Carla Serrano, Ninja Chef on Patrol with Pedaling for Peace!

Carla S. Ninja ChefALOHA! 

I am very pleased to have the honor of introducing you all to Ms. Carla Serrano our Ninja Chef and Nutritionist Extraordinaire!

She began her culinary career as a holistic nutrition coach, but her desire to create appealing, healthy food coupled with variety (outside the norm of salads and green drinks), inspired her to devote an ever increasing time to the culinary arts. While all styles of food have their place nutritionally, she noticed the disciplinary struggle within herself and her clients.  Simply put, she just wasn’t having fun being so strict!

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she moved to New York City 15 years ago. She traded in her corporate job to do what she loves and now devotes herself full-time to teaching about healthy food preparation and nutrition to a wide range of individuals and organizations. Her most recent adventure was living 3 months in Buenos Aires teaching culinary nutrition as well as catering events at the coveted Punta del Este in Uruguay.  

Her company, The Raw Kitchen NYC Catering & Events is dedicated to making healthy food creative, enjoyable, colorful and fun. When she’s not working she’s most likely to spend her time in Puerto Rico or with her daughter in Alaska.

And now a few words from Carla –

     I’m Carla, a natural and raw food chef, founder of The Raw Kitchen Catering & Events, world inspired natural cuisine. Travel is where I get my ideas. Life is where get my inspiration. My kitchen is eclectic with flirty colors, flavors and textures we often crave. For the past decade I have devoted myself to reinventing our favorite foods in a guiltless way- perfect for a party and adaptable enough for the health conscious.

I challenge my cuisine to be creative, upbeat, fun, traditional, transitional and inspirational. Often raw, mostly vegan, gluten-free, always free of refined sugars and organic when at all possible. I guess you could say I do like a challenge!

YES!  So what does all this mean for you…?

 A whole new way look at health and fitness based on the “Still not Rocket Science” of you are what you eat, coupled with flexibility and great ingredients with a serious look at health.  As many of you know, I prefer the vegan diet for many reasons.  I also know that I am only one man in this world, and my thoughts do not constitute a reality for everyone, much the opposite in fact!  I am trusting that Ms. Serrano will be able to bring more health into the lives of those of you who do not wish to be vegan at this time, and yet still want the benefits of a great food!

Aloha and Bon Appetite!