s definitely one of my favorite herbs and perfect for this season=]

Once the potatoes are done, remove the remaining water, take out the rosemary twigs from the garlic and pour it into the pot with the potatoes while they’re still super hot and soft. Add about three tablespoons of virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary leaves, salt and pepper to taste and start smashing! Add some almond milk little by little until you get the consistency you like and you’re done!