Guest Chef Jeff Moore of Chapter One in Santa Ana, CA – BEANS!

And without further ado, a recipe from Chef Jeff Moore of Chapter One in Santa Ana, Ca:Heirloom Beans

I’m the Sous Chef at Chapter One: the modern local in Santa Ana, CA. We’re working with Orange County Produce, LLC to bring local, organic fruits and vegetables into the restaurant. So far it’s been a great venture and we’ve been really lucky to have OCP on our side. The dish you saw today was Sauteed Pole Beans with thyme and three heirloom tomato coulis. Here’s what we did:

Pick up a few types of beans, we used yellow wax, romano and red long beans. A great place to find these is your local farmer’s market, but regular green beans will work too. We also bought some lovely heirloom tomatoes. One red, one green and one yellow. They are SO amazing when purchased locally. Here’s the recipe.
Assorted Beans, 1 pound
One each, yellow, green, red heirloom tomatoes
fresh thyme
salt to taste
olive oil
Pick the stems off of your beans (if attached) and cut in half.
Cut the stems out of your tomatoes and set aside.
Puree each tomato in a blender, adding a small amount of salt to each. Set each puree aside.
Over a medium high flame, heat your olive oil. Before it begins to smoke add your beans and cook, stirring occasionally. The beans should have a nice crisp, blistered look to them. Before you turn the heat off season them with some salt and fresh thyme.
With a spoon, make three pools of tomato coulis colors on your plate. Place the beans on top of the coulis for a beautiful contrast of colors.
thanks for your interest!