Dead Man, A Jim Jarmusch Film with Johnny Depp and Neil Young

Johnny Depp, Dead Man by Jim JarmuschThere’s not a whole lot for me to say about this film as it is, perhaps, my favorite.  I say perhaps as the term favorite is bandied about so frequently, I am reticent to use it.

I believe that I met Jim Jarmusch on this bike ride coming through Santa Barbara, it was during the SB film festival week and I noticed a head of white hair so shockingly perfect that it hit me, thats the man, thats Jim Jarmusch.  I had a million things I wanted to ask and say and thankfully or not, my body took over and I said a very loud Aloha and gave the shaka, when that man turned to look at me, and then gave me a shaka back, I knew it was him, not just for the visage of the man, but for the smile, for the eyes, it was him, and for once in my life, I played it well.

The lead is Johnny Depp, not a lot needs to be said about this man as he remains one of the greatest actors, I believe, that I shall ever know of.

The soundtrack is 100 percent Neil Young, and only Neil Young.  It transcends a soundtrack, it becomes punctuation in a sentence, this is music that I have never heard before.  Its as though the movie and the music were meant for each other.

I dont want to wax poetic too much lest you miss my point entirely and think me a gushing fool.  This movie has history, intellect, and lessons for the soul contained in its flicker across the screen.  And yet, it does it so unobtrusively, so intelligently.  There is whatever type of movie you want…