The War on Drugs as told by Former Presidents including Mr. Clinton, Drug Czars, Current Presidents, Military, Poilice, Paulo Cuehlo and the World at Large

One of the most fantastic and mind blowing documentaries I have seen to date.  YOU CANNOT MISS SEEING THIS IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A CLUE TO THE WORLD YOU INHABIT.

I thought Forks over Knives was prophetic in its wisdom of showing with you facts through the genius minds of modern science and rational thought who are deeply interested in the field of Health and Sickness.  It was, but this is a step further in its immediacy, especially for those of us who do eat healthy, this is very near and dear to all of our hearts, not that yours life isn’t as well, but with the way some of you eat, you may be bringing it on yourself, the “War” on drugs is an entirely different matter, a whole new level.  People are getting shot, taxes are being raised, money is being poured down a drain, prisons are expanding at an unprecedented rate, as one gentleman said, we have more prisoners than Communist China ever had and they have a BILLION more people than we do in the U.S.A.

We all carry the burden of dead loved ones to drugs, be it through misuse, accident, violence on the side of the “good”or the “bad”, the innocent lives of coca and poppy farmers, not the drug lords and cartel leaders, no, the farmer.  Who due to the countries situation he is in, turns to the easiest cash crop, because that’s the only industry in the middle of the desert wilderness, or the deep and far away mountain areas, so remote,they turn to this so that they can FEED THEIR FAMILY.  These are the inexcusable deaths, as one of the interviewed stated so eloquently, and I’m paraphrasing, you’ll see it in the film – You cannot wage a war on drugs without waging a war on people –

Everyone of us knows someone or knows someone who lost a loved one through some aspect of this.  It needs to end because it is senseless.  Study after study based on entire countries, countries with much more violence than is currently in the USA but is coming, have reduced and eliminated problems through legalization.  Its now simple facts based on entire countries – ALL OVER THE WORLD.

This is dealing with the people who make policy for or lives through taxes, laws, not just Doctors talking about your diet, which is still a huge consideration, one can kill you just like the other, but in this you see Mr. Clinton, Mr. Carter, Mr. Cuehlo, Mrs. Kate Winslet, Sir Richard Branson, and our two narrators Mr. Morgan Freeman [english] and Mr. Gael Garcia Bernal [spanish].

Most profound indeed and had me thinking things I never really pieced together but I guess I always knew for every insight was immediately followed by that innate sense that you already knew it!

English Version with Mr. Morgan Freeman

Spanish Version with Mr. Gabriel Garcia Bernal