Pride Prejudice and Zombies

When I first started reading this book, I was put off, and I do mean put off, well off.  It was almost nonsense to me, I had no idea what was going on, the zombies and action I had so desired were virtually non existent and I really couldn’t follow what was happening or to what end was i reading this book, or more over, to what end it had been written.

I’m glad I stayed the course.  It was about the half way point that things begin to pick up for me, right about the time the Heroine of the story is given a test of her skills by a wealthy lady who is said to have the best fighting skills in the land when it comes to dispatching the undead.  The test of skill consisted of her taking on three of the ladies best Ninja.  This came mainly from a dispute about the skill of the Kung Fu and China vs. that of Japan and its relevant arts,  Suffice to say the heroine blind folded herself and ultimately ended up taking a bite of the final ninjas still beating heart and commenting on how soft the Japanese hearts tend to be.

At this point, now being fully awakened and re-engaged, I began to get into the rest of the story as well, which was a very complex love story, further, the language began to pull me in, very proper and Victorian.

At the end of the day, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was sad to see it come to an end, but, as all good stories must, one can never be too disappointed.