Pears in Wine Sauce

Here’s a super easy dessert that is also super fancy, great option if you’re having people over!

Start by putting in the stove a big pot with a bottle of wine, since you will be cooking it and adding other stuff, it doesn’t has to be that good of a wine, go for a fairly inexpensive wine but that is of good quality… even for cooking stay away from bad wine=]   Add two medium size cinnamon sticks, five or six star anise and about six cloves. Sweeten to taste with your favorite sweetener, for this I usually use sucanat but go for what you like; fructose will give a glossy finish to the sauce that is nice.

Let it simmer for few minutes until the volume comes down to two thirds of the original; in the mean time peel some bosc pears leaving the stem and cutting off a thin slice of the base so it can stand on it’s own on the plate. Put the pears to cook in the wine sauce making sure you stir or move them every now and then so that every part of the pear soaks in the sauce; don’t over cook them!! you want them firm enough, other wise they will become watery and will loose their consistency.

When serving them, place the pear standing on the place, stir on top of it a few tablespoons of wine sauce… I like to add a tablespoon of vegan ice cream on the side=]